The Studio Lighting Guide

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For 20 years Sue Bryce has mastered natural light using only a camera and daylight and 95% of the time that’s inside “studio portraits” so one window one reflector one camera and she came to learn she loves one subject, just her and a person she can connect with and capture.

This basic lighting guide walks you through Sue’s 7 favorite lighting setups. From mastering indoor natural light to the magic of backlight, mixing strobe and natural and how one strobe portraits is my obsession.


  • Sue’s 7 favorite lighting setups
  • 40 pages of instruction & gorgeous images to help you conquer natural light in any space
  • Master backlight, mixing strobes, one strobe, one window, mixed light and more

1 Reviews

“I love this Studio Light Guide as it is so easy to follow and to understand. I love it as it gives me a sense of peace especialy when I need to refer to it quickly. Thank you Sue Bryce.”

Simona S.