White on White Gallery Wall & Frames

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Included in this Bundle:

High-resolution photographic mockup of 10 ornate white frames in various sizes on a textured white background. Each frame is cut out and placed on individual layers. Click and drag or copy & paste your photos into the template and place below the frame layer and scale down to fit frame opening. For use in your print or online marketing to show your clients what their gallery will look like before they purchase it.

Download Includes:
• 10 Single white frames on White texture background.
• Gallery Wall with 11 Frames
• White Couch Gallery Wall

File is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and up.

2 Reviews

“Superb Frame Templates. Will save me hours. I intend, if ever I give images in the future to not insist at all in watermarking but merely to ask that any image remains uncut from the frame in which it was presented. Clients should be happy enough posting a framed image in whichever was their preferred frame and their choice of portrait, landscape of square. With no watermark this implies to viewers that it was, indeed, purchased rather than a proof. It displays to the world that it was a professionally taken portrait rather than a happenchance good one from somewhere and thus, leaves it down to the viewer, should they wish to to ask of the poster where the work was produced. Well - that's my theory anyway....”

Richard W.

“Beautiful frames and love how they are each individually displayed on their own layer. I really wish the size of each frame was known though, at least in the grouping on the wall. I was hoping to use this product to display client photos as a help for them to visualize their portraits on their own wall. Without the sizing, it's a guessing game. Perhaps the psd layers could be named as the size of the frame?”

Rachel O.