Kara Marie’s Guide to Getting Great Testimonials

(2 customer reviews)


In this guide, Kara Marie gives you her top tips on how to score amazing testimonials and increase your ability to share client images. This includes her e-mail template that she sends to clients to ask for reviews and sharing permissions.

Included in this Bundle:

Testimonials and word of mouth are the heartbeat of service-based industries and the ability to be able to share your client images given the visual nature of our business is absolutely crucial. But in the boudoir niche, in particular, it can be a slightly more delicate process as we deal with discretion and privacy.


2 Reviews

“I now own everything from Kara Marie and nothing disappoints! Its a short guide but its straight to the point and a very affordable price. I had no idea how to word this stuff on my own so this is going to be extremely helpful for me!”

Danielle A.

“This is honestly amazing. Sure there isn't much but the email template and question form is fantastic my testimonials have leveled up so much since and I'm also getting amazing feedback in general so I can improve on my customer service to my clients”

Natasha F.