Creative Portrait Series

By Richard Wood

Creative Portrait Series

(11 customer reviews)


NEW! Award-winning creative portrait and illustrative photographer, Richard Wood has created a course that challenges you to dive into your imagination and produce compelling images that evoke emotion.

Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

13 Hrs, 11 Mins

Of education to get you creating amazingly creative images.

33 Videos

This series is fully downloadable so you can watch on the go.

Bonus Footage

Over 4 hours of bonus footage to help you get inspired.

Creative Portrait Series

Award-winning creative portrait and illustrative photographer, Richard Wood has created a course that challenges you to dive into your imagination and produce compelling images that evoke emotion and tell stories. Learn how to take an initial creative idea and turn it into an amazing piece of art with his masterful techniques in lighting, shooting, and post-production.

In this course, Richard starts with the importance of storytelling, and how to best plan for your vision. Learn how to photograph the elements you’ll need to create your final image. Then, he takes us through 3 different concepts: A mermaid on land, a mermaid in water, and a siren – plus a bonus shoot he did in collaboration with Sue Bryce of a planetary goddess. Discover Richard’s secrets as he explains his Photoshop techniques from compositing, to color grading and using layers to achieve a result that will leave you awestruck.

Once you master Richard’s key strategies to produce visionary images, your photography will become more powerful than ever!

11 Reviews

“Absolutely blown away by this course! I've spent a ton of time and money on other creative painterly portrait courses and was never satisfied with my results. Plus there was never any support when steps were omitted or skipped over. If you are wanting to be more creative with your portraiture or learn more about how to make your portraits more painterly then this is the DEFINITIVE course for you! Richard has a calm, confident and easy way about him and does not hold back anything in his process. This course is truly a blessing and has forever impacted my photography! Humble thanks to Richard for sharing his gifts!”

Ted O.

“Okay! I did a review of the course initially on the basis that the content was not originally downloadable. It is now and I have had time to go through the course in detail. Having done so, I can happily say that I have learned a lot from the content. There are lots of gems in there, which I have already used in my own work. This has bumped up the quality of some of my images. So, the course is great and at $99, represents great value. The additional content is also very enlightening. Loving it!”

Jim M.

“I've learnt so much from this course already and I'm only half way through it. Richard explains each step clearly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Anita G.

“This series is amazing, so worth it!! I've watched at least 3 times already and catch new things every time that blow my mind.”

Karin C.

“I always watched to compositing tecnique as something too far away from me, but Richard captured me totally, he explains it in such a nice and clear way. He uses some tecniques that are so close to painting tecniques, I never thought it could be possible to applay them to a photograph. I'm really happy I did this investment and can't wait to create something by myself! Thank you so much!!!!!”

Daniela C.

“Love it. Has opened my mind up to so many ideas and possibilities.”

Jody L.

“If you are on the fence just DO IT! Sooooo worth it!”

Carley G.

“This is so easy to follow and so much information. An excellent investment!”

Cristin B.

“Absolutely brilliant.”

Sheryl J.

“Have only been through the first 5 videos of the shoots, and just amazing! Love how Richard explained the lighting and reasoning behind them. I have a question pertaining to the tub shoots. What were the tubs that you used and the material to hold the water in (the black and the blue material)? Can't wait to get into the next videos!!!”

Kevin T.

“The first 7 minutes of the Color Adjustment and Compositing portion of this series has changed my workflow forever. I can't wait to start creating using these the techniques Richard Wood is sharing!”

Alana L.