4-Slide Carousel Template for a Social Media Story

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This 4-Slide Carousel Post Template helps you make a story that showcases what you sell.  Photoshop template includes royalty-free product mockups that you can easily update with your signature images. Fully customizable. For use in Photoshop.


Included in this Bundle:

This 4-Slide Carousel Photoshop Template for a Social Media Story includes royalty-free product mockups designed to showcase what you sell. Drag and drop your images into each template to display your portfolio images. Features a beautiful foil box on tulle, a wall-framed series, and a reveal wall. You can edit the fully-written text into any language. 



  4 Carousel Slide Photoshop Templates for an IG Story

*Due to copyright, the fonts used in the preview of this template are not included in the download. Fonts can be purchased separately at http://www.myfonts.com.


  Didonesque Display: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/paulo-goode/didonesque/

  Open Sans Light & Regular (This is a free font you can download from Google.com/opensansfont)

*The fonts used in the design of this and all templates are just design suggestions. They are by no means a rule, nor do they have to be used. However, if you do want to use the fonts used in the templates, you have to buy them separately from a font website because they are copyrighted. You can always use any fonts you have on your computer. In fact, you are encouraged to use the fonts you currently use in your logo to maintain the continuity of your brand.

Design by Shauna Crane (Designfully.com)

4-Slide Carousel Template for a Social Media Story

SIZE: 1920 x 1080 pixels


If you are customizing this template and using different fonts or editing the text to any language, you can also replace the product images with your own. Just be sure to photograph them in a vertical format to fit the design. You may need to extend your background to fit.

2 Reviews

“This is so great. Well done Shauna.”

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“This is simply the best. Any design by Shauna Crane (Designfully.com) is flawless and user-friendly! Thank you!”

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