Marketing Email Templates


Master your marketing communication with these email templates by Nikki Closser. Learn how to respond to objections and make authentic connections with your clients during each stage of the client experience. From the initial inquiry to maintaining the relationship after the sale, it’s all in the Connect Guide.


Included in this Bundle:

In this download, you will receive:

Email Templates for:
* Initial inquiry response
* Responding to “I only want digitals. How much is that?”
* Responding to “You are too expensive.”
* What to Bring to the Photo Shoot
* Follow Up Email After the Photo Shoot
* Scheduling the Photo Reveal
* Responding to “I want to book a shoot….one day.”

Guide to Connecting During the Photo Shoot:
* When they arrive
* Getting started with hair & makeup
* During hair & makeup
* While shooting: Do’s & Don’ts
* Wrap up

Guide to Connecting During the Photo Reveal:
* In-Person
* Skype/Google Hangout

Guide to Connecting Through Social Media:
* Using Facebook/Instagram posts to continue the connection

Coaching Your Hair/Makeup Artists & Assistants to Connect — They are an important part of the client experience!

Showing Gratitude for Referrals

Nikki’s Price List


This is a guide for you to learn from, not to recreate in any way. You can, of course, copy and paste the email text to use with your own info. The price list is just an example of my price list.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.

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