Book Clients with Instagram: A Portrait Photographer’s Guide to Instagram

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Do you want to spend less time at networking events and instead book clients from the comfort of your home?

When you learn to market on Instagram, you open a field of possibility for increasing your visibility and reach, attracting new clients, and warming up your current network, all from the comfort of home. 


Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

6 Hrs, 47 Mins

47 Videos

Lifetime Streaming Access

You get lifetime streaming access to this course on The Portrait Masters website


1. How to Turn Your Instagram Profile Into a Digital Business Card

You’ll learn how to edit each part of your profile to make it optimally express your brand, making you look like a pro when current clients and new contacts stop by to check you out.

2. How to use Curate Your Content so that It attracts The Right Type of Client

Ashleigh explains what types of posts attract the most attention, and she gives you tons of ideas for topics to cover that your clients will love.

3. How to Make The Most of Instagram’s Video Features To Help You Make Sales

People are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it, so you definitely want to get on board with making video content about your product and service. There are four types of video content you can make on Instagram. Ashleigh teaches you how to make each one and gives you extensive tutorials and resources on making Reels, which Instagram’s algorithms favor the most.

4. How to Generate Leads and Book Clients Right on The App

Making sales online is just like making sales in person with a few key differences. Ashleigh has been using Instagram for her business for over 6 years, and she has really perfected the art of making connections with potential clients through Instagram Stories and booking using DMs (direct messaging). She takes you through all the ways she is successful with this so that you can be, too!


Workbooks & Templates

IG Marketing Playbook: A Workbook to Plan Content & Implement Strategies that Sell PDF
DM Sales Script Template & Examples PDF
Content Calendar PDF

These three printable PDFs walk you through creating your content strategy and mapping it out. The DM Sales Script teaches you how to sell through direct messages (DMs), walking you through the most common conversations you’ll have over DM so that you can rehearse to sell like a pro.

IG Resource Tools & How To Library

IG Resource Tools to 'Gram Like a Pro PDF
27 How To Video Tutorials

Ashleigh provides you with a handy resource PDF covering everything from equipment to apps, so you have what you need to follow along in the course. The How To Library has 27 tutorial videos on everything from updating your profile to how to edit together some of the most popular types of Reels.

Prompts & Ideas

30 Reel Prompts & Empowering Songs to Use in Your Reels PDF
30 Instagram Story Ideas to Help Get on Camera Without Fear PDF
36 Hooks & Headlines for Your Post Topics & Captions PDF

Ashleigh wants you to have what you need to hit the ground running, so she has provided you with these three amazing PDFs, which are chock full of topics proven to be of interest to portrait photography clients. You’ll have loads of interesting ideas to work with, links to popular audio, and step-by-step instructions on how to get started creating great content for your Instagram profile.

Instagram is a popular app where you can make new contacts and build relationships with potential clients and referral partners. Ashleigh teaches you how to keep the social in social media, how to make high-quality content, and how to harness the Instagram algorithm to get more eyes on your content. By following her 4-step method, you have the potential to save time, warm up your existing followers, and make new contacts. Are you ready to expand your online presence and scale up your business all from the comfort of home?

"I know for many of us. . . we just feel overwhelmed and like we don't have enough time to do it all…I am going to show you how you can actually be the most effective with your time and still have results on Instagram even if you're very busy running your business." –Ashleigh Taylor


Get Clients on Instagram


Your Profile and More: Branding Your Profile to Sell


Hashtags and More: Creating Engaging Posts


Leverage the Power of Moving Images: Why You Need Video


Make Sales Happen


Combatting Overwhelm


How To Library: Reels


How To Library: Tech

Do you want to spend less time at networking events and instead book clients from the comfort of your home?

Many photographers know they should be doing more on Instagram, but it has so many features that it can feel overwhelming to even get started. Ashleigh’s 4-part Instagram Marketing System is a recipe for Instagram success. She will help you get a handle on all that Instagram has to offer with in-depth tutorials that teach you how to make your profile impressive and how to create content your clients will love. She also teaches you, clearly and simply, how to use Instagram’s video features, so you can have a wider reach, generate leads, and even book clients right in app.

Ashleigh’s Instagram course adapts commonsense marketing know-how to the digital world and lets you know just where to focus your energy to get the most bang for your buck on Instagram. 

2 Reviews

“This is a must! Ashleigh breaks it down and explains it so simply, and with her fun personality, it's so easy to consume the information and learn it. I was a little intimidated by IGTV and Reels, etc., but now I have the confidence to do it. After finishing this course, I've got a plan and have already started implementing and can see results. Ashleigh is a great teacher and has a wealth of knowledge and passion for online marketing. I cannot recommend this enough. Thank you so much, Ashleigh, for sharing your knowledge and passion with us!”

Judith H.

“I just finished all of the videos and I am feeling like I can really hit the ground running and make my Instagram amazing. Everything is explained really simply and there is nothing in here that I can't implement. Thanks Ashleigh! x”

Angela P.