The Location Lighting Series

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Lighting expert Felix Kunze has created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your work anywhere. Take the studio outside by using artificial light on location. This comprehensive course delivers 10 lessons that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities location lighting creates. Learn more.


This course is fully downloadable (downloads are in each course module) so you can save for offline viewing.

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8 Hrs, 37 Mins

This comprehensive series is segmented into easy-to-digest lessons and will soon be available to download for offline viewing


Felix invites you to join him on-location as he shows you how to overcome challenging light and master on-location lighting


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The Location Lighting Series

The Location Lighting Series

Lighting expert Felix Kunze has created a special video series that focuses on incorporating artificial light into your work anywhere. Take the studio outside by using artificial light on location. This comprehensive course delivers 10 lessons that will open your eyes to the endless opportunities location lighting creates. You’re not constrained to the studio, now your studio is truly anywhere. Overcast days, hard sun, mixing in ambient light, these are all yours to shoot in.

Learn the fundamental knowledge behind understanding artificial light, execute beautiful lighting scenarios outdoors and on location and elevate your photography exponentially. Each course zeroes in on one specific topic and scenario. Felix takes you through how to set-up the lighting, your camera settings, shooting, modifying, and will leave you with all the tools you’ll need to master magnificent light on location.

The lessons include understanding sync speed when mixing with ambient light, how to choose a modifier, achieving Felix’s signature outdoor lighting setup, dealing with flat light on overcast days, shooting in hard sunlight, tricky backlight situations, matching color temperature, mimicking natural light on location, lighting groups, creating creative layered effects, shaping light with ’the tunnel’, and more.

This course is fully downloadable (downloads are in each course module) so you can save for offline viewing.

22 Reviews

“I now own both the lighting and location lighting series but have only had an opportunity to experiment with the latter (and not as much as I’d like). However, I’ve learned more from watching the location lighting series than I have from any of the other tutorial videos that I’ve thrown money at over the years (including creative live’s window light challenge with Felix and Sue Bryce). I’ve tried applying Felix’s techniques with a speedlite and with an Elinchrom elb-500 and I feel so much more in control compared with my previous efforts using strobes which were very hit or miss. Now I just need to practice!”

William B.

“I already owned Felix's other course: 'The Lighting Series' with Sue Bryce and learned so much of that course. As I was planning some location shoots in the near future I didn't hesitate and bought this one as well. I was not disappointed at all!!.... It has helped me understand my lighting even better, and has helped me with my lighting on a location I was just a week ago. Felix knows how to explain things in a way it is very easy to understand. No math..., no difficult stuff, just clear language and easy to understand methods to setup your lighting whenever you are on location. Next week I am doing a shoot and probably it wil be out in the sun with harsh daylight, but with the lessons I learned in this course I am confident to pull off some great shots and enjoy my shoot. Thank you Felix for this amazing course and being the wonderful teacher you are!”

Peter R.

“I purchased The Location Series because I’m owning Felixe’s The Lighting Series witch has helped me hugely and was perhaps one of the best investments I did for my self as photographer. Now it’s time to expand my skills and take my photography outdoors, so getting The Location Series was a no brainer. I love it just as much and I can’t wait to apply all tips I’ve learned from Felix! He is a true master of light and it’s a blessing to have an opportunity to learn from him!!!”

Irina J.

“I purchased the The Location Lighting Series because I was tired of showing up to shoots and being afraid of the available lighting. As an event and portrait photographer, more often than not, the lighting conditions on location are less than ideal. I used to see dark, high ceilings or walls, tungsten or mixed lighting, and instantly go into panic mode. I wanted to have control over what I was creating instead of turning in substandard client work. I used to feel like I couldn’t call myself a true professional. The series has given me the confidence to walk into any scenario and create great lighting instead of being at the mercy of available light. For someone who didn’t pick up a camera until a few years ago, this simple, straightforward course was the best education I’ve ever invested in.”

Stephanie J.

“Felix is a wonderful teacher and makes understanding how lighting works easy for a non technical person like myself!”

jennifer g.

“I love it when a teacher is able to simplify complex concepts. Felix makes it super intuitive to work with ambient and strobe light, and showing you how to get to the final image. Exactly what I needed. You won't need another location shooting course after you get this one.”

Alessia D.

“The way Felix teaches photography is easy to understand and made me have very satisfying results when I changed my 'habits'. Felix is a brilliant teacher and if you see him in the videos you don't come around to like him!”

Birgit J.

“I love how Felix teaches; everything is so matter of fact and simplified that I don't feel inferior for having the question. As a photographer, we ALL have the questions, right? And even moreso, as you apply these techniques out in real world scenarios with clients, the cost OF the course is paid for in your first sale, and again, and again, and again. It's a no brainer. Give yourself the gift of expanding your knowledge base to create such a dynamic range of imagery for your clientele. A knowledge base that will pay dividends in your capacity to execute AND DELIVER as a Photographer in any given lighting situation. Go now. It'll change everything.”

Cat F.

“I have both classes and highly recommend! I had limited knowledge of studio lighting and Felix breaks it down so simply, and it's not really as complicated as I had thought it was going to be! It's truly a relief to have a real understanding of equipment and techniques and that you can create the looks you want with any price-level of equipment. Initially I got The Lighting Series and learned so much. Then I got the Location Lighting Series, and it has so much more info... it is well worth the investment in your work.”

Tracy H.

“I’ll admit, I was hesitant about purchasing the Location Lighting Series since I already had the Lighting Series, but I’m glad I did. On my latest photo shoot all I used was a speedlight + small diffuser on a bright, sunny day at high noon- and the results I achieved on my photos because of the techniques that Felix teaches we’re on another level. I didn’t have to go out and buy or rent any extra gear- just use what you have. Love this class and the results!”

Ivonne R.

“I just finished watching the entire program, let me tell u, it is worth WAYYYYYYY more than 200. Wayyyyy more. There is so much information and detail that he goes into. Every kind of problem u run into with lighting is pretty much addressed in this series. Hard light from the sun, what to do to get around that, mimicking window light with one flash and a umbrella, there is SO much detail. U will not regret it, I sure as hell don’t! I have a shoot tomorrow that I am going to use these new techniques for. Do yourself a favor and scoop up this series. It will change your lighting game, and your clients WILL love it!”

Matthew G.

“I was waiting for this for a long time. One of the best investments I have made in lighting. I love Felixs style of teaching. He makes the most complex accessible to anyone.”

Kalpana P.

“Love the Series. Very hands on and Felix teaching style is straight forward and very hands on, which I like a lot.”

Philippe S.

“The original Lighting Series and now, the Location Lighting series are simply outstanding. I am a location shooter challenged with a lot of sunshine. Felix does an excellent job demystifying, yet creating beautiful light in any conditions that i might encounter. I’ve not even finished my first run through and I took some new found knowledge to a shoot and elevated the images.”

Tanya M.

“I'm happy to report the this is the ONLY black Friday sale that I took advantage of. Thank you Felix, Sue and The Portrait Masters Team for all of the excellent opportunities to learn and grow.”

Kristen V.

“I purchased the original series after watching Felix working with Sue Bryce to create strobe light that mimicked her natural lighting. I was blown away and it has vastly improved my studio work. This series was a no-brainer decision even without Black Friday pricing. I'm loving it so far, and used what i learned in the first two segments with real clients this past week alone. I'm excited for how rich the images look and they don't have that strobed look to them. I definitely recommend both of Felix's Portrait Master classes to anyone looking to step up their game.”

Gerald A.

“I’m half on the course and I want to tell that a lot of things that after rewatching the lighting series was still nebulous, now are starting to be more clear! It’s strange but it was is happening. The lighting series and lighting on location are both strongly connected and complement each other. I’m really opening my mind and I’m just waiting to be in the studio and restarting again to try and observe. The fact that we can deeply see Felix working on capture one with all the adjustments is another biiiiig add on.”

Walter C.

“Hands on Felix is the best at teaching light. Thank you for another amazing lighting series!”

Mauricio Q.

“Felix Kunze is not only a Master of Light, but an Incredible teacher as well. I have the first lightning series and with it have transformed my own studio work to a level I had been dreaming about. Purchasing The Location Series has already proven just as valuable. A definite must have if you are serious about lighting any subject beautifully in studio or any location you choose. I have to add... I am very happy Felix included the tunnel set up as a bonus. That setup alone really opens ones eyes to understanding the light in such a way to truly See it. Thank you Felix!”

michell s.

“As with the studio series, the Location Lighting series has paid for itself almost immediately. I purchased it the day before a client session on the beach (I'm in south Florida) and by combining elements from two segments (group lighting and shooting backlit) I managed to nail a look that I've struggled with for literally years. As with the previous series I find Felix focuses on the things that matter and doesn't bother with irrelevant and potentially confusing information. I also love that Felix comes across as likeable, genuine and humorous. If I find a tutorial dry and pedantic I just can't watch it no matter how useful the information might be. Highly, highly recommended!”

Allan M.

“Really excited to learn location lighting as lately a lot of my work has taken me out of my studio and into office and outdoor spaces for personal branding work. Can't wait to dive in deeper! Thank you Felix and team!”

Tina L.

“I couldn’t be more excited for this series! Thank you Felix!”

Wheaton M.