Newborn photograph by Elena Blair

Newborn and Maternity Lifestyle Photography by Elena Blair

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Learn Elena’s “baby led” style of newborn photography where the infants are never put into unnatural poses, rarely leave their parents’ arms, and most important of all, are SAFE! You’ll also see how Elena gets to know the family at the maternity shoot. And, the only gear you’ll need is your camera.

Included in this Bundle:

Learn how to create natural, simple, timeless, newborn and maternity photos that transcend any industry trends. 

In this course, Elena teaches you her style of Newborn and Maternity photography called “Lifestyle,” which focuses on human connection over perfection. Almost all of Elena’s maternity clients also book newborn shoots, so Elena includes a maternity shoot in this newborn-centric course, so that you can see firsthand how to use a maternity shoot to get to know the whole family before entering the intimate setting of their home after they’ve just welcomed a newborn.

Elena’s style of newborn photography is “baby led.” She never puts babies into unnatural positions, and they rarely leave their parents’ arms. Most important of all, this method is SAFE! Having spent ten years as a Newborn Intensive Care Nurse, newborn safety is paramount on Elena’s priority list.

The only thing you need to execute this style of newborn photography is your camera. That’s it! You’ll learn how to create beautiful newborn photographs without any artificial light, reflectors, posing aids, or props, and the entire session is done in the family’s home. 

You’ll get to see Elena photograph one maternity session and three newborns from start to finish. You’ll hear EXACTLY what she says and see EXACTLY how she works with real clients.

You’ll also see Elena’s culling process for each session, so you can see what the images look like straight out of camera, as well as be able to pause the culling video to see her settings on any of the photos you see. 

Finally, you’ll get access to the completely edited galleries as well, so you can see exactly what was delivered to the client.