The Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection


Photoshop can be confusing and overwhelming to photographers because it’s full of many powerful tools. In The Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection, four amazing instructors demystify the powerful tools of the 2021 Photoshop for you.




Included in this Bundle:


1. How to set up Photoshop workflows Like a Pro from start to finish

Four Photoshop Masters give you tips for setting up your workspace and lead you through their editing processes, telling you what they do when and why.

2. How to re-conceptualize DODGE & BURN so you can use it like never before

3. A whole new way to think about MASKING

Lisa Carney challenges your thinking on what masking can accomplish, teaching you multiple ways to accomplish different types of masking, depending on your budget, time, and needs.


1. Practice images

All 7 images used in the course – 3 by Sue Bryce and 4 by Jared Platt -- so that you can follow along and have hands on learning as you practice

2. Photoshop Masking PDF

A Comprehensive Guide to Masking in Photoshop -- Complete with Definitions, Diagrams, Shortcuts, and How-To’s

3. Beauty and Skin Retouching PDFs

2 Multi-Page PDFs All about Beauty and Skin Retouching

4. Dodge & Burn Toolkit

Actions for Dodge & Burn Layers + Quick Automated Dodge & Burn for Light Skin + Quick Automated Dodge & Burn for Dark Skin

5. Set of Brushes

A Set of Brushes Made for Painting Hair

Photoshop is massively powerful software, and there is always something new to discover within it.
In The Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection four amazing instructors teach you the perspectives and methods that can help you take your Photoshop mastery to the next level.

“Photoshop is a very capable, very strong, very powerful tool, and you need to know how to use it if you're going to take portraits, edit those portraits, and perfect them."

–Jared Platt


Pratik Naik – Skin Retouching


Lisa Carney – Masking & Using 2021 Photoshop


Kristina Sherk – Dodge & Burn


Jared Platt – Startup Photoshop Retouching

The Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection

Pratik Naik takes you through a one-hour workflow, showing you everything he does when he fixes skin and even gives you tips for setting up your workspace.

Lisa Carney challenges you to “think differently” about masking, giving you a whole new perspective on masking and many different ways to use this technique with a special emphasis on hair.

Kristina Sherk teaches you all about the whys and whats of dodge and burn, digging deep into how you can use just this one tool to make an image absolutely fabulous.

And Jared Platt teaches simple techniques with simple tools so that you can fix hair, skin, skies, and dresses quickly and easily.