The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

The Lighting Series

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Sue Bryce and lighting expert Felix Kunze have created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your studio. This comprehensive course delivers 11 lessons (plus 3 bonus lessons) that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities studio lighting creates. Any studio, any space, any set-up, there is always a way to create beautiful light. Learn More.

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Sue Bryce and lighting expert Felix Kunze have created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your studio. This comprehensive course delivers 11 lessons (plus 3 bonus lessons) that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities studio lighting creates. Any studio, any space, any set-up, there is always a way to create beautiful light.

Learn the fundamental knowledge behind understanding artificial light, execute beautiful lighting scenarios anywhere and elevate your photography exponentially. Each course zeroes in on one specific topic and scenario. Felix takes you through how to set-up the lighting, your camera settings, shooting, modifying, and will leave you with all the tools you’ll need to master magnificent light in your studio.

The lessons include understanding sync speed, how to choose a modifier, replicating natural light, achieving Felix’s signature lighting set-up, shooting on-location with strobes, creating back and sidelit scenarios, shooting in small spaces with strobes, formal portraits and headshots, group lighting, layering light, shooting into backlight, and more. You can find more information about his lighting kits here.

Also, make sure to download The Lighting Series pdf guide to help you with this course!


I own the CreativeLIVE class that Felix and Sue Bryce made a few years ago. Do I need the lighting series?

The lighting series is the first time I show how I actually light and shoot my work. You will not learn to light the way I do by watching the lighting challenge. I only worked to recreate some of the natural light setups that Sue was using.

I’m already a member of Sue Bryce Education and have watched her lighting videos. Do I need to watch the Lighting Series too?

The Lighting Series is Felix’s class on how he lights his work. Felix taught Sue Studio Lighting in a way that makes sense and is simple. Check out her video on why The Lighting Series is the best way to learn studio lighting.

I own only one light - is the lighting series for me?

4 of the segments (ONE LIGHT, WALL POSES, KICK-ASS, SMALL SPACES) are primarily one light videos. If you only own one light, you can start with the one light bundle.

These videos shows how to take any light (including speedlights) along with your ugliest softbox and make them look beautiful. Once you have watched all the videos in the ONE LIGHT bundle, you’ll be able to upgrade to the full package. The next step would be SIGNATURE light.

I only use speedlights - is the lighting series for me?

Yes. We mention speedlights throughout the series and many photographers have used the principles from The Lighting Series to produce beautiful work using just speedlights.

In fact, Felix started his lighting career using just a cheap modifier and a speedlight.

I use constant lights - is the lighting series for me.

Yes. The principles of light apply wether you are using constant lights or flash. In fact, with constant light you can immediately see the effect that small changes can make to your lighting.

How many hours of content are in this series? How long are the individual videos?

While we did not focus on attaining some sort of time goal (there is no ‘filler’ content here), the entire series runs for about 8 1/2 hours. The individual segments vary in length but likewise they are designed so you don’t have to sit through a bunch of ‘filler’ content.

I’m a beginning photographer, I’ve never shot with lights, should I study another class first? What are the prerequisites for this class?

The lighting series teaches how Felix lights his work. As such, he walks people through from the very beginning to advanced setups. There is no maths here, no ratios, and the reviews of the SYNC SPEED video show that this subject is explained simply and easily, even for beginners.

Once over this hurdle, you’re immediately learning advanced techniques in a very simple way, without all the ratios and complicated mumbo jumbo – they just make it difficult to learn lighting and we did not include them.

If you can shoot your camera on manual mode, you’ll be able to apply everything in this class.

I’m an experienced photographer, I’m comfortable in the studio. Is this class for me?

If you’ve ever wondered how I create the lighting in my work, this class is for you.

We go through from one light setups all the way to advanced methods on how to light groups.

Does this course apply to me if I have a small studio and low ceiling?

Not only is this covered in the SMALL SPACES video but throughout the series we show modifications for what to do if you are in a small space or have low ceilings.

Felix shot for years in a tiny studio with 8 foot ceilings and he passes on the tips to you here.

Is the class downloadable? How long is it accessible for?

Every video in this class is fully downloadable (including subtitles) and will be accessible forever to stream.

Do I need to buy a lot of equipment to take this class?

While almost half of his class focuses on methods to shoot one light effectively, you’ll eventually want to start investing in more equipment. The knowledge you’ll gain will help you save more in the long run than the purchase price of the class as you won’t be buying equipment you don’t need. The class shows you how to do more with less.

Will the lighting series teach me how to mix ambient and artificial light.

We touch on this concept in both the BACKLIGHT NATURAL VS STROBE video and in the LOCATION LIGHTING bonus video.

However, the classes are designed to give you an understanding of how light works so you could adopt to many situations, including how to mix artificial and daylight.

Is it all studio? I'm looking for info on best equipment and techniques for indoor weddings?

We made the GROUPS segment especially with wedding photographers in mind. the lighting setups throughout the series are very applicable to all of the shoots in the wedding photographer’s line-up.

The GROUPS segment has a portion dedicated to breaking down a full family shoot and showing the changes Felix makes when I shoot different members of the same family.

Is this available to members of Sue Bryce Education?

This class is a separate purchase.

What’s the song in the trailer?

The song is called ‘Create’ by Gerson Lopez

How much of the look of the final images is achieved in post production?

Felix has stated many times that he does not enjoy the post production process. He designed the lighting series to reflect his obsession with getting images that look great straight-out-of-camera. Each segment has a short post production video showing how Felix processes his raw files and the subtle adjustments he makes to make the images pop. The final images from this series were lightly retouched to handle skin blemishes.

If you want to get gorgeous looking images in-camera, this is the class for you.

Do you have subtitles/closed captions?

Closed Captions are now enabled on all videos.

223 Reviews

“I'm doing a second review of this course as I keep going back to it, I keep developing my style and I shall continue to do so until I lay down my camera for the very last time. If you could see how awful my first photos were with flash, you would laugh very loudly. I know I did. Now, I'm very proud of where I have got to. I still have so much to learn. However, I could not have got to where I am now without Felix's Lighting course. He makes it "super simple"... ah those words were so soothing when I was struggling. I photograph pets, mostly on a voluntary basis to help find them homes. Sometimes people find me and pay me privately but I do this for the lost, unwanted and abused pets. I've been told that my photos have absolutely helped draw attention to a homeless dog or cat and got many shares that lead to their forever home. My photos are just one of the many stepping stones to the home they deserved from the day they were born. Thank you Felix. I'm not the only one you've helped.”

Jane E.

“The easiest lighting course to understand hands down!!!”

Oren S.

“This year I have done two things I thought I would never do. 1. buy a strobe & 2. paint a backdrop that I actually like. I have Felix's course, The Lighting Series and I can't believe how easy he makes it! I have much more experimenting/learning to do but he made me feel like it was ok to not get it right first time or 10th time! I used to be natural light professional Pet Photographer but found it limiting. Thanks Felix - You've made a difference to my life and hopefully, in the future, to the lives of unwanted pets.”

Jane E.

“If you're on the fence about purchasing this course, here are my thoughts to help you decide. I've been following Felix since his first debut on CreativeLive - I own all of those classes. I'm also a charter member of SBE and regularly re-watch lighting videos etc. So I was on the fence about buying this particular series, because I didn't need redundant content, but yet somehow my lighting wasn't as dialed in as it could be -AND- most importantly, I wasn't as confident as I should be after 16 years of being in business. (most of my business has been outdoors, but now I'm heavily focused on bringing my shooting indoors - into my home-based studio) So I pulled the trigger and have not regretted it. Before every shoot I rewatch a few of the videos that demonstrate lighting that I adore and it helps solidify what I need to do, and it definitely helps my confidence before the shoot. With all that said, if your lighting is perfect, pass on this. BUT, if you need the extra polish like I did/do, then this class is a must have. This is NEW content and demonstrations that have not been covered before in previous classes. You won't be disappointed.”

Jennifer B.

“I'm only an amateur and this is just a hobby for me, but recently I've purchased quite a few online courses on photography, lighting, etc. Without a doubt, The Lighting Series has been the most useful of all! Thanks for doing this, very much appreciated.”

Carmel S.

“I am so grateful for "Lighting series" and Felix's YouTube channel with "One Light" lessons, that is how I initially discovered him through his YouTube channel and wanted to learn more. I was drawn to simplicity and in the same time depth of explanation of "How to use light" properly. Your "Lighting Series" made me brave and gave me courage, not only to get my very first strobes, (as I never own any of them before nor knew how to use them), but your way of teaching empowered me to use the knowledge that you share. You gave me the ability to create the Portraits that I and my clients Love. The best purchase ever, from the bottom of my heart Thank you for creating such masterpiece of knowledge.”

Angelika B.

“This series is just what I needed this year after wanting to reinvent my work to the level I have only ever dreamed of. Felix explains everything very well, showing what he uses and the ways to do it. I found him giving examples of more realistic spaces such as a small studio space was the best part, as most I have watched show large warehouse like spaces where it is unrealistic where I live to own a warehouse sized studio. Thank you so much, this is amazing!”

Georgia P.

“This class is amazing!”

Maria M.

“Lighting is one of my blocks, and I have also had to reschedule on bad weather days. Once I had a beautiful black woman come for her boudoir session and the worst storm rolled in and it got very dark outside. My camera would not focus on her! She was dark and my studio was dark, it was like trying to shoot natural light at night. It was a horrible situation to be in. Felix Kunze is amazing and he makes it seem much less complicated. "If it's too bright, turn it down, if it's too dark turn it up." He also shows how to flag and bounce your light, how to shoot in a small space with only one light., and how to diffuse it. Move around your subject instead of just shooting them from the front. Game-changing class for me for sure. I have one Elinchrom ELB 400 light and two speedlights to start practicing with. I highly recommend his course!”

Pamela T.

“I just watched the One Light video and I am so glad I purchased this series! I'm getting back into the studio after about 5 years and I need a lot of help with studio lighting. I have a few less expensive strobes with small umbrellas and they have always been a challenge! Before I go out and purchase more equipment, I'm going to practice some of what I learned here with what I have. I love how Felix explains things. He's practical; not technical. So easy for my brain to understand! I am excited to get into the studio and practice! Thank you Felix!”

Barbara S.

“The Lighting Series is amazing and absolutely one of the best purchased I've ever made for my career! Before this course I tried strobe lighting once and then quickly gave up. I tried looking up videos and reading books, but I still didn't get the look that I wanted. I envisioned soft painterly portraits with depth. I have always been a fan of Felix's and Sue's work, so when they created a course for strobe lighting, I quickly took the opportunity to learn from them. In only a few days I was creating the images I wanted for years! They explain lighting in such a simple way. I'm absolutely in love with my work now and not only am I creating beautifully lit images; I also never have any issues selling my images. I learned strobe lighting in less than a month! Would have taken me years trying to do it on my own. Thank you so much Felix and Sue!”

Laura S.

“I've been madly in love with photography ever since I got a camera, almost 17 years ago! I got a formal photography education at Hallmark Institue of Photography and we were taught how to shoot in the studio, how to photograph glass, reflective metal, products, headshots, etc. It was a 40hr/wk program and super intense. But I HATED shooting in the studio. I'd much rather be outside in natural light shooting at 1.2 But then, pretty much on a whim, I bought Felix's class and IT CHANGED THE WAY I SEE LIGHT! It made studio light make sense! Because all light is the same and it's easy!! The course was life-changing for me and my business. I was talking with another photographer friend and she was lamenting how over-saturated the photographer market is...but most photographers don't know how to shoot in a studio! It's a great way to have an advantage and carve out a niche market.”

Sara C.

“I started my photography career late, at age 50. For the first 6 years, I enjoyed photographing families in the park. During the pandemic, I realized I simply couldn't do it anymore. It had become very stressful and no longer enjoyable, not to mention exhausting! I still need to work and was in a bit of state recently trying to figure out how to continue photographing children in a way that worked for me. If I hadn't found Felix and the Lighting Series Facebook group I would still be booking only outdoor gigs. This Lighting Series has been life-changing for me!”

patty c.

“Dear Felix, I'm a almost a 42 year veteran photographer, I really train myself learning from many other photographers. I did try to understand various concept of light for my clients. I decided to purchase your lighting course just always looking to improve. I must say you are simply one the best on explaining quality of light I know you pay the price with Annie and Mario. Let me repeat this the one of the best course on understanding soft light a look that I always loved but never was able to really define. The group video was a masterpiece I will never fear a group photo not to look artistic again! By far the best course that I ever learn from. Regarding Sue amazing posing skills and in charge of her craft I have plenty of respect. Thank you Cesare Bonazza”

Cesare B.

“This is a lifesaver. If you are starting using strobes or studio lights, both courses from Felix are mandatory. They make your life so much easier and take away the fear of studio lights. Apply what you learn and you will see an instant improvement. Whenever I have a photoshoot and I know I need my strobes, I go back and pick out a particular lesson. It's well worth the investment because you are definitely investing in your future.”

Sabine E.

“OK Peeps!!! I'm going to say this one more time. If you are new to strobe lighting and havn't purchased the lighting series, do so. The knowledge that you will gain from the course is invaluable. Once you start practicing the exercises it will all start to make sense. I have been doing studio and location photography for over two decades and am in no way affiliated with Felix Kunze team. Im just trying to help those of you here that are struggling with lighting. This will be the single best investment that you will make in your photography career.”

James S.

“I a beginner photographer, and I had very limited experience with artificial lighting. After a week of purchasing the Lighting Series, I incorporated Felix lighting concepts in my next session and I quadrupled my income. Like many other reviewers said, I can't believe I waited so long to purchase it. This course is worth every penny, and it is truly a game-changer.”

Diana G.

“I think this series really sets the benchmark in terms of production quality, sequencing and approach. I’ve owned this for a while now and use it as an ongoing reference for never-fail lighting setups, and also as an inspiration to try and add my own flair. This series definitely made me more consistent, and more confident in my work.”

James O.

“I cannot believe I waited so long to purchase The Lighting Series! I watched the first section and it was like a light bulb went off in my brain. I was hooked and Felix's teaching style is easy and understandable. I began having coffee time with Felix every morning and soaked up his lighting lessons. If you are serious about photography, please don't wait to buy The Lighting Series. Mckenzie Best????????”

Mckenzie B.

“Thank you sooooo much Felix for all you teach us in your education and even more for making lighting understanding that easy !! This is by far the best education I found to help me increase my knowledge, skills and confidence at the time of using my strobes ! Thank you Master Kunze :-)”

Robin D.

“There's some to say about being comfortable in the uncomfortable no matter how small the space or having the cheapest lamest lights you can find this lighting course will bless you with creating beautiful light in easiest possible ways thank you Felix so much you are amazing”

Melvin P.

“Thank you so much Felix Kunze . I know I still have a long way to go but I have been watching your videos and practicing and I am getting closed to the result I want to. Thanks to your advice and your community ' Lightning with FK'. I am very passionate about photography and I thought that it was an art only for an elite: professional photographers only. But you managed to make it accessible to everyone ! Aka Jean Fontaine :)”

Patrick M.

“Thank you so much Felix Kunze . I know I still have a long way to go but I have been watching your videos and practicing and I am getting closed to the result I want to. Thanks to your advice and your community ' Lightning with FK'. I am very passionate about photography and I thought that it was an art only for an elite: professional photographers only. But you managed to make it accessible to everyone !”

Patrick M.

“I love the lighting series. Feathered light is a new experience for me, but when you watch the series it's so logical to achieve THE natural and pleasing look you ever wanted in studio as in outdoor photography. Thanks also for showing how to achieve perfect lighting of large groups !”

Peter L.

“I studied photography in the 90s and hated studio lighting so much that I wagged most of those classes and barely passed! Then I worked hard to avoid studio lighting for most of my career. I can’t believe how much I missed out on! Felix makes it so straightforward. Now I look forward to using it. Thanks so much Felix.”

Anjella R.

“The Lighting Series of Felix Kunze is a MUST have. It's Essential. My insecurity and fear of using artificial light was brain blocking and paralyzing, resulting in not even trying. Felix turned all this around over night. His teachings are a true eye-opener! They are not only hands on and content rich, but at the same time profound and so incredible easy to understand, effortless to follow step by step and laid out to apply immediately. It's intuitive, (care) free of ratio's and calculations and it's just immense delightful and fun to learn and to follow Felix along! You can start right were you are, use whatever you have,- and the results are remarkable once you understand how "to work" the light. Felix is sharing endless knowledge and every time watching, you learn something new. For me it has become a joyful journey "seeing" the light -and shadows, using artificial light, playing around, starting to find "my light" and therefore "my style" has become a wonderful pleasure. Thank you so much Felix for changing my world.”


“I really love the Lighting Series! Felix teaches light in a way that makes it really easy to understand and gives you so many great tips and tricks to get you on the right track! I was a natural light girl, so afraid to try strobes and all the studio lights sets. This course gave all I needed to start using them. Now, in my studio I almost stopped doing natural light shoots, because strobes gives me so much more freedom. I can control light!! Thank you Felix!”

Sónia F.

“Felix makes it so easy to learn flawless lighting techniques. I'm always a student of lighting and Felix breaks it down in easy-to-follow bites. Add Sue Bryce to the equation and there really is nothing more that anyone would need. Ever. I love everything about this course, and I highly recommend it for anyone who finds lighting daunting, as well as for experienced photogs looking to master something that is critical to an amazing portrait.”

Alisa S.

“I loved the lighting series! Felix breaks it down into easy to understand and apply steps! So many setups are covered and his delivery of info and teaching method are spot on! Highly recommend!”

Angie W.

“Felix teaches lighting in a way anyone can understand, he is purpose it to show you how light works, and the understanding of using it for portraits. Put your calculators back in the drawer because Felix is going to teach you the hands on way.”

Oren S.

“Thanks to Felix I feel confident about my lighting skills. No more guessing.”

Alvaro G.

“I was too afraid to try artificial lighting until I watched Felix's lighting courses. Now I mostly use artificial light and only occasionally use my window light. Felix's teaching technique makes learning lighting easy for a non technical person like myself”

jennifer g.

“I learned more from Felix and Sue than I did while getting my Bachelor’s in Photography! It’s Brilliant! I have been mostly shooting outdoors, the last 15+ years, but wanted to more fully incorporate studio lighting into my work. This is just what I needed. I learned techniques to soften the transitions between main and fill light. This is not compromising lighting ratios, but softening how they blend together. I learned how to utilize my small studio space and how to bounce and control light in ways I hadn’t thought of before. It’s brilliant! I can’t believe how simple Felix’s signature lighting its! Why didn’t I think of that? Love it. I look forward to learning more as I keep watching. Say goodby to the stale studio look of the 90’s. Finally, they bring us something fresh and new! This series is changing the industry! If you are paying attention, you know what I mean.”

Rachel O.

“This course has changed the game for me because now I have a go to light setup whenever I shoot, wherever I shoot. Felix teaches you so much more, but if you just want one good, "safety" light setup that you can use basically in any scenario, the Signature Light Setup will save you every time. The other thing I love about Felix's teaching method is that he never misses to go back to the basics to explain things and he never assumes 'you already know this'.”

Andrea D.

“This series made so many things clear that honestly seemed like a blurry(no pun intended) mess. I could watch every free 15 minute YouTube video available, but not until I purchased Felix's lighting series did certain things become so clear. A lightbulb went off...…..and continues to. The beauty of this is that the learning is ever ending. I own it, I watch parts of it weekly, sometimes daily. It's going to be a lifetime resource and I am thankful to Felix and his team for putting this together.”

David A.

“I've purchased many tutorials over the years and this is definitely one of the best! The information is easy to understand and can be easily adapted to most real world situations. Just buy it, you'll be glad you did!”

Urban R.

“As an all natural light portrait photographer for 10 years I knew nothing about studio lighting. And I was very overwhelmed and intimidated to try. I became a Sue Bryce Education member and purchased Felix’s lighting series and it was a GAME CHANGER. Felix teaches lighting in an approachable, patient, supportive way and gives you the confidence to trust yourself to try. His video lessons are easy to understand and emulate. Felix provides a one-stop shop for all things lighting. I’m so incredibly grateful I discovered Sue and Felix because it has single-handedly made me a better photographer. Thank you so much!!”

Lisa r.

“Sue and Felix are great photographers. Learning from them changed my business a lot. I never learned so much before in such short time. I am very greatful!”

Birgit J.

“I love The Lighting Series! It is so easy to understand. It is so much better than other tutorials. Worth the money, do not hesitate to buy it!”

Linda S.

“Really useful collection of videos that changed the way I use my studio space and strobes. Felix is an excellent teacher who doesn’t use jargon. Everything is explained in a way that’s easy to understand.”

Mark H.

“Wow, this series was wonderful. Felix follows a very logical and stepwise formula for lighting in every section of this series that should make sense to anyone. He shows the viewer exactly what an image will look like if common mistakes are made. I had several "AHA" moments while watching this series, and I feel confident that I can now achieve that soft painterly light I've been chasing for a few years. I wish I had purchased this a few years ago! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge! I've purchased the Location Series as well and I'm very excited to start learning how to ramp up my on location lighting as well.”

Amy M.

“I stumbled on to Felix while watching a Sue Bryce video on Creative Live. They're an amazing duo, but I wondered how his teaching style would be were he to operate solo. I did a search of his name found a good deal on his "How to Get it Right in Camera" video and was hooked on his teaching style. Fast forward a bit to discover he's got a whole series about lighting. I jumped at the opportunity to buy it, especially since the series was on promo. I've learned so much since watching an re-watching the videos. They're easy to follow along with and I love the fact that Felix doesn't spend too much time focused on the minutiae. He gets right to the meat of the material which is lighting your subject properly. I enjoyed "The Lighting Series" so much that when Felix released "The Location Series", I knew I had to purchase it too! I would suggest anyone on the fence about purchasing either series, do yourself a favor and take the plunge. You'll be glad you did and the teachings will reflect in your work.”

Kenneth J.

“If I could give this course ten thousand stars, I would . It changed my world! I had always been intimidated by strobes, but not anymore. Felix is everything you could ask for in a teacher and mentor! His approach is straight forward, uncomplicated and fun to watch. Don't hesitate, just buy it, watch it, apply it and be blown away by what you can produce.”

Lindsay M.

“I recently bought The Lighting Series and am almost through all the videos and then I'll be onto the Location Lighting Series. Felix has opened up a whole new world to me and I can't wait to go out and try everything! I've taken many online courses for both studio and flash photography but it never clicked for me until now!”

patty c.

“I’ve been trying to find the ways to replicate natural light with strobes as I belive it suits my style and genre best. In Norway, where I’m based, even with big studio windows one simply can not relay on natural light as it´s dark most of the time of the year. Plus, natural light shifts unexpectedly and what I need for my work is consistency trough all my sessions. “The Lighting Series” was the perfect source of knowledge on this topic and so much more! I’ve learned a lot! I’m confident I now can replicate natural light in any location and still produce same quality. This course rich. Felix explains how strobes work, how to lit is suitable for any level of photographers, beginners or advanced - it´s what you need if you want to level up your skills! Go for it! Irina Jomir”

Irina J.

“This is the best investment in lighting education I have ever seen... and it's absolutely valuable whether you've been shooting for years, or just beginning. Felix demystifies how he creates a style of soft, artistic "painterly" lighting in ways that are as easy to understand, as they are easy to use. Perhaps best of all, he encourages you to think deeply about lighting and use his signature techniques as a foundation and to play with and adjust lighting to your personal taste, so that you can replicate or create a look all your own. I wish i had found this sooner...”

Bob S.

“I purchased the lighting series a while back and just started watching it today. Mind blown! He teaching style is easy to follow, engaging and best of all... makes you feel confident that you will be able to achieve comparable results. Thank you Felix!!”

Allison M.

“I have it, I bought it, I love it.....and this is from someone who never spends this much money on a video course. Not even close. But the previews were so great I took the plunge on this one. This course is so great. You will not believe how easy Felix makes lighting - so easy. I can walk into almost any set or location and get to work quickly without fussing and fumbling around. If I have two lights - great - if I have only one - great. My portraits have taken a giant leap forward thanks to this series. I learned so much in the course - I didn’t even know all the stuff I didn’t know. So if you are on the fence....jump off and into this course. It is so worth the money and your time to watch the videos.”

Janis S.

“I can't recommend Felix's program enough. I'm a relatively new photographer and I truly believe this course saved me years of trial and error. I'm so not a numbers person. Felix teaches you to understand why light behaves a certain way and how to make it look the way you want, without needing a math degree. I recently did my first group shoot and I was pretty terrified. Lighting Series to the rescue! I didn't have the space to replicate the set up from the videos exactly, but because I understood the principles, I was able to adapt to fit the location and my clients were thrilled with the result!”

Tara J.

“I have the series and have watched it many times as needed to zero in on certain aspects. I do indeed love it.I see that I now get much more consistently good results and the guess work is greatly reduced. There is always that element of surprise, but now it is most often pleasant. Thank you Felix for paving the way to freedom for us . That feels great!”

Dayle Ann C.

“If you give yourself and your business one gift before the year's end, make it this Lighting Series. I'm an Emmy Award winning camerman, and Felix completely enhanced my game in numerous ways. Most grateful.”

Geoffrey D.

“I love this course!! It’s been a game changer in my business and for the work I’m creating with my clients. Felix breaks it down and explains everything in such a way that I GET it! I’m not chasing ratios. And now I take in a chapter in the course and I apply it again and again in the studio and have built this beautiful repertoire of light within my portfolio that I can offer an array of options to create amazing portraiture for my clients. Now instead of being afraid of strobes, now I experiment and finesse my work in a multidimensional way that I am sought after for in my community. Thank you, Felix! ROI again and again!!!”

Cat F.

“Loving it more and more!”

Natalie Z.

“I have THE Lighting Series and Love it!!! I have told a ton of people about it!! You are the best lighting teacher ever, Felix! For people photographs..I have tried Signature Lighting and One Light, basically. Sooo FUN :) . This weekend I am going to try backlighting a subject. Your Dr. \Cute Dog photo inspired me this week! Thanks for all you do, Felix. You are a much appreciated treasure :) .”

Margaret H.

“OCF or studio lighting can really set your work apart but the flip side is that if it is done incorrectly it can produce hideous results. If you're only going to buy one set of lighting tutorials, no matter what genre you shoot, I feel that this should be the one. There is always more for me to learn but thanks really to this series, I now have confidence that no matter where I am, in the studio, in someone's home, outside at the beach etc I can produce flattering, natural looking lighting (with no horrible hot spots) - even with pretty basic gear. The signature lighting setup itself has been worth its weight in gold to me and has probably saved me years in experimentation - it has now become my go-to lighting setup. Thank you Felix for a very well thought out and clearly explained course.”

M H.

“I have been using strobes in my work for years but Felix opened up a whole new way of thinking about using them and lighting in general. I have been using his techniques for the past 6 months and it has taken my work to a new level. His teaching style is direct, easy to understand and personable. I highly recommend.”

Gregg P.

“So far only watch 3 series because I’ve just bought it!!! Wow I’ve never understood light better than this! Felix is so amazing with how he explains everything! I have a small shooting space and honestly these videos are the best lightening investment ever! I’m so glad I bought it because I wasn’t really convinced before since I’ve wasted so much money on tutorials where I didn’t really understand much! THE BEST INVESTMENT EVERRRR!!!!”

Shiwanjali N.

“Felix makes lighting look so easy! He teaches it in a way even a five year old could learn it! Ha! I love all the videos and this has helped me so much to explore new ways to light my portraits. If you're new to lighting and are not sure if you should invest then stop questioning yourself and buy this course. It's a total game changer!”

jessica h.

“I never would have had the confidence to learn strobe without this series. Buy it and never doubt yourself.”

Sarah R.

“I've learnt so many great techniques from watching Felix's videos because he loves photography, lighting, his subject/s and sharing what he knows in ways that are easy to understand. With Felix's insight into alternative lighting i now light shoots better and finally can create the look of natural light with strobes. The videos are a worthy investment. My photography has been taken to a higher level thanks to Felix. He is a great teach with a big heart and a love for teaching.”

Nathan M.

“I had already purchased a couple other courses on lighting, so I was hesitant to invest in this course initially. After reading all the reviews I wondered if it could really be as good as everyone said. One video into the course I knew I'd made the right decision. Felix breaks everything down so that it's so simple to understand. I was already pretty comfortable with artificial lighting, but I wanted to up those skills even more and figure out how to get that soft, painterly light that Felix is so good at creating. I was blown away by how much I learned in this course and rewatch the videos frequently. I learn something every time I watch. Thank you Felix for this amazing course! It has helped me to become a better photographer!”

Elizabeth G.

“I bought the series as soon as it became available. Your style of teaching aligns with my style of learning: the videos are simple, efficient, easy to watch and very comprehensive. It’s important to me that there is educational emphasis on “seeing” light, rather than measuring it. The fact that you challenge your audience to use their own eyes, personal tastes and experimentation really appeals to me. I feel empowered knowing that I have access to the videos whenever I feel stuck, or if a new situation presents itself that I need to be prepared for. You cover every-day professional lighting challenges, and I truly feel that watching the series heavily improved my skill level. Minimal investment with maximum return.”

Kristen V.

“I bought it before it went on sale and love LOVE it! It is a game-changer. Best lighting instruction on the market.”

Jean L.

“This is one of the only courses I have purchased that shows you simply how to achieve outstanding results in the studio. I have struggled with the low ceiling small space problem for years. Felix talks in simple terms and techniques that you can understand. Thank you! One of the best purchases I have ever made.”

sheila b.

“I have learnt so much from Felix. His way of teaching is easy to follow and put into practice. I recently arrived to a photo shoot with 2 strobes but only one stand!!! I didn't even stress, I just put into practice what I had learnt and bounced the light using one strobe for a successful shoot. Thank you Felix!!!!”

Mandy B.

“The Lighting Series was a brilliant investment!! Even though I couldn't really afford to buy it at the time, I knew my work needed it - and I was right. Felix Kunze's easy-to-understand, friendly teaching style has made a huge impact on my work! Between Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce, my work has improved to a professional standard, and my clients are blown away and purchasing more photos. I'm super proud of where I'm at now with my photography. Thank you for creating this invaluable series, Felix!”

Tabitha A.

“I bought it immediately when it first came out and it was worth every penny. I was so overwhelmed, impatient and frustrated with lighting before. You’re a great teacher and break it down in a very easy to understand way. Most of all, your teaching style has encouraged me to experiment more with the equipment I have and how I use it, which has been fun and very confidence-boosting. I understand what the light will do based on where it’s positioned, where the subject is, etc. It may seem simple, but I love this self-portrait I did recently. I knew how I wanted the light to look and because of how much my understanding has grown, and my willingness to just play around, I was able to create the look I wanted pretty quickly.”

Erin D.

“I bought this series before I even had a light because for 1, it was cheaper than the light, and 2 because I'm a member of Sue Bryce Education and have seen him teach, his techniques, and his knowledge. It has been nothing but a wonderful and life saving investment. I now own the Starter Lighting Kit, Felix has mentioned, and I love love love it and the ease it was in learning how to use it thanks to Felix and this series. It never would have been that way without his teachings as I tend to make things harder than they need to be, and now they're not.”

Marian W.

“I bought it and have watched every video several times. I feel so much more confident with my lighting now, it’s amazing. Still have a ton of practice to go but every shoot is better than the last.”

Sean P.

“I have it, I love it and because of of it I started shooting with strobes, it changed everything for me..thank you❤”

Ranka D.

“A great value for me. Felix covers a good variety of lighting setups and techniques. I was familiar with the effect of feathering light but I’ve not thought to push that technique to the level that Felix shows us. That alone was worth the investment into this series for me. I enjoyed Felix’s non-fussy approach to the creative process of building and shaping the light to achieve each look. As the title of the series indicates, several sections include Sue Bryce along with Felix working through different scenarios. Those segments tend to be heavier on interaction between Sue and the models and crew, with posing versus focusing on the process of lighting those scenes. Certainly a bonus for those wanting to observe real-world photographer model interaction. A very, very, nit-picky detail I’d like to see is a better job of directly comparing previous shot to current shots throughout the entire series. Especially the segments that include Sue. So much time passes between the shots all the nuances that change are less obvious. If you are on facebook, I recommend joining the "Lighting with Felix Kunze" group. There is a variety of members at all skill levels and Felix frequents the group.”

kevin a.

“Absolutely love this course- so easy to follow and I had so many “aha” moments that make a ridiculous amount of sense and take studio lighting from something ominous and something I’ve avoided for many years in to something fun and logical! Highly recommend this to beginners and advanced photographers alike. I am now ready to bring on my studio A-game!”

Ammara C.

“I bought the lighting series a month or so ago, ive had so many aha moments because of it, highly recomend it ????”

Trevor H.

“I bought the Lighting Series as soon as it was released, watched it front-to-back when I got it, and constantly reference it. It is a KEY part of my work and has drastically improved my lighting.”

Matthew S.

“I am now in the have it, love it camp... But I hesitated in the beginning on price... It isn't an unreasonable price at all for the value. Plus for me I was wondering if it was really going to be that different to the creative live stuff. It was worth it. Shifted the way I think about light.”

Don T.

“I have had the lighting series for a while now and still love it! Even though I’m far from perfecting any of them, each set up I’ve tried has not disappointed me. I’ve learned so much from each video. I enjoy rewatching them as well because there’s always something new to pick up. Definitely worth the investment.”

Diane L.

“I have bought it and it was worth every penny. Seriously !! Thank you Felix Kunze ????”

Jaideep J.

“Having purchased this course the moment it was released I was certain that I had left a review previously but find that I have not. I have long said that a teacher's resume is found in the performance of their students. With this in mind, it is clear that this course brought to you by Felix is among the greatest educational opportunities available online today. A cursory search of his facebook group reveals a huge jump in the abilities of those taken the lessons contained in this tutorial. The impact is nearly immediate - if mastery really does take 10,000 hours of practice then Felix has helped you eliminate 8,000 of them with his nearly revolutionarily simple approach to lighting. One does not need hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment in order to execute the vision found within these videos. You need only an open mind, a belief that you too can be among those skyrocketing toward stardom and a device to watch the videos on - Felix will help you navigate the rest. If you are on the fence - get it off it. Tomorrow favors the bold, not those who would tetter on greatest. Join those of us who are increasing our abilities and income in leaps and bounds today - you will not regret your decision.”

David P.

“I have the lightning series and it’s one of the best educational videos I have seen. I’m very grateful for all the inspiration you have shared felix. And I’m also very glad to be part of this group, it’s a very kind and uplifting energy so thanks to you all in this group ????”

Aamod K.

“The absolute necessity for every serious photographer out there looking to learn studio lighting and up their game. It doesn't matter if you are a veteran strobe user or just starting to learn about artificial lighting, Felix will guide you through various setups and various techniques and tricks so you can pull off any kind of shoot in any kind of space. One of the best investment I have ever did for my photography business. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

Marija O.

“Felix Kunze is a master and his course is a highly undervalued bundle of lifetime knowledge. About a year ago an acquaintance got me a gig shooting several doctors at an office. I owned two strobes but had absolutely no control over them and my photos always came out too bright, too dark, too contrasty, etc. and setting them up was always extremely stressful and felt like complete guesswork. In a panic and with only about 3 days to prep I scoured over all the saved websites and courses I had looked into over time and came across the lighting series. I purchased it and used Felix’s business headshot set up for the shoot. It worked perfectly! I could absolutely not have done this without this series. It is the BEST and most useful photography course I have ever taken, and I don’t say that lightly. The shoot went very well. The doctors loved their photos and have used them extensively both online and in print AND they called me back last week to shoot another group of doctors and nurses which I just shot two days ago, and yes, using Felix’s business headshot set up, and YES, the lighting was just beautiful and the doctors were thrilled. This course would easily be worth the price if it cost a couple of thousand, plus he’s added tons of content to it from the time I originally purchased it. Absolutely worth every penny.”

Frederick V.

“I absolutely love this series. It changed my world. While I have been a full time studio photographer for over 20 years, my lighting always was safe and flat, like your department store photo studio. This series has grown me more in a week of watching than I learned in 3 years of photography in college. So easy and simple, yet so incredibly effective. You seriously need to get this if you want the rise above the mundane! Exceptional!”

Renata C.

“It's fabulous. Some parts I've watched once, some multiple times. I've played with concepts and created some personal work, some following exactly the setup others modifying and exploring. Awesome value for money. Very easy to understand and apply, and I love that Felix doesn't get hung up on settings but more principles.”

Lyn F.

“I absolutely love this course! So easy to understand and replicate exactly what Felix is doing. I still refer to it from time to time as a refresher. There are a few things I have to still try so it is on my list. If you are on the fence, you need to get it. Best series I have watched to improve my craft.”

Leigh M.

“I have the lighting series and watched them all. Felix made them very easy to listen and watch. The videos helped me a lot to understand lighting and now I do my own version using the lighting I have available in my studio. Thank you Felix.”

Arline F.

“When an educator is equally very informative and entertaining too, learning becomes fun. When its fun it's totally more memorable and more humanised. This is Felix at his finest and a very strong educational series by him. Thank You.”

Geoffrey S.

“This series changed the way I see and light people. I was so unsure of lighting before this but now have the confidence to shape the light the way I want it! Thank you Felix! You’re a fabulous teacher!”

Jennifer D.

“I bought this course after purchasing a course Felix did with Sue Bryce. I found him to be an excellent teacher....the Lighting Series is so easy to understand and implement. I have implemented it successfully and highly recommend it to anyone trying to learn studio lighting.....even if you have the course he taught with Sue. This one has so much more!”

Christine C.

“This series is amazing! It totally changed the way I light my clients and now my work is at a professional level. So grateful to you Felix!!”

Sarah W.

“One of the best courses in lighting that I have seen. Felix is not only easy to understand, but does not go into the technical world, so anyone can learn from him.”

Duane F.

“I have it and deeply value the abundance of content. I’ve watched all of the videos, and now systematically use individual lessons based on my interest, needs, and ongoing education.”

Tiffany D.

“Easily the best purchase I've made since becoming serious about photography two years ago. There was a noticeable jump in the quality of my work before The Lighting Series and after to the point where I've started taking what I've learned and started experimenting with my own setups.”

Brandon P.

“Your light series has really made me feel more confident in setting up my strobes and honestly, I thought I was pretty confident already. Your instruction is fully understandable and achievable in many situations. You've presented the techniques in an interesting and personable way that is truly enjoyable. I have years of experience with studio strobe and although I may have known this technique from vague tutorials from others, your's was all out there fully explained and non-intimidating to understand. In short, this helped me to really step up my portrait light quality.”

Suzy P.

“Felix, thank you so much for this series!! I have been photographing weddings for 10 years and primarily work with natural light. In the past few years, I have been expanding my knowledge of studio lighting so that I can give my clients incredible portraits on wedding day even if the light is less than ideal(...basically every wedding I ever shoot). After watching the Lighting Series, I was blown away by how easy it is to create that gorgeous light Felix is known for. I can now truly control my light even on a busy wedding day and I am so thankful for that new skill! If anyone is on the fence about this course, stop hesitating! Even experienced pros can learn something super valuable from this series!!”

Aislinn M.

“Your lighting series has changed my game. Applying it has given me more ability and confidence. It has has gotten me more business. Thank you Felix.”

Jamie S.

“I was about to quit.... I really was frustrated because it didn't matter how many courses I bought, I just couldn't understand light... And whenever I went to a workshop, the mentor talked about light from the perspective of the equipment they used, which is ok, but how can I know about the quality of the equipment if I didn't understand light? So, in my last try, I bought Felix course and... Oh my God!! Only watching the One strobe made my work take a step forward, I could see it, people around me could see it, and that helped me to upsell!! I'm barely starting, because I like to watch a video and then practice practice practice, next video, and practice practice practice... But with the few things I saw, I spend less time editing, I can make a lot of more work with my small space, my two backdrops and my vflat (wich I made with fabric, because I haven't found the right supplies in my country) than when I tried to have at least 5 different backdrops. I just want to say: thank you Felix!!!!!!”

Wendolin V.

“I have noticed that my sales have gone up significantly since I've started to truly control my light. I've had a record-breaking January and February sales-wise, including a $6,278.50 sale 2 weeks ago in which I utilized Felix's lighting setup on location.”

Angi L.

“Former pro-musician-turned-corporate-guy here. I decided to take up photography as the art passion for the second half of my life. But after spending time via youtube etc I was starting to worry I'd never have enough time to learn what I need to produce anything decent. This course changed my whole outlook and I'm really grateful -- so grateful that I am going to gush praise about it for a bit: Not only can I now appreciate what is so skillful about the work of pros like Felix and Sue, but this course quickly gave me understanding, skills, and most importantly confidence that I can produce some respectable photos myself. Just last week I bought Pratik Naik's brilliant Retouching series as well. It is so good! I don't know if I will ever try to make money off photography -- I'm not going after the business of the pros in my town. My goal is actually to be able to produce beautiful portraits of people who sadly do not like themselves enough to ever pay for a portrait and are terrified to even sit for one. (High school friends of my kids as well as many adults I talk to about this.) I am finding that the lighting techniques used by these pros (plus posing and basic skin retouching) help them see themselves at their very best, and it is so good to be part of that moment. So, I have a new art form I can appreciate and learn as a way to complement my corporate existence, a potential retirement job or enough skills and point of view on lighting to assist a pro, a new way to engage meaningfully with my kids and community, and an ability to give the gift of a positive self-image experience to those who need it. All that for a few hundred dollars?! Best investment ever. Thank you, Felix, Sue, and Pratik.”

Steve M.

“As a life-long natural light photographer, venturing into studio light was on my 'no-go' list due to fear of how to manage artificial light. I'm only part way through the lighting series videos, but it has been hands down THE best investment in my own professional development! As a practical learner, I love Felix's approach to explaining things in real terms and showing the set-ups - and seeing the effects change as lighting and subjects etc are moved. Thank you SO MUCH Felix and your team for making this such a great learning experience.”

Rachel B.

“Wow! Straight forward and perfect for an intuitive learner like myself. Clear explanations and Felix doesn't get lost in the dreaded details but plenty of information to allow you to absorb and think creatively. Thank you so much for making it "ok" to not have ratios etc... Just follow the light. Found much value in the combined Felix and Sue Bryce's segments also! Created a new spark in me when I was feeling less inspired. Thank you again!”

Starla S.

“Brilliant! Thank you Felix for taking the mystery out of lighting. Exactly what I needed to take my fear of strobes into a love affair with endless possibilities.”

Eliza P.

“Awww!!! I’ve watched tons of tutorials on lighting and it was always so confusing and felt like they weren’t giving me all the information... UNTIL Felix Kunze’s Portrait Masters!!! He explains it so clearly and simply. It clicked, literally, and I binged watch all videos in 2 days. It changed my way of seeing light and watching Felix and Sue Bryce together, it was like having the secret sauce to lighting and posing. I already have put all the valuable information to work in my own studio and the results are STUNNING and I am finally at the place I wanted my art to be!!!!! BUY IT, WATCH IT, LOVE IT!!!! -Denise”

Denise P.

“This is an excellent workshop! I’ve learned so much! Thank You Felix”

Robert B.

“My photography was good before but after watching Felix’s lighting series, and making the necessary tweaks to my setups, my images were instantly a higher quality! I attribute this to Felix’s spot on techniques and his great personality and way of explaining things. Purchase the series, study it, and enjoy the results!”

Arica L.

“Where to start?! Felix has a wonderful personality and teaching style. His techniques are spot on and the explanations of them are thorough as well as easy to understand. My photography was good before but after learning from Felix, and making the necessary tweaks to my setups, my images were brought to a higher level instantly! Instantly! Not after a few tries. I would recommend that you take notes while you watch. I sketched out the setups and made notes of key points i wanted to remember when i shot. Felix has done his part, time to do yours. Taking it seriously and truly studying will be the best thing you do next to purchasing the series. Good luck and enjoy!”

Arica L.

“It's amazing how you simplified studio lighting and made everything so easy to understand without technical complications. Series is worth every penny. Learned a lot, now if only some creativity would kick in. A million thanks to you Felix.”

ron d.

“Christmas came early yesterday when I took advantage of the of discounted price of this series. So far I have watched six an am thoroughly impressed. I am a self taught, aspiring photographer and have always been afraid of getting into working with studio lights. I fear no more. Felix was crystal clear in his explanations and examples. I loved that he did not fixate on camera settings and light meters. I feel I can now blow the dust of my light boxes and strobe and take the punge into this new adventure. Thanx Felix.”

Janet F.

“This is a game changer for me!!! After watching Felix working and bending light from simple to complex group lighting it elevated my working to next level. The best thing about his approach is it can apply to any form of photography from portraits to weddings, from family to commercial work. This has open my mind and showed me how to create most amazing images with strobes and also combine strobe with natural light to create that soft light look we call looking for. This is by far money spend well, my only wish is to be there next time when he has a workshop so i can learn it all over again in person!!!”

Yevgeniy Z.

“This class is going to be a game changer for me. I am self taught, being a retired teacher who has found photography for the first time in my life. I have found my passion to be portrait and travel photography (now that I don't have a J. O. B. Sorry folks that was cruel to the dear people still paying into SS. ) But back to Felix. This class was so helpful. I have been doing portraits and headshots for a while....but this was a revelation for me. Felix explains it in such clear, non technological terms that it is a step by step lesson in beautiful lighting. Obviously, it will take some practice to get to where you want to be and to find your style. I am the most non technical person in the world. I am mechanically challenged every time I take out my C stand. But Felix (and Sue) just lay this out in such simple, clear, understandable terms, everyone is in reach of hight quality portraits. Kudos to this class. Don't even hesitate in buying it! Worth every dime.”

Patricia S.

“Hello! Great work. Thank you for this wonderful course. <3 I have some suggestions: it would be great to have a light setup plan. Sometimes it is not obvious where the second light has to stand. And second a sheet with all settings, cameraside. I know it may differ, but for first try, it could help.”

Brigitta B.

“Thank You Felix for being so informative on lighting! I also watched this series within a day or 2! I've been struggling with lighting, but I'll be honest and say- I've used my strobe 2x. Once in my home with my daughter, and once out on location with a model ! You made this fun, and easy to understand! I feel confident that I will be able to get what I am aiming for and that is all thanks to you! As a beginner OCF user, this has really really helped, and I can't wait to get started with all the lighting techniques you have shared! Thanks again! This was a fantastic series!”

Melanie M.

“I have only been in the business 10 years. Yes, during my study I learned, to process and develop film, to use a light meter, ratios, short lighting, broad lighting etc. etc. But as technology progresses I constantly find that I use less tools and rely more on my eye than ever before. After all we have a nice digital screen in front of us showing us the results I take a few images before I get what I want. If not I change position and move on. Because of technology and that big beautiful screen, newer Photogs are often made to feel like it’s cheating. Its not uncommon to hear ‘in our day we only had film, and we had to get it right in camera first time’. ‘A portrait must be taken on a telephoto lens, preferably two times the focal length’; ”Why, (when I tried feathering) is your light pointing away from the subject?“ More importantly “(We) must use as much gear as we need to on the job to look professional, so that others will feel they need our expertise.” I have often felt that because I don’t shoot film (in my everyday job) and develop/process my own that I am not as good as my predecessors. This course takes all that away. It has taught me that even the best of the best can plan and execute their shoots with minimalistic gear. This course is great, anyone can understand it, no math, calculation, etc. kudos to you both. I’ve been waiting since Xmas to have the money for this series. Well worth the money. As the saying goes, it’s not what you see, but how you see it.”

Nichola F.

“This series is worth every single penny! All the questions I had, masterfully answered in a simple way. This is life changing! Felix changed the way I do photo shoots and view my own studio space. Plus it saves me time in the editing process. Love, love LOVE this. I cannot thank you enough! A must have for every photographer!”

Madre d.

“I own one light segment of whole series. Concepts of feathering and diffussing light are laid out very well. Certainly these techniques have helped me in softening the strobe output. I would like to see some more addition to one light”

Pradeep S.

“In my search for luxurious studio light, I found Felix Kunze. The techniques taught by Felix in The Lighting Series opened my eyes to the simple, but not so obvious, subtleties needed to take my work to the next level. Understanding how to better control the quality, quantity and direction of my light, I was able to push my portrait work into new directions. The best part? I didn't need to purchase any additional equipment, I'm using my existing strobes and modifiers.”

Katherine G.

“I have done a lighting course before at college... learned the basics and felt confident, so I hesitate in purchasing because I am mostly a natural light photographer anyway.... but because its such an affordable price, I decided to give it a go and OMG!!!!! You need to learn feathering and you need to learn the signature lighting technique! And the group lighting !!! Natural window light for a group shot is never enough in studio, so the group lighting video just adds a stunning, professional, glamorous, elegant touch to family photos...... so excited I am buying a studio lighting kit! Love your work Felix ! We are waiting for you in Sydney Australia to do a workshop!”

Trish P.

“Thank you Felix! I have captured the best portraits I've ever done because of your teaching with your lighting series!!!”

Yolanda M.

“One of the best investments I have made for my career and myself. I have purchased many lighting courses but they were too technical for my taste and lack of time... Very easy to understand and remember, while it covers everything a pro needs to know... S. Quintero”

Orlando R.

“I am normally a natural light shooter outside, but with the weather in England I have converted a foaling box at home which now has two small windows. Painted white will low ceiling but still struggle with the inconsistency of light. So Felix course is the best thing ever for me. It teaches you so much all the styles Sue Bryce shoots in. Felix makes everything seem so simple and easy he even takes you through retouching his images. I love the one light set up, his back lighting, everything about the course is great. He's fun, enthusiastic, a great teacher. My photography is so much better thanks to Felix. I would recommend this course without a doubt . I love it”

kate G.

“I have been a photographer for since 1999 wnd worked in a high key style studio for many of those years and never had light explained in such a simple and easy way. Felix is a master at not only light but teaching you how to achieve such wonderful results in easy to follow steps. This is defiantly one investment you owe your business and one you most defiantly won't be disappointed with.”

Verley M.

“I have attended several conversations with photographers and needless to say this series by Felix Kunze is the easiest to understand, relies on your understanding (and not a number) and does great things to your confidence. I am surprised that Felix gives it away at such a throw away price; especially considering that he is extremely responsive on the FB group as well. The best $199 I ever invested.”

Haresh M.

“This is definitely the best lighting tutorial I have watched. I love every video and they are so worth the money. I particularly like the small studio set-up and signature light. Felix is such a gifted teacher and, in my opinion, there is a gentleness in the way he teaches which gives one permission to experiment.”

Ruth G.

“If you don't buy this now you will only hate yourself later for the time you wasted.... Simple, concise and extremely informative. Absolutely no regrets. Dive right in!”

Steve A.

“I have been following Felix since he showed Sue Bryce how to use studio lights to mimic natural light on a Creative Live workshop. That workshop changed how I think about light. Now with the Lighting Series, I have upped my game once again. Thank you Felix, for making this all very easy and accessible. I wouldn't be shooting how I am today if it weren't for your virtual guidance.”

Catherine S.

“Have yet to watch the whole package, but so far, AMAZED with the content. As promised, nothing over technical like lighting ratios, Felix just teaches you to "see" what is right, and try out something at times slightly different. Perhaps the best part is that no-one has to rush out and spend millions on fancy lights, etc, you learn to adapt what you have and work with it. (Save your money for the amazing Olliphant backdrops...!)”

douglas s.

“Felix made learning this so simple and straight forward! He’s super easy to follow and the videos are straight to the point. I am so grateful he is sharing this information, it took my studio sessions to the next level and I’m so proud to share my work now. Thank you!!”

Julia P.

“Yay! Felix, you are awesome! Makes total sense, very practical advice that can be used in any situation, with any equipment. Love this!!!”

Robyn S.

“This is simple and great way to understand studio lighting. Worth every penni. Enjoy it!”

Anton Z.

“I am in love with the lighting series, it changed the way I light, I feel like I have more control now. I feel way more confident now that I had ever felt in the last 4 years I've been shooting more professionally. Every photo comes out perfect, with soft but contrasty light, no heavy hot spots and great detail.”

Efren M.

“This is the best tutorial I’ve watched by a mile! I’ve got RGGEDU, Phlearn & a Kelby etc - but Felix’s teaching style is so easy to learn from and adapt to differing situations and he is constantly adding extra bits of knowledge & info in order to tweak the setup he is showing. The quality of my lighting, and therefore the quality of my images, improved after watching just his ‘one light setup’ video.....all I can say is...hurry up and make some more ????”

Rob N.

“This is an amazing tutorial on lighting. I have paid more for workshops and other high profile videos. This is worth your time and exceeds the value which it is regularly offered. Very informative, as advertised, and no fluff. Thanks to the entire team.”

Perry W.

“Worth every penny and then some! I kept putting this in my cart and then not purchasing it because I was thinking $200 just seemed like too much. I debated for about 2 weeks into i finally just decided to do it when free tutorials just weren't cutting it. I only regret I waited that long. Talk about amazing quality tutorials and education. Felix is an amazing teacher! I had no previous strobe or studio lighting knowledge and now I feel much more confident. He makes it so simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much Felix for sharing your knowledge with us!”

Emmalydia K.

“This is simply the best $200.00 that I have spent in my entire photography career. It isn't really about the gear, it's about the skill of the person using the gear. Of which Felix is a lighting master. I have a significant library of Creative Live lighting courses, but Felix's course is by far the best in my opinion. If you want to invest in yourself as a professional photographer, you owe it to yourself to purchase this course. You won't regret it.”

Grayson L.

“WOW this series of lighting videos was awesome. I wasn't sure, since I am still starting out, if it would be worth it. BUT OH MY I have gotten more than the price of the course in new information and tips. I especially loved the segment on lighting groups as that is where I struggle most. Thanks to Sue and Felix for this amazing course.”

Kim P.

“His tutorial taught me more in a few hours than I learned in 20 years (including photography school!).”

Christopher S.

“This series was amazing. I was on the fence of purchasing it, but decided to give it a go and it was worth the price plus more. I am very happy with the information presented and I got alot out of the lessons. Thank you Felix and Sue!”

Carlos P.

“Bravo! I just finished all of the segments in the Portrait Lighting Series you did with Sue. I wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation of material. The simple techniques you revealed have completely up-ended my thinking in terms of how I use my studio! I have such a small space (12'x14') with a 7'10 ceiling and was face-palming trying to come up with other ways of using artificial light. My work was all starting to move away from "stylized" and into "everything-looks-the-same..." You made things so incredibly simple to understand and have given me literally months of work to do in terms of experimenting - and I can't wait to get started. Thanks again so much for putting that series together.”

Mark G.

“I was afraid I had to purchase expensive lights to produce high quality images. This class has put my fears to rest. I’m now making high end images using speedlights. No matter your gear you cannot afford to miss these lessons. I now possess the confidence to create and craft with light.”

Joshua S.

“I've purchased and watched so many photography workshops throughout the years and I can honestly say that this one was the most comprehensive and easy to understand course I've seen.”

Andy R.

“I have always been literally terrified by strobe lights. I never really got it cause I was turned down by the light metering and mixing two or more lights together. Without a doubt, Felix is the best lights instructor I have ever had. And I have attended several courses of photography in my life... The only thing I feel I am lacking here are more on location shoots. For instance I would really need and love to see how Felix would shoot in a hotel room, where there are multiple ambient lights to balance. Or just to see how he would deal with an environment surrounding the subject as opposed as just a beautiful (and a bit easier I would say) backdrop. This could perhaps make it into a new chapter or a whole sequel of the masterclass. Anyways thank you so much Felix cause you have really changed my way of thinking about lights and helped me overcome a huge fear! ;)”

Chiara G.

“Simple beautiful lighting. Thanks Sue & Felix!”

blaine s.

“Thank you for making this series! It is so worth the investment. My anxiety about working with lighting has completely diminished. You've validated many of my own thoughts about lighting. It's been such a treat to watch these! Felix is a great teacher, simplifying a seemingly complex subject. The combination of Felix and Sue's approaches is fanstastic.”

Lauren S.

“This is the BEST lighting class--worth the money and the time to watch. Felix is a wonderful teacher and always breaks down everything in a simple-to-understand description. No ratios, no difficult concepts. Large studio, small studio, adapting to whatever you have. I am so happy I purchased this series--now to practice!”

Jean F.

“Before this series, I had read and watched many courses on lighting indoor and outdoor but was unable to connect the information to my practice for some reason. Felix's explanation of the concepts, implementation and adaptations for different environments includes increasing lighting based on intuition made it so simple for me. Changes are quick, artistic and allows me to be creative without bogging me down with intimidating metering. I really enjoy being able to return to the video and watch again before starting a specific type of session (groups or headshots) to be savvy on a specific style. These courses have given me the confidence that I need to not just collect dust on my lighting equipment. I have an exciting world of capturing images in my tiny studio (which I painted white since watching the videos). Thank you much Felix for sharing your world of knowledge and giving me confidence to work with studio lighting.”
“So pleased that I invested in this series. I feel confident using natural light but was frustrated with using strobes. With long winters and people wanting evening sessions, I had to step up my game. I have bought and watched other lighting workshops but this was the first time that things really started to fall into place for me. Felix's sense of play has given me the confidence to approach lighting in the same way. He makes it so simple and straight forward, that I am excited to shoot with strobes now. I love the looks that I am getting already and am eager to continue expanding my skills. Thank you so much for making beautiful light so straight forward and fun.”
“This lighting series changed the way I light my subjects. Felix basically condensed his mastery of studio lighting and presented it in a simple, easy-to-understand, practical way. No need for complex ratios--it's a revolutionized style of lighting from the hip that's based on solid experience and understanding of light. Also, with Sue co-presenting some of the segments, you get a well-rounded study of studio AND natural lighting. Worth every penny and it's the type of gift (to yourself) that keeps on giving. Bought it a few months ago and I still watch it every so often and I always pick up something new.”
“Some people invest in gear but I can honestly say that the amount of knowledge you will gain from this class is well worth the admission price. This is the best investment I've ever done for my photography and the results speak for themselves. It's actual practical advice from one of the best artists of our generation. What are you waiting for?”
“Excellent Series. Something for everyone (even the seasoned pro.) Sue Bryce's role is great in this series. Felix is the headliner, and Sue reiterates what he says to her followers because this series is very much for folks who for whatever reason don't do flash.. But even someone with plenty of experience with flash can learn from this highly recommend”

Jennifer C.

“Felix makes lighting so easy to understand. This course is one of the best investments I have ever made. I highly recommend this to any photographer at any stage in their journey!”
“If you are just starting out in studio light, this is a great series on lighting. Felix's teaching will have you lighting like a professional in such a short time. As a professional photographer who loves working in the studio but tends to stay with the same light set ups, Felix's series has opened up so many more ways to use my studio lights. The one light video had me using some softboxes that I had previously given up on, but now getting some great results. He's a great teacher and pretty amazing photographer so you are learning from one of the best.”

Kathryn H.

“The best lighting course I’ve ever watched hands down!”
“I had a family session that had to be indoors in the family’s living room. The room was dark and not that big so lighting was a must. I watched his group lighting and his two light setup using bounce and directional light and was able to create beautiful even light that looks like window light. Felix for the win ????”
“Best lighting course you will ever need. Felix's uncomplicated approach to studio lighting is a game changer for all portrait photographers!!”
“First off, if you ever wanted to learn how to light fashion photographs like the ones you see in Vanity Fair and the like magazines, you’ve found it here. These techniques will have you producing “Magazine” style images in no time. Now, for the reality. If you are a technical, f-stop, exact distance, how high, details person, this tutorials might drive you crazy. There are no explanations of the inverse square law, or size of source and distance of the light producing hard or soft light. No contrast ratios, or the why’s. Felix and Sue are not technical people, they are creatives, and make most of their decisions based on sight and feel. With this said, you can still learn a lot from them in this series. If you are a creative, then it’s a no-brained purchase. This series will show you how to get quality, fashion/stylized glamour-type portraits in no time (as long as you work hard and practice). Felix’s simple approach makes it easy to replicate without having to think, giving you time to concentrate on getting response out of your subject. This truly is the first and only time I’ve seen a teaching series completely, from start to finish, show you exactly what the photographer does to create these stylized, magazine quality images. Almost right out of the camera. The post-production is simple and easy to learn as well. For those of you who are questioning the price, I’ll just leave you with this thought, “price is only an issue in the absence of value”. If you are a professional or aspiring amateur, this series with add value to your lighting abilities”
“The videos are amazing and so easy to understand. I used the signature light setup for a self-portrait and I loved the soft light and actually enjoyed the portrait of me which doesn't happen often! The right lighting is everything!”

Robin B.

“I have been looking for a good lighting series for a long time and finally I found it! I love how Felix simplifies everything and breaks it down. Can't wait to implement his education in real life. The lighting series have given so much confidence to do bigger and better things. Thank you Felix and Sue!”

Leya Y.

“Honestly, initially, I was really on the fence regarding The Lighting Series. I spend a fair amount of time in the studio and have a bit of an obsession with photography courses. I wasn't sure that I would learn anything new or relevant and was concerned about allocating funds to something that wouldn't provide a solid return. I can say, unequivocally, I was absolutely wrong. The value of the series is immense! Seriously. Though I've only made it through roughly 1/3 of the courses, I have been blown away by how much I have learned, and how much my perspective has shifted. The way I approach lighting will be more refined and evolved, moving forward. Felix's style is engaging and charismatic. I'm a very technical person but adore his bare-bones, straight-to-the-point approach. Honestly, I think an intuitive, rather than analytical, approach makes a lot of sense both for creating images which feel proper and for avoiding unnecessary complexity so that all of one's focus can be where it should be; on the client. Also, I found the explanations and setups from the point of view of the subject to be unique and effective. Obviously, I am a huge fan of the series. I've admired Felix's work for quite some time and hold his aesthetic in the highest esteem. it's fascinating to watch how he masterly applies and modifies what outwardly appear to be fairly minimalist setups. Indeed, Clare Booth Luce was correct, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Huge thanks to Felix and Sue for putting together an amazing series that both introduces the unseasoned to studio lighting and helps those with more experience expand and refine their perspective, approach, and technique. If you're on the fence, like I was, I wholeheartedly recommend the series and firmly believe that it is a terrific investment of funds and time.”
“Love this series. To achieve Sue Bryce styled natural light with strobes is amazing. This course is broken down in a away that ius simple to understand and implement. After my monthly subscription for Sue Bryce Education, this is best money spent.”
“I finished the videos a few days ago. Fabulous fabulous! Everything was explained in such a simple manner or "super simple" as Felix would say. Great course. Take notes and put into practice. I take many online courses and this is truly one of the very best ever.”
“This is simply the best lighting lessons you will ever need to watch. Explained in the best way too. Felix has a natural ability to explain what traditionally has been a complicated subject in a easily digestible fun way. You will love it. 10 stars!”

Warren M.

“Finally a lighting course that is easy to understand! No complex formulas or high tech gadgets, just your lights, modifiers, and Felix’s excellent instructions, resulting in beautifully lit images. One of the best investments I’ve made all year!”
“Felix's lightening videos have helped me greatly. They are so easy to follow.”
“I've known Felix personally for years. I've even been on set with him. For fun and curiosity, I saw this series. I was amazed at how much I learned! He explains concepts in a way that makes so much sense that they will stick with you on set. You don't have to know angles, or math, just ideas and the reasons behind it. It will sink right in and you'll be able to make sense of light, softness, and placement. I'm so excited to shoot more often now to use these ideas. I suddenly found where my problems were before I even knew I had them! He opens up a whole new world for me.”
“Worth every penny! Felix's style of teaching is refreshing and he makes understanding lighting so easy. I really loved everything about this class and it has taken my image making to a new level. I can't recommend this enough.”
“Love Felix’s energy and approach to teaching lighting techniques! He makes an overwhelming subject easy to understand and you can put his techniques into practice right away! I highly recommend his course to anyone wanting to learn more about studio lighting no matter what type of lighting equipment you own!”

Madeleine M.

“I am a fashion photographer, and have been using strobes for a while. However I have always been wanting to create fine art portraits with the softer lighting. With my old ways of lighting, where we basically wrap the subject with light, I found it hard to get the soft painting looks. I studied Sue Bryce, but in my studio getting natural light was a big problem. I recently become a member of SBE and bought Felix's class. And BOOM, here it is, the secret of getting the artistic feel of natural light in the studio with strobes. Feather not Wrap! The series is very well done and broken into smaller sections. I like Felix's approach of not complicating things with numbers and ratios. As an experienced person with strobes, it doesn't bother me anymore, but I remember when I was new, that was the biggest fear. So for newbies this approach of finding the right light in their circumstance is an easier approach. I highly recommend it to those who are starting to dabble in strobe lighting, and to those who have experience but want to add the painterly portraits into their portfolio. Great work Felix, Sue & all the professionals who worked behind the scene to make this tutorial.”
“I had a light and I used to put it on my subject and take my horrible pics, and life was easy :) and then I bought this lighting series by Felix, and now I see lights differently. I never knew lights could be seen this way! Buy this if you love lighting, it would open up your eyes as to how to see lights. I truly believe that it would change you for better! Highly recommended!”

Parashar G.

“As a photographer I've been feeling stagnant. Feeling like I hit a wall in my own growth... so I went looking for something that would help kickstart that drive in me. I stumbled upon this series by Felix Kunze, and on a whim made the purchase. Wicked glad I did. I've never had so many "light bulb" moments in such a short period of time... and it's not even what he teaches, but also how. Felix makes lighting simple. He teaches in a manner where you actually find yourself understanding. And with an enthusiasm that makes you want to keep listening. I put this up there among the best photography tutorial series I have ever invested in.”

Chris N.

“Felix’s lighting series is unlike any other lighting classes out there. The way he breaks down lighting is so simple, and incredibly beautiful. He doesn’t teach you just the basic setups, he teaches you how to look at and shape light in any situation, with any modifier (or none at all). He demystifies lighting that has previously felt complex and overwhelming, and has helped me create the most beautiful setups in my tiny studio with short ceilings ! You will not regret buying this class.”
“Hands down one of the best lighting series ever! Felix makes lighting so easy. I have been using studio lighting for years and a few lightbulbs went on for me just watching the first video. There have been several more aha moments since watching the series.”
“I bought Felix’s course just before I had a studio session for 2 Families. I used the lighting he suggested for large groups and Boom. Nailed it. Beautiful even light! Then I used his two light set up for corporate shots. Again- beautiful light and the clients were thrilled! That transfers to money and referrals. Thank you Felix! Easy, well understood lighting course with the results you are looking for.”
“This is far and away the best lighting class I have ever taken. Felix takes the subject of lighting and breaks it up into small, understandable lessons. I have always been intimidated by the subject of artificial light and have actually dreaded the thought of learning it. Now that I have taken this class, I am so excited to start using and experimenting all the methods he's provided. Not only is he a master at his craft, he's also an incredible educator too. Thank you Felix, for making this game-changing class.”
“Love the way Felix teaches. The number heavy and macho tech men of the past know photo but don't know everyone learns differently. Wonderfully thoughtout and executed displays of lighting genius. Felix and Sue work seamless together and offer invaluable years of experience and knowledge. Worth the price. But always wanting more”
“I struggle with learning anything technical. (It's my block) So I waited to buy this series thinking it wasn't for me. I was happily mistaken. I have learned so much in watching just 2 video's. Currently watching the entire many tips and ah ha moments. I was amazed how easily I understood the concepts and the ways to bend the light. My only regret was not buying it sooner. It has saved me years of frustration and learning by trial and error. Kudos to Felix for lighting the way to easy learning!”
“This is by far the best lighting teaching I have seen. Well worth the money. I recommend this to all levels. Thanks Felix”
“I had high hopes for this class and still it exceeded my expectations. Felix shows you how to create stunningly beautiful light with the most simple methods. His approach is so intuitive, i.e. light looks too bright? turn it down, subjects eyes too dark, do this, want more drama? do this. He shows you how he experiments with the light settings and I find that now I feel much more inclined to do so as well. I am also thrilled that he shows us how to replicate natural light setups that I thought weren't possible with stobes (or even speed lights). After watching this class, you'll be able to immediately replicate amazing looks in your space. This course is a game changer!”

Jill H.

“I love this series. So good I binge watched the whole thing…then so excited immediately set up my strobes and started playing with light. Felix teaches how to be intuitive with your approach, and less technical….more artist than engineer. If you’ve ever hated artificial light, or we’re afraid of it, this is the series to get you confident and excited about creating beautiful portraits with artificial light. If you’ve only been a daylight shooter, this opens your ability to shooting any time of day, and to expand your photography world.”
“I had to watch every single video as soon as I purchased. I love how Felix continually shows you one light at a time so you can see how each is contributing to the whole. It makes everything so easy to digest. I can't wait to try all of these.”
“I thought I had a pretty good grasp on studio lighting until I watched this series. The fine-tuning of what I already knew is game-changing. So much new stuff to take in, and the group lighting info is worth the price of the series. Thank you, Felix, for sharing your experience and knowledge. I appreciate your artistic vs technical approach.”
“I am halfway through the lessons--I love that it's confirming I'm doing a lot correctly already and that I'm learning a few new tricks, too. I also love Felix shows you that you don't need anything fancy/expensive to do a great job if you're just starting out. Combine Felix's knowledge with what you've learned from Sue, you'll be unstoppable!”

Shannon H.

“By far the best lighting tutorial I have ever come across. Learned so much from this series, and have put it all to good use, and will use it even more in the future. Well worth it, so don't hesitate if you want to up your lighting game.”
“Best Workshop Ever!!!”
“This is going to not only blow your mind but save you a ton of cash ????! No nonsense, no waffle, straight to the important stuff how to get great light just about anywhere. There are a phenomenal amount of instructional videos out there and we have all bought at least a couple and been confused or overwhelmed at the end of it with no real clarity. Felix gets to the meat and and after each section you are clear as to how to achieve the objective. If you get one course this year get this one. Very highly recommended!”
“don't waste your team reading reviews just grab the deal and start a new chapter in learning efficient , simple , crisp , controlled , subtle lighting”
“Easily one of the best lighting tutorials I’ve watched. Felix explains the setups so well.”
“Felix is amazing at explaining lighting methods. I’m not technical at all so to have someone show me in a way I can understand has pushed my lighting to a whole other level. Felix pretty much covers every lighting scenario here so there is something for everyone. I would totally recommend purchasing this series. It does exactly what it says on the tin and you won’t be disappointed.”
“could wait to watch and try the lighting in my studio... WOW amazing!! This will take my work to a whole new level <3 Thanks so much for sharing your talents.”

Jennifer L.

“Simply amazing!! I had just purchased my first strobe with no idea of how it really should be used. This lighting series filled in all the missing gaps for me. No ratios, simple set ups & also how you can use what you already have for equipment. I now know how to use my continuous softboxes that I don’t like, to compliment my strobe ☺️????????”

Niki H.

“I found this tutorial by Felix and Sue to be of incredible use. Their intuitive approach to lighting is far more useful than the technical approach of so many other tutorials. You can se here 2 masters playing with light, not two technicians recommending gear or camera settings. Thank you!”

Carlos Andres D.

“Thank you for teaching in a way that can be understood by the not so techy types Felix Kunze! Watching your videos answer so many questions and made me excited about studio lighting! Thank you for your input and I will get busy making adjustments. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but the information you share has moved mountains and made way for me to grow in ways I never believed possible. Thank you! Enough of all that emotional stuff I’m off to play with lights ????”


“As a professional portrait photographer, I thought I knew how to light but Felix is really mastering it. I admire his technique and really appreciate the way he explains every setup. With The Lighting Series, you're not only buying better light set-ups, you're buying loads of self-confidence. It's worth every penny.”

Arnold R.

“I am so grateful to Felix for letting my fear of strobes go and get comfortable shooting with strobes. I have bought SO MANY lighting courses from creative live by so far famous photographers who are known to be experts in studio lights that I might as well delete because all I need is Felix's lighting series. He breaks down everything so simply and nobody tells you where to freaking place the light and how to feather it. Felix is master at feathering and creating soft light that you will start loving studio light. If you want to step up your game or learn about studio lighting, this is it! No matter what level you're shooting at, this will improve your work tremendously. I am so glad to have bought this! THANK YOU, Felix for sharing your incredible knowledge and experience!”

Neha M.

“I have been watching Felix 's workshop and is mind blowing!!! What I love about it, he just simplifies creating amazing strobe lighting!! Since I have been a natural light photographer from the beginning of my photography career, well from this point forward, is about to change!!”

Rodney P.

“I am so happy using Felix's lighting techniques. He makes lighting not only easy and fun but also makes you think outside the box and use resources you already have to create beautiful images without having expensive equipment or breaking the bank. I’ve been watching and practicing different set ups in his lighting series and it’s been a success every single time. Thank you so much Felix for putting this class together, It will for sure change the way I photograph.”

Mayumi A.

“I’m so grateful to Sue and Felix! This is a game changer for my business. I just recently got my studio and have been nervous about trying artificial lights ( I own a high end constant and soft boxes) and NOW I feel like I can’t wait to strobe lights and get a modifier! You guys have changed everything. Thanks for speaking my language and for sharing your gifts. ????????????????”

beatriz i.

“I really needed this series of videos Felix and Sue offered..I live in WA state and the light at times is sparse. Now I know exactly what I need to do. Thanks so much!”

Christy I.

“A great lighting education series. Felix explains everything in very watered down terms, making the process of working with lighting equipment...dead simple! If you want to master using artificial light, this is a must have in your arsenal of reference material. Again super easy to learn from and Felix it makes it fun to watch. I'm excited to put everything I've learned to practice!”

Neon H.

“Best lighting course ever, definitely a game changer!”

Katie C.

“I am a natural light photographer through and through. Lighting courses have always intimidated me and not made since. I've always LOVED Felix's work so when I first heard Sue Bryce was learning lighting from him I knew there had to be a hook. There totally is. HE TEACHES LIGHTING IN SIMPLE TERMS. No need to get technical to understand light. This lighting series is incredibly comprehensive yet so simple to understand.”

Ashley L.

“I was sitting on the fence when it came to buying this series. But oh my goodness - so glad I finally did! Absolutely mind blowing how much Felix can teach you about lighting in so little time. He makes it so easy and practical. Little changes that will change the way you shoot and make your images great to amazing! He will make you see and understand light the way that light is suppose to be seen and understand. He'll teach you how to work with the light, so that the light can work for you! After watching this series I'm buzzing to get clients in to utilize what he taught me! Thanks Felix for sharing your knowledge with everyone - this was life changing!!”

Minette H.

“I'm about a quarter way through, and so far so good. I'm pretty experienced in lighting technics, and always lived to play around with studio lighting. So even though I'm familiar with a lot of what Felix is teaching, there's so much to be learned in new ways of implementing familiar technics. For example- reflected light modifiers, which felix loves and which I always detested, now seem to make so much sense, I even used them in a big commercial shoot yesterday, and it really solved a lot of issues. Felix as a teacher is sort of perfect. At one point I was thinking that if ever the world would come to an end, Felix should be the one hosting the final TV broadcast. He's just so calming and assuring, everything is easy and achievable, and you just need not worry. It's lovely, really.”

Smadar k.

“Thank you Felix for creating and offering this lighting course. The content and teaching style is presented in such a way that I feel like I am at a live workshop. Seeing how you work to create beautiful light as well as learning the "why" behind it has changed my lighting forever. Thank you for not treating the lighting patterns as proprietary but freely sharing the knowledge with us all. Learning from this lighting course will raise the level of portraiture I am creating for clients in my sphere of influence.”

Cathy P.

“Easy to follow, easy to listen to, informative and measurable, insofar as being able to implement the setups and see the results. Doesn't matter the brand nor whether you're using studio flash, speedlites or constant lighting, the concept is what is important. The series is taught in such as way as to encourage you to forget about settings - no light meter is used - and to instead 'see' the light and histogram and work with that. Very straight forward. I find it odd not working with a light meter, however, it works. Might try using my light meter to get my initial settings to dial in, then tweak from there, as I may personally find it better for me. This again is the beauty of this course, you get enough knowledge to start making informed choices about your lighting and what works for you. Hats off to Felix and Sue for bringing this together and releasing it as a download - after all photography without light is not exposed!”

Denise E.

“I like that you don’t need to focus on technical settings. Instead, pay attention to light placement and explanation of why and how to modify. The easiest training of how to create beautiful and flattering portrait light.”

Gale W.

“I’ve been very lucky to attend one of Felix’s amazing lighting workshops and all his incredible lighting setups, techniques, and even more (!), can be found in this series! I’m a professional photographer who firmly believes in investing in your education (over gear any time!) so if you photograph people, then this is a MUST purchase. You’ll learn incredible techniques that will set your images apart from the rest. Even better, Felix is an incredible teacher who explains his methods in such a simple and clear way, making it super easy to understand. I’ve purchased many courses on lighting but this is hands down the best :)”

Zoe N.

“This series is a game changer and I'm not even all the way through. I have struggled with lighting since I started doing photography. Felix makes it so easy to understand. Great investment for your business..”

Misty A.

“Lighting in the simplest terms possible. Felix’s explanations just make sense. You don’t feel like it is a graduate level class and you are a freshman . Buy this, you won’t regret it.”

Holly P.

“Felix is a great teacher. He makes lighting so easy. I got more confident using my studio lights. He doesn't only teach you how to use studio lights but also how to make awesome pictures with it.”

Robin K.

“Absolutely brilliant!!!”

Pia R.

“I learned techniques which I could apply immediately and with intent. No longer will I feel at the mercy of my lighting situation and I have this series to thank for it.”

Angeliqua C.

“Best lighting series available. Period!”

Rex J.

“Only one video in to the series and it has already paid for itself. You guys hit a home run with this one!”

Paige H.

“Easy to watch, easy to learn, easy to apply. This has to be, hands down, the best lighting education class I've seen — and I've seen a few. I don't think I learned this much, this fast to get my degree in photography. So, if you're hemming and hawing around trying to decide whether to buy this course, just do it for goodness sakes. You can spend tens of thousands to get a degree or a couple hundred on this course (and learn significantly more). Thanks, Felix & Sue for making this available. It's worth every penny and then some.”

Jackie P.

“For those of you who've thought about purchasing Felix Kuntz's video series on lighting, PLEASE give yourself an early Christmas present and do it. I'm ONLY on the 5th video and am COMPLETELY blown away by how easy it truly is. Felix throws out the confusing, technical aspects and teaches instead from such a simple, yet understandable perspective. Lightbulbs in my mind are going off at every turn! I've already practiced on 2 models and it's truly amazing how small changes can make such a big difference! I can't believe I was doing it wrong all along. Total game-changer. Best $199 I've spent in a long time!!”

Angi L.

“Wow!! I am blown away by this course. I have read books by some of the industry’s greats about lighting, I’ve watched countless YouTube videos and courses from other instructors but nothing has ever come close to how simply Felix teaches you to create gorgeous, beautiful, impactful light. His teaching style is very approachable and it makes you want to jump up and start creating immediately. I have already dusted off my lighting equipment and created some beautiful images in just the last few days since purchasing the course. This course is absolutely worth every penny and it will take your photography skills light years ahead from where they are right now.”

Erin D.

“The Lighting Series with Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce is amazing. I got my first strobe about a year ago, and I was pretty overwhelmed with how to properly use it. I played around with it, but I wasn't in love with the results I was getting. I read tutorials and watched other videos online with how to use them, but I still wasn't getting results that I loved. This course breaks everything down so simply, and it is not overwhelming at all. There is no talk about ratios or the exact settings you should use. It's all about how to use the light(s), and then fine tuning to get the results you are looking for. I have never seen anything this simplistic, but mind blowing on lighting. I am super pumped, and absolutely confident that I will be able to get results I love with my strobe now in any situation!”

Erin B.

“I have been using strobes for years but still felt very insecure about them especially in my new tiny studio. While watching this series I discovered that I was doing a lot of things right already with set ups I accidentaly discovered while mucking around. But now I KNOW why those light set ups I discovered accidentally work well and how I can play with them. The only video I didn't find helpful was the small space one. I watched it after the 'one light' video and the light set-up is almost the same and it's only with seating poses. Lighting dancing or standing people in my 2,20m ceiling studio is my biggest concern so I would have loved more insight in that. Thankfully in a lot of the other videos low ceilings and small spaces where addressed and I honestly found those tips more helpful than the special small space video. Overal a great series with a lot of very nice set-ups. I'm sure I will come back to these videos for a long time.”

Anniek M.

“This is *REALLY* good stuff. Felix is a wonderful teacher and the way he sees light and helps you see it is exceptional. I can't recommend it enough if you want to bring a "Vanity Fair" aesthetic to your strobe lighting not only in the studio but on location. Grab it before the price increase!!!”

Paul G.

“LIGHT BULB moments over and over! I only watches first round thus far and loving it already- even I Dummy can understand it and that means a lot! Like for real, people! I can NOT wait to get my hands on really put into practice, what Felix teaches here! Totally worth getting the entire series! YAY- so excited!!!”

Ines S.

“Best lighting tutorial I have ever gotten! (and I have quite a few) No confusing technical stuff! Just beautiful light made super simple!”

Jenni S.

“I have admired Felix's light for a long time, he has a painterly, timeless look. In these videos, he teaches you the secrets to his amazing light in an easygoing, understandable way. I had so many "ah ha!" was truly mind blowing. I couldn't recommend this course more highly!”

Andrew K.

“Job well done! Both of you.”

Vincent G.

“I just picked up the new tutorial by Felix Kunze through an early release on Sue Bryce Education. Let me start by saying I'm only about 30 min into the tutorial and have been blown away! If you want a very comprehensive tutorial on studio it. I always get asked "how to feather light?" on my posts and his explanation how to work with one light is nothing short of amazing! I thought I had a good grasp on everything and I've already picked up a ton of 30 min! The way he explains lighting from the subjects point of view is spot on to how my brain works so that was an awesome surpise. I hope this review doesn't sound like a sales seriously all, it's pretty awesome!”

Ethan A.