The Business of Fashion Photography

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After the success of her first course with the Portrait Masters, The Fashion Series, globally acclaimed fashion photographer, Lara Jade is back with arguably the most comprehensive business and marketing course available to aspiring fashion and commercial photographers. Step into the world of a New York fashion photographer and discover everything that goes into building success in the fashion and commercial industries. Learn More.


Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

11 Hrs, 38 Mins

of comprehensive education centered around business and marketing to grow your sales.


This series is fully downloadable so you can watch on the go.

56 Videos

Watch them in order or skip around so you can learn at your own pace.

What You’ll Learn


Business Fundamentals

Set your business up for success by learning all of Lara’s tips and tricks when it comes to pricing your work, quoting your services, and invoicing clients. Learn the ins-and-outs of licensing and usage of your images, where to look for legal help, setting up the best systems for your taxes, and how to manage your income. Once you have these structures in place, you can confidently start on your journey to becoming a profitable photographer.

Lessons in this module

01:04 Introduction
14:46 Finding Your Creative Voice
09:07 Am I Good Enough?
13:44 The Importance of Portfolio Building
30:35 Pricing Your Work
05:29 Diversifying Your Revenue Streams
25:49 Estimating Expenses
03:30 Basics of Copyrights
36:20 Licensing & Syndication
17:20 Shoot Contracts & Model Releases
09:53 Invoicing
09:07 Scheduling
05:20 Registering Your Business
05:44 Photography Insurance
16:08 Money Mangement & Taxes
13:22 Outsourcing
42:23 Commerical vs Editorial Shoot Process
14:14 Working as a Photo Assistant & Digital Tech

Includes 13 Downloads

zip Call Sheet - Basic
zip Call Sheet - Larger Production
pdf Shoot Timeline - Small Production
pdf Shoot Timeline - Large Production
zip Production Checklist
mp4 Business Fundamentals - High Definition - Part 1
mp4 Business Fundamentals - High Definition - Part 2
mp4 Business Fundamentals - High Definition - Part 3
mp4 Business Fundamentals - High Definition - Part 4
mp4 Business Fundamentals - Low Definition - Part 1
mp4 Business Fundamentals - Low Definition - Part 2
mp4 Business Fundamentals - Low Definition - Part 3
mp4 Business Fundamentals - Low Definition - Part 4

Marketing Fundamentals

Your marketing strategy should be as creative as your photography – if not more! In this segment, Lara lets you in on all of her marketing secrets in the fashion and commercial industries. Learn how to find and pitch to your target clients, build your industry contact database, understand which steps you need to take to get your work published, and master the art of sending a cold email. Start executing these crucial marketing methods and watch your opportunities double!

Lessons in this module

01:13 Introduction
07:33 Branding
04:56 Rebranding Your Business
19:55 Building A Successful Website
11:32 Identifying Your Target Client
13:49 Building Your Industry Contact Database
12:16 Editorial Work Leads to Commercial Work
42:55 Marketing Your Work
20:01 Getting Published
12:50 Photo Agents and Representatives
08:51 Blogging
10:45 Curating Your Portfolio

Includes 6 Downloads

mp4 Marketing Fundamentals - High Definition - Part 1
mp4 Marketing Fundamentals - High Definition - Part 2
mp4 Marketing Fundamentals - High Definition - Part 3
mp4 Marketing Fundamentals - Low Definition - Part 1
mp4 Marketing Fundamentals - Low Definition - Part 2
mp4 Marketing Fundamentals - Low Definition - Part 3

Social Media Marketing

In the modern fashion and commercial industry, social media is arguably the most important tool when marketing your work and services. In this segment, Lara takes you through her favorite social platforms and gives you direct insight on how to effectively use them to maximize your brand awareness, identify your target market, research potential clients, find and engage with your teams, and build an engaged audience. Don’t let the vast sea of social media overwhelm you – Lara’s tips will give you the excitement you need to utilize these platforms to work for you!

Lessons in this module

01:19 Introduction
06:39 Social Media: A Photographer in a Digital World
16:20 Instagram - The Visual Platform
12:12 Facebook - It's About The Community
06:11 Twitter For Photographers
08:57 Pinterest - The Digital Moodboard
20:29 The Power of LinkedIn

Includes 4 Downloads

mp4 Social Media Marketing - High Definition - Part 1
mp4 Social Media Marketing - High Definition - Part 2
mp4 Social Media Marketing - Low Definition - Part 1
mp4 Social Media Marketing - Low Definition - Part 2

Small Market, Big Profit

“If I’m not based in NYC, London, or Paris, can I still become a successful fashion photographer?” YES! In this segment, discover how to market your work in a smaller market to attain a big profit! Showcase the value of what you can provide as a fashion photographer, learn how to work with local brands and influencers, and utilize Facebook ads to maximize your reach. You don’t have to live in one of the fashion capitals-of-the-world to reach your fullest potential, use Lara’s techniques to build your foundation and achieve your long-term goals.

Lessons in this module

00:48 Introduction
30:07 Small Market, Big Profit
18:21 Using Facebook Ads to Raise Awareness
04:14 Cross Platform Marketing
11:02 Pricing in a Small Market

Includes 4 Downloads

mp4 Small Market, Big Profit - High Definition - Part 1
mp4 Small Market, Big Profit - High Definition - Part 2
mp4 Small Market, Big Profit - Low Definition - Part 1
mp4 Small Market, Big Profit - Low Definition - Part 2

Brand Collaboration Photoshoot

Watch as Lara puts the methods described in the Marketing Fundamentals into action during this collaboration shoot with fashion brand, Danielle Frankel. Learn the importance of doing a collaboration shoot like this to maximize exposure, expand your audience, and build a mutually beneficial relationship with a brand for years to come.

Lessons in this module

01:17 Introduction
17:34 Brand Collaboration Photoshoot - Look 1
17:08 Brand Collaboration Photoshoot - Look 2

Includes 2 Downloads

mp4 Brand Collaboration - High Definition -
mp4 Brand Collaboration - Low Definition -

Home Studio Photoshoot

Step into Lara’s home studio and watch her create stunning fashion images in her living room! Learn all of her tips for shooting at home, how to utilize your space and make it work effectively when you don’t have a studio space of your own. Don’t forget to download her recommended list of equipment to get you started in your own home studio!

Lessons in this module

00:36 Introduction
21:39 Home Studio - Look 1
07:42 Home Studio - Look 2
09:31 Home Studio - Look 3

Includes 4 Downloads

pdf Home Studio EQ List - Starter
pdf Home Studio EQ List - Advanced
mp4 Home Studio Photoshoot - High Definition -
mp4 Home Studio Photoshoot - Low Definition -

Influencer Photoshoot

Watch an exciting photoshoot with an Instagram influencer, Khrystyana (@khrystyana) on a Manhattan rooftop! Learn the benefits of shooting with an influencer like creating variety in your marketing portfolio, maximizing exposure for you and your team, and building a relationship to expand your industry contacts.

Lessons in this module

01:11 Introduction
03:18 Influencer Shoot - Look 1, NYC Rooftop
09:32 Influencer Shoot - Look 2, Indoor Studio
05:32 Influencer Shoot - Look 3, NYC Rooftop
19:24 Glam Talks

Includes 2 Downloads

mp4 Influencer Photoshoot - High Definition -
mp4 Influencer Photoshoot - Low Definition -

30 Day Challenge

Now it’s time to put all of Lara’s strategies and techniques into action! In this final segment, Lara gives you a 30-day challenge to start implementing everything you’ve learned in your own business. Post your insight and results in Lara’s private Facebook group, stay connected with others in the industry, and start reaching your long-term goals.

Lessons in this module

00:24 Introduction
06:33 30 Day Challenge

Includes 2 Downloads

mp4 30 Day Challenge - High Definition -
mp4 30 Day Challenge - Low Definition -

After the success of her first course with the Portrait Masters, The Fashion Series, globally acclaimed fashion photographer, Lara Jade is back with arguably the most comprehensive business and marketing course available to aspiring fashion and commercial photographers. Step into the world of a New York fashion photographer and discover everything that goes into building success in the fashion and commercial industries.

This extensive series takes you through business set-up, pricing your work, licensing and usage, and identifying your potential clients. Master the art of cold-emailing, pitching your work, and getting published. Build your industry contacts using Lara’s most effective methods, and utilize her social media strategies to take your brand to the next level. If you don’t live in a fashion-capital-of-the-world, you can still use Lara’s techniques to achieve your goals in a small market – and earn a big profit in doing so! Then watch as Lara implements all of her teachings in three photoshoots: The first is a collaboration shoot with fashion brand, Danielle Frankel. Second, a home studio shoot where Lara and her team create stunning images in her living room. Last, an exciting photoshoot with an Instagram influencer, Khrystyana on a Manhattan rooftop! Once you’ve completed the course, start your journey with Lara’s 30-day challenge, post your insight and results in her Facebook group, and connect with photographers around the world who are building their businesses.

Your business techniques and marketing strategies should be as creative as your photography – if not, more! Set yourself up for success by utilizing Lara’s systems, increase your opportunities, reach your longterm goals and build the business you’ve always wanted!


Is this class available to download?

Yes, all class content is available for download. Just select the course you want to download and scroll down until you see the downloadable file on the right.

Who is the course suitable for?

Photographers wanting to explore more of the commercial side of the industry – specifically fashion photographers, commercial photographers & portrait photographers looking to expand their marketing in the advertising industry.

Are you looking to get published? Pitch and email your work to photo editors, art buyers, creative directors and specific brands? Learn more about licensing images and production? Get better business knowledge including contracts, money management and have a better understanding of how to price your work? Are you located in a smaller market but struggling to get noticed and get paid for your work? Then this course is for you!

How is this course different to The Fashion Series?

The Fashion Series covered the creative side of the industry – giving you an insight into fundamentals on lighting, posing and styling as well as sharing my creative process in the challenge videos.

This new series covers many sections under the ‘business’ umbrella. I listened to your feedback after the first series and so many of you were keen to learn more about business & marketing techniques.

There is 3 inspirational shoots in this series but they are all approached with a business mindset – showing you that YOU can be creative and love what you’re shooting but also run a profitable business.

Will I learn more about pricing in this course?

Absolutely! I know this is always a big question! In the Business Fundamentals section – you’ll find a section called ‘Pricing Your Work’. This section breaks down pricing ‘know how’ in the industry including standard rates, help with finding a base rate, shoot estimates and knowing your worth in the industry you are in. If you are interested in learning more about pricing – you’ll also find the ‘Diversifying Your Revenue Streams’ section quite helpful.

Will I learn more about getting my work published in this course?

In the Marketing Section – I cover ‘Getting Published’ in depth. This is an important part of marketing your work as a commercial and fashion photographer. I’ll be covering why it’s important to get published, understanding the submission/commission/spec terminology and how to find the right magazine & contact at the publication. I will also be giving you tips and tricks on how to contact those key people!

You mentioned a Facebook Group - how do I access this?

The main Facebook Group can be accessed by anyone interested in learning more about Lara’s education series (both this series and The Fashion Series) and can be accessed here.

62 Reviews

“Thank you so much for creating your business of fashion photography course. I bought it today(my second of yours) and have been completely blown away by all the valuable information you’ve provided. Even the first two introductory videos sparked so many ideas and thoughts that my brain has been buzzing all day! Your approach to work and your mindset resonate with me. Thank you again for all your hard work and for being an amazing role model in the industry <3”

Yana K.

“A worthwhile investment for your photo career. As someone who is just starting out in the industry, this course provides a detailed insight into what is needed to run a fashion photography business. It gets into the nitty gritty stuff that no one talks about, like insurance, invoices, taxes, etc. This is the not-so-creative stuff that we as artists often like to ignore, but ultimately the most important info to know when trying to run a profitable business. The most important thing I learned was figuring out my day rate, and how to quote clients when they approach me. This course provides you with an equation to figure out your day rate, as well as examples of spreadsheets when quoting clients. I had been confused and lost for soo long, this was really a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Sumi S.

“This course has a wealth of information from the detailed content to the amazing images and setups. It is comprehensive and I learned so much through watching and taking notes. Lara simplifies each lesson so that it is understandable for anyone from beginner to master. Thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the shoots. Great job and well worth the money!”

Gina D.

“Wow! She is very thorough! Not only has she answered so many of my questions but when new questions arise, they are often shortly answered a few minutes later. I only wish I had mindfulness to come across this sooner. Curious, is there a members facebook group out there, or forum where we can discuss ideas?”

Christopher-Paul T.

“I am half way through the course and it is so comprehensive, it has resolved so many questions I had about the business side of photography. I cannot thank Lara enough, I am looking forward to finishing the course and putting it into practice. Cheers!”

Andres L.

“Just finished watching the whole series, and I look forward to put everything I learned into action. Thank you Lara for this!????✨”


“Always been a huge fan of Lara Jade. The information given here is something you can hardly find on youtube or browsing for free on the internet. Lara teaches us the things that could only be learned otherwise through years of experience and trial and error. (which of course, means you would have to make lots of errors in the industry before you gain this sort of knowledge, which is why this course is so helpful) It has already given me pages of notes and information, and I'm not yet finished yet. well worth the investment!”

Alicia M.

“Lara Jade is amazing and this course is incredible! So much valuable information. Money well invested. Highly recommend!”

Renata O.

“Five stars (A couple more if I could!) I've been through the entire course several times, taken notes, and really appreciate the way all the information is presented: Clearly, logically, with expertise without being pedantic at all. The best part for me is that I planned to use it to help a pivot from dance photography to fashion, but I find a lot of the business concepts translate to dance photography; that helps expand my client base; valuable in times like these.”

Mark S.

“FIVE STARS! I have nothing but praise for this course and of course Lara Jade. The amount of content she teaches is beyond amazing and especially for this price. There are so many photographers who charge THOUSANDS of dollars for courses like this, but Lara has everything laid out within this course for such a great price! She breaks down everything in such an easy way for a beginner or a photographer in a completely different industry to understand. It was also very helpful during quarantine as well. It kept me occupied and inspired me to go further than I imagined for my own business. I am absolutely thankful I came across this course and purchased it because I can assure you it has definitely taught me things I would have never found elsewhere. Thank you so much to Lara & Portrait Masters!”

Millie E.

“AWESOME INVESTMENT!!! I've viewed and used the suggestions provided through Lara's Business of Fashion Photography series to advance my fashion and beauty work. So much so I had in 2020 no less than 3 publications and one cover including and 8 page spread. For me this was a great boost of confidence in striving to improve my work! Investing in yourself is key to your success, whether going "Pro" or striving to raise your personal development. It's all about what you can do to make your "Brand" stand out! Many thanks Lara!”

Rick H.

“BEST COURSE EVER! For a long time I was in doubt wether to buy this course. Now I've finished to whole course, I don't regret it and I'm really happy I invested in this. What I really appreciate, is the honesty of Lara when it comes to pricing. For a beginning fashion photographer it is really hard to get an idea of what is "normal" for the industry. The section about pricing for both commercial and editorial work, was very comprehensive. Besides learning a lot of fundamentals, it was great to see Lara working on various shoots, to get an idea of how she is on set and how she comes to a result. Really thankful for the existence of this course.”

Chantal v.

“This course has unequivocally changed my career. I was already a relatively developed photographer, but I needed a couple of extra tools with marketing and etiquette, and this course has pushed my career forward in a way I couldn't have dreamed. Lara is clear and concise in her explanation of topics - everything she talks about is easy to understand and implement. You NEED this course as much as you need the Fashion Lighting course. GET IT. You won't be sorry.”

Amelia D.

“Definitely a lot of value for the price. Love the course and watched some parts twice. A lot of questions answered and tons of information you can't get from other people in the industry. Thanks lara for sharing those information with us”

Arezoo J.

“Lara Jade's "The Business of Fashion Photography" is an incredible investment for any photographer looking to move their personal photography business into the commercial/fashion industry. Rarely are photographers open to sharing their experiences, the reality of the industry, and how to market themselves effectively. Lara has done so in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply! I highly recommend this series to any photographer of any skill level! This series has something for everyone to learn!”

Chantal S.

“As usual, Lara is brilliant, easy to follow, and absolutely generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge to benefit other photographers. I'm very happy to have purchased this course and will be applying about 98% of what she teaches here into my business. (Not interested in influencers so skipping that part).”

Sandra A.

“This course is clear, in-depth, concise and inspiring. Lara takes you through each step at a great pace and covers all the vital points of being in business as a fashion photographer. I'm loving every step of the way. Thank you Lara!”

Elyn A.

“This course saved me during lockdown! I lost all of my photography work and I was starting to lack confidence in my abilities. Lara’s course made me see the business side of my profession. I have never learnt so much about the logistics of business in my life! Lara has so many tips and tricks up her sleeves, which she is more than happy to share on the course. This course inspired me to look at my business in a completely different light. Instead of being comfortable with the way my business was going, I now strive to push it further than I ever imagined. Lara gives you confidence to push your abilities plus endless ways to break into the fashion photography industry. I have just purchased The Fashion Series, after being so impressed with this course. It’s the best money I have ever spent on my business! I would recommend this to ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS! Thank you Lara!”

Sophie Marie-Louise K.

“I'm blown away by how much learning material is in this course. Even though I am a wedding and portrait photographer I still have found this course invaluable as I discover how to work with publications and diversify my business, pricing, copyrights etc. Lara is an excellent teacher who really works to demystify the industry and its inner workings that can be so confusing and overwhelming. I'm super grateful for this resource. Thank you Lara for creating this content with care for photographers of all levels and experience, and for particularly encouraging us to value ourselves and our work.”

Sarah D.

“Lara really helps pull back the curtain on breaking into an industry that often feels closed off to newcomers. Having this info when I'm pivoting to more fashion/beauty vs. weddings is truly invaluable. I'm tackling the 30 Day Challenge now and am so excited to start growing this branch of my business! Thanks Lara!!!”

Shannon G.

“Lara is so insightful and very transparent. I've been confused about how to navigate and approach fashion photography in so many avenues like pricing, publication and marketing. I've searched countless online courses and classes but Lara's is the by far the BEST one because she aligns with my goals and location. She dives into detail when she discusses contracts and pricing and now I price and create my contracts based on her models. I just booked two shoots during my time learning this course and have applied the knowledge from this course to booking my clients. This course was such a good investment and I'm SO happy I did it, it's one of the smartest things I have done as a photographer to excel my dreams and goals. Thank you Lara!!!”

Caitlyn G.

“I just finished the course on The Business of Fashion Photography! Lara breaks down every detail about the business to make this course worth every penny. Whether you are new or been in the business for several years, this course is designed for everyone. This investment has helped me build a stronger foundation for my photography and gain more confidence,respect, and value in my craft. Thank you Lara for your dedication to inspire and motivate us all in this industry! - Jessica”

Jessica D.

“If there is one course you should invest in, hands down it is the Business of Fashion Photography. Lara goes into great detail on the business side of photography, breaking everything down into sections and carefully explains all processes and reasoning behind those processes. She is so informative about everything, it's almost overwhelimg - you'll probably watch and re-watch every section to really take it all in. This course doesn't only teach you the ins and outs of the business, but it also teaches you how to value yourself; watching this course has really increased my own confidence in my ability, and the steps that I am taking to reach goals. I highly recommend this course, it is absolutely the best investment to help build your career whether that is in Fashion or in any other genre of photography. Thank you Lara!! - Viktoriya”

Viktoriya B.

“I just started this course and I must say greatest decision I ever made. You don’t find information like this anywhere. Thank you Lara for creating this course! I can’t wait to learn so much more !!”

Jenna F.

“I just finished the Business of fashion photography course. The best course I have ever invested in. Lara doesn't skim over the topics, she breaks down each and everyone of them. I could have saved myself many sleepless nights and a lot of money if this course was available 12 years ago. Whether you are just starting out or been in the business for many years, I highly recommend the investment.”

Ian M.

“This is hands down the best thing I've invested in in my career. The amount of information Lara provided here is almost overwhelming, I had to re-visit most sections multiple times in order to make the most out of them. Will recommend it to everyone I know who's looking to start out in fashion photography.”

Van N.

“Great course, very good structure, lots of useful information and actual examples i.e. e-mail templates, excel sheets. Great investment and lots of action points after watching it! Also a very helpful community in Lara's Facebook group so all the remaining questions will be answered there! Highly recommend! :)”

Julija Z.

“Such a good class. I haven't really seen any course (online and in-person) that covers everything that Lara did. What I love the most about this course is that Lara didn't just talk about those topics she also dissected it and gave applicable steps on how to execute them.”

Noah A.

“This course has changed the way I see myself in this industry and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. I learned so many aspects that I had entirely no idea about prior. I’ve put many of those things into action and already have more high end clients and a strong brand presence I would’ve never had otherwise. I cannot wait to see where my career goes from here! Thank you so much Lara!”

Ryan K.

“I have found this course to be beyond incredible! Lara is amazing at going over every single thing you would need to set yourself up for success as a photographer. You can learn so much from it, no matter what lever you're at. She gives a very clear outline within each module, walks you through it all step by step and gives very useful advice. Best investment I have ever made! Thank you Lara!”

Jagoda P.

“I was lucky to get this course as a present and I'm so happy I have it!!! I love how detailed it is! Oftentimes you have an idea, but don't know where to even start, how to pull it together and what to do with it after all. I'm new in fashion photography and for someone like me this course is pure Gold! In my next project I took in account all tips learned from Lara and it helped me to get into two publications as a result. Boom!”

Irina J.

“This course is well worth the investment! I was feeling stuck and almost ready to give up on photography, but this course has helped me feel inspired again and confident in moving forward and approaching new clients. There's so much valuable information in this course, especially when it comes to pricing your work and marketing yourself. I also have Lara's Fashion Series course, and I highly recommend purchasing both of them—the information in each course complements the other and offers a well-rounded foundation for any photographer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Lara! You're a wonderful educator.”

Meaghan B.

“Thank you so much Lara! I am thrilled to learn more from you and I already start to understand the industry so much better. Can't wait for everything that's still coming. Thanks so much for putting your heart in this. With lots of love, Miriam”

Miriam K.

“This investment is definitely worth it! The Business Fundamentals includes so many interesting and groundbreaking information which isn’t only important for fashion photographers, it‘s perfect for the whole photographer industry. I had so many aha moments so far and can‘t wait to check out the final chapters. This workshop is really special and a phenomenal value for price. All the best from Germany & thank you so much, Corina”

Corina B.

“I'm going through the first part (Business Fundamentals) and I'm fascinated by all the great information Lara gives. It's detailed, really useful and realistic. I'm loving this course, it's -by far- the best purchase I've ever made this year. I can't wait to keep going through the rest of the content! 100% recommended.”

Paloma B.

“Sitting down to my very first video right now! I have mapped out my entire month and have incorporated this education into each day. I am so excited to watch a course. I'll report back in a month! <3”

Nola L.

“I can say for sure that this course it’s one of the best investments I did in my journey as a photographer! I am giving my first steps towards my professionalization and I’ve been looking for inside information about the photography fashion industry for a while and was very difficult for me to find it. I couldn’t find anything online that gave me information enough to help me to create a plan about where to start. After a long time researching, I decided to invest in this course, and honestly, it just feels like I already saved myself from a lot of mistakes I would probably make in terms of business establishment and saved time as well. For my point of view, it doesn’t matter if you are already in the market or starting, like me, this course will be a good fit for you! Lara gives a lot of tips and insights for people who are more advanced in their business as well. Particularly, I can’t wait to start implementing all her tips! All the doubts I had so far she answered directly at the FB group, and for what I notice she often posts videos answering more complex questions that people send as well!”

Amanda B.

“I've done previous courses on the business of fashion photography, and I still found a lot of valuable and practical information in this course that I haven't seen elsewhere ( Such as: Basics of copyright, Pricing your work - specifically the reference of general commercial creative rates - , Licensing & Syndication, Registering your business, Photography Insurance, Building a success website, Social Media Marketing in Pinterest, Facebook Ads for Small Market Big Profit, and Home studio). Love the structure of the course, I feel it flows naturally through each module/area of our business, making it easier to implement changes, and also Lara's teaching style and general approach to fashion photography. I highly recommend purchasing it, specially if you haven't done any previous courses on business!”

Amaia D.

“I am 40+% done with the course. I might go as far as, this course might be the only business-related course you need to speed up your business as a fashion photographer. Furthermore, Lara knows how to keep your attention. Her teaching and course delivery is extremely effective even for people with ADHD (that is me). A must buy and implement course for anyone who wants to turn fashion photography into a business.”

Sohail C.

“Lara obviously put a ton of effort into this course and it really shows. It's really amazing how much information she packed into this and it's clear, concise and she explains things in a way that makes sense. Really appreciate how she doesn't gloss over important information regarding marketing! Normally it feels like photographers hoard information yet Lara is giving us SO much. Thanks Lara!”

Ella B.

“Where are the six stars when you need them? I'm a long-time photographer but only recently decided to pursue fashion and beauty photography as a full-time gig. The wealth of information Lara offers is truly incredible. And yes, it is different than watching 100 different videos on Youtube and trying to figure things out this way. Lara is to the point, speaks clearly, and makes sure the content doesn't get boring or repetitive. Besides admiring her photography, I know also admire her skills as a scholar. Many thanks, Nils ( <-- Yes, always put the name out there. You don't know who's reading ;-)”

Nils D.

“I'm halfway through the course right now and I just wanna say that this is the best money I spent on photography education, Period. Lara is giving much of her own resources, tools, processes, that it almost feels like It's almost too much. Not only that but she also makes everything super smooth and easy to understand, I've been taking notes like crazy! Thank you Lara, so so much for taking the time and willing to share all of this with us. You are truly amazing and inspiring”

Natalia. N.

“I totally agree, this course is fantastic. It is very inspiring and easy to watch and listen. I would recommend every photographer to buy this course. There is so much topics Lara shares.”

Miranda K.

“This course is fantastic! I’m astonished by amount of practical information shared in here and I highly recommend to any photographer working her/his way in fashion. Lara really goes in depth into the subject and gives extremely valuable insights into our business. She is also not afraid to speak about pricing - the subject that somehow nobody wants to touch upon. And it’s so important to all of us to understand it properly and avoid common mistakes, like undercharging. Just recently I’ve pitched to the potential client and thanks to Lara’s tips in this course - I’ve managed to estimate & negotiate the price successfully and go through the process with professional confidence.”

Marta M.

“Lara is one of those rare talents that is also extremely generous with her experiences and transparent in her process. In an industry known to lack many of those elements, Lara exercises it everywhere she goes. I took her workshop two years ago in NY and it fundamentally changed how I see, how I plan/produce, and execute. This series is deeply layered with wisdom, processes, and ideas that you can remix to your own use. Every photographer, regardless if you're in fashion or not, should take this. My work, and in turn, the quality of clients, changed in just a year. I owe so much of what I know to Lara.”

Paul J.

“First, Lara Jade is an outstanding photographer, her work is breathtaking. Any one that has the opportunity to participate in any of Lara's course offerings will be better for it I think. I wish this course was available when I was starting out in the industry. The amount of information and transparency Lara gives is invaluable, I highly recommend this course!!”

Keith B.

“WOW! What a course! I'm blown away at the amount of information Lara has shared! This is so helpful to know exactly what to do and how to do it. Thank you Lara and team!! I've learned so much and can't wait to put it into practice!!”

Denise M.

“This has got to be the best business course I have ever bought.. Learned so much from this, and are slowly building my business in the fashion industry, and with confidence, from all the pointers and help you get through this course.. Well worth it”

Daniel H.

“I'm always blown away by Lara's knowledge about the fashion industry and creative field and this course is no exception. Such a great course with so much valuable information, it's definitely worth purchasing! Thank you Lara :)”

Marissa A.

“One of the best value and investment I’ve seen lately for photography and business educational series. This is perfect for what I am needing to help starting out my business - practical tools workflows and examples are the best! Thank you Lara.”

Francis N.

“I can't thank you enough for all the hard work that you do and the valuable information you are so kind enough to openly share. Watching the segments over and over again has been so valuable and contains so much information. I can't recommend you enough Lara.”

Paolo A.

“I would recommend this course to everyone. Lara gives so many in this course, all the tips fashion and not only, photographer should know. And its just time saver!”

jolie z.

“Superb course on Fashion and Beauty photography. Lara Jade is phenomenal in her instruction, mentorship and no-fluff business of fashion photography course coverage. The course covers broad to specific concepts, utilizing real-world experience, a template for any photographer looking to break in and break out of the business. I can't recommend this course enough - it's well worth the investment and look forward to reaping the benefits. Kudos to Lara for being so comprehensive, honest and authentic.”

Kit T.

“If you ever had a questions if you are good enough, if you charging too much or too low, how much pro earn and how much you should charge, how to send an emails, submissions, which person and mag contact, if social media marketing was a big question mark for you and any question you may have, you definitely find in this course, and if you don’t find it, I am sure Lara will answer it. She is most kind and beautiful person l ever met, not just in the industry. She is not covering or hiding anything, she is really here for us to help, not for money. Thats my opinion and this course for me worth every penny!!!! Thank you Lara!”

Zuzana V.

“I am not going to lie saying that I bought this series hoping to find the solution to a few problems I was facing in my career. I am more than happy to say that not only I found some answers but it even enlightened me on some grey areas of this world. So if you are here reading through the comments and have any doubts about buying it or not, well, put those money here and BE. READY. TO. LEARN. Because it is three days I have this course and I am re-watching it again due to the load of informations it has inside.”

Caterina G.

“I was one of the students at Lara’s workshop in London last august. I was saying to everybody that it was the best workshop I have ever attended. So when the fashion series came up...I asked myself, what else can she bring to the table? And you did so much more ! Unbelievable. Now Im very very hapy with the bussiness series. Your are a great educator and lovely person too. Thank you so much for helping us to get there. It means hard work but there is also the light at the end of the tunel. So much information in one place! Thank you”

Katarina O.

“The course is packed with so much information, that I am still stuck at findamentals section, rewatching and making notes. Lara's dedication is autstanding, she shares openly and talks even about the smallest details of the industry, which for me -as a beginner is just priceless. Best spent money ever (along with the fashion series of course!) Thank you Lara!”

Magdalena M.

“It‘s so perfect. So much Information - Thank you for everything”

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“OMG! Only got time to stuck into the business fundamentals section but already buzzing - so much good information! So many questions answered that I always wanted to know and the pricing part is so far the best! Thank you Lara!”

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“Couldn’t wait anymore to get in touch with this series of Lara, just scrolled it till the end but am totally impressed about the content. Can’t wait to dive seriously into it. Thank you Lara for sharing your incredible knowledge with us.”

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“Got it! Can’t wait to watch it :)”

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