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It’s no secret that this year has been challenging for all of us. So instead of waiting until the end of November, we’re bringing you our biggest sale of the year early! Prepare for better days ahead by taking advantage of Black Friday in October, now through October 31st here at The Portrait Masters Store. Doorbuster Day specials will be available for purchase each Friday through the 31st, and include up to 68% off in savings!

Best Sellers

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The Business of Fashion Photography

$199 $99

(50 Customer Reviews)

Set your business up for success by learning all of Lara’s tips and tricks when it comes to pricing your work, quoting your services, and invoicing clients. Learn the ins-and-outs of licensing and usage of your images, where to look for legal help, setting up the best systems for your taxes, and how to manage your income.

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The Fashion Series

$199 $99

(99 Customer Reviews)

Accomplished fashion photographer, Lara Jade has created a fashion education series to modernize and elevate your photography to the next level. Whether you shoot portraits, weddings, or are starting out as a fashion photographer, Lara’s key methods will give your work the fashion flair you’ve been searching for.

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The Lighting Series

$199 $99

(207 Customer Reviews)

Sue Bryce and lighting expert Felix Kunze have created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your studio. This comprehensive course delivers 10 lessons (plus 2 bonus lessons) that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities studio lighting creates. Any studio, any space, any set-up, there is always a way to create beautiful light.

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The Location Lighting Series

$199 $99

(27 Customer Reviews)

Lighting expert Felix Kunze has created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your work anywhere. Take the studio outside by using artificial light on location. This comprehensive course delivers 10 lessons that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities location lighting creates. You’re not constrained to the studio, now your studio is truly anywhere. Overcast days, hard sun, mixing in ambient light, these are all yours to shoot in.

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The Retouching Series

$199 $99

(132 Customer Reviews)

Learn the tools and techniques to help you quickly develop and improve your retouching results faster than ever. From mastering the fundamentals, to conquering advanced issues like contouring and frequency separation, Pratik takes us through step-by-step. Start applying these powerful methods to conquer your retouching efficiently, beautifully, and with time to spare.

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Painterly Portraits

$129 $64

(17 Customer Reviews)

Award-winning creative & illustrative portrait photographer, Richard Wood, is back with a series on creating profound, soulful and timeless portraits to be cherished by your clients for generations to come. Painterly Portraits is all about contemporary portraiture crafted in the style of the old masters. So what is the secret to Richard’s award-winning images? Light!

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The Boudoir Series

$199 $99

(23 Customer Reviews)

International award-winning boudoir photographer of the year Kara Marie has teamed up with The Portrait Masters to create the ultimate boudoir photography class. Gracing the cover and inside spreads of leading industry magazines, Kara Marie can elevate the success of your boudoir business to earn the sales you’ve been aspiring for.

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The Kara Marie Boudoir Bundle

$299 $149

(1 Customer Review)

International award-winning boudoir photography of the year Kara Marie has created the ultimate boudoir series to help elevate the success of your boudoir business to earn the sales you’ve been aspiring for.

This bundle includes:

  • The Boudoir Series
  • Kara Marie’s B&W Lightroom Preset Collection
  • Kara Marie’s Boudoir Prep Guide

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Photography Classes

Take 40% off any combination of the following classes, presets, textures, posing cards, guides, music, or templates. Discount applied automatically upon checkout.

Photoshop & Lightroom Classes

Presets & Textures




Never-before-seen savings

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Friday, October 16 / Friday, October 23 / Friday, October 30


60% OFF! This bundle will teach you how to add a unique fashion flair to your images and take your work to the next level.


  • The Business of Fashion Photography
  • The Fashion Series

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68% OFF! Our biggest bundle sale ever!

The Complete Class Bundle includes 25 individual courses:

  • All 7 Series courses
  • All 12 Photoshop & Lightroom courses
  • The Business of Fashion Photography
  • Camera 101
  • Studio 101
  • Painterly Portraits
  • Sell Your Work
  • Photography Workflow and Archiving

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60% OFF! Includes:

  • The Location Lighting Series
  • The Lighting Series
  • The Portrait Collection PS Actions

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POSE: Posing Cards

65% OFF!

Never get stuck posing again with these incredible posing cards to keep with you on every shoot! Includes 125 beautifully printed posing cards, perfect for  referencing sitting, standing, and kneeling poses.

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Gear & Accessories

Please note: gear & accessories are not included in the Black Friday in October Sale.


The best products are the ones designed by people shooting how you shoot and working the way you work. That’s why Tenba has collaborated with Sue Bryce on a collection of bags for the working woman photographer. Sue’s tireless work ethic and focus on simplicity are reflected in a timeless collection of bags that are both functional and elegant.

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Each product is designed to offer an unparalleled sensorial experience, creating uniquely compelling images that turn moments into once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will be cherished for many generations to come.

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