Feather Wing Overlays

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Gorgeous, realistic and highly detailed digital feather wings to add to your portrait, maternity and boudoir images.

Included in this Bundle:

Rendered using 3D software by Alana exclusively for The Portrait Masters store, these high resolution .PNG images measure 6000 pixels on the long edge and are 300 dpi.

They are already extracted on a transparent background so all you have to do is drop them in as a layer into your image. Use a layer mask to hide or show them around your subject, and transform them using hue/saturation, levels and curves to match their color and contrast to the rest of your image.

The overlays are designed to work with most standard lighting setups, but you may wish to rotate and flip them to match the lighting in your image for best results.

Use these overlays to add drama and create artistic effects in your portfolio or client images.

Please note, as per the rules, these overlays are not to be used as elements in any images submitted to The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation program.

1 Reviews

“No one tool is the answer, but having a good tools in the box is always a good thing. For the boudoir and senior images this set will serve me well. The tutorial is simple and easy to follow and I even learned a few new tricks. No regrets buying this.”

Eric W.