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One of the most renowned retouchers on the market Pratik Naik has joined The Portrait Masters to bring your workflow to a new level. Learn the tools and techniques to help you quickly develop and improve your retouching results faster than ever. Pratik takes you step-by-step to conquer retouching efficiently, beautifully, and with time to spare. Learn more.

Bonus Gift: Retouching Guide PDF included!


Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

144 Videos

Join Pratik as he teaches everything you need to know to master expert-level retouching.


In addition to being able to download each tutorial, Pratik also provides practice files!

Bonus Gift

The Retouching Guide PDF

Complete Retouching Fundamentals Course


Retouching Fundamentals

BONUS GIFT: The Retouching Guide

Plus 55 Specific Retouching Tutorials






Minimize Rough Skin


Reduce Hard Lines


Lessen Facial Hair


Neck Lines


Flyaways for Straight Hair


Flyaways for Curly Hair


Unify Skin Tone




Frequency Separation


Hot Spots


Whiten Teeth


Contouring Images


Fixing Wrinkles in Clothes


How to get Details to Pop


Black and White Conversion


Color Toning for Impact


Even Out Different Saturation Levels


Liquifying Clothes


Fast Cleanup – The Powerful Spot Healing Brush


Adding More Body and Volume to Hair


Adding Motion to Images for Impact


Bringing Back Focus In Soft Photos


Advanced Hair Retouching


Dodge and Burn Basics


Dodge and Burn – Advanced


Removing Red Lines


Making Eyes Pop


Rescue Dark Eyes








Enhancing Freckles




Mottled Skin


Prep For Social Media


Red Hands


Adding Skin Texture


Camera Raw


Changing Eye Direction


Nail Polish






Color Toning Basics


Enhancing Eyes – Swollen Eyes


Face Swap


Body Shaping


Blotchy Skin


Clogged Pores


Lip Hair Mustache






Tan Lines


Double Chins

Full Retouches


Full Retouch – Men’s Darker Skin Tones


Full Retouch – Men’s Hardlight


Full Retouch – Mature Woman Portrait


Full Retouch – Women’s Darker Skin Tones


Full Retouch — Advanced Skin Retouch


Full Retouch — Beauty Editorial


Full Retouch ­— Advanced Skin Retouch ­- Outdoor Portrait

Full Retouches with Client Review


One Light


Signature Light




Headshots Personal Branding


Small Spaces Kickass Light


Group Shot

As a portrait photographer, your time is extremely valuable – and that includes the time you spend retouching! The Retouching Series from one of the most renowned retouchers on the market, Pratik Naik, will bring your workflow to a new level. Learn the tools and techniques to help you quickly develop and improve your retouching results faster than ever. From mastering the fundamentals, to conquering advanced issues like contouring and frequency separation, Pratik takes us through step-by-step. Start applying these powerful methods to conquer your retouching efficiently, beautifully, and with time to spare. (Note: This is specifically for use with Adobe Photoshop)

137 Reviews

“I purchased this in 2018, even after 14 years in the business. These lessons are the perfect teacher/review material no matter what stage of your career you are in. I haven't been doing much work that needed retouching in the past few years (lots of PR/event) and I'm back today as I setup a new workstation for retouching, just to be reminded what the keyboard layout recommendations are. It is great to have these videos playing for a) in-industry company and b) real lessons for reminders WHILE I do my work. A+++; 5 Stars. All that. Thank you Pratik!”

Kris Rae O.

“The course is great and very nicely organized there is a part with small lessons for every problem, so no need to look for something specific in the 2-hour video. The course also includes longer videos with the full process of image retouching. There are examples almost for any kind of portrait photography. And Pratik is a great techer!”

Svetlana I.

“I bought this series in March 2021 and used specific segments when I was stuck with my editing because I was too stressed out to sit down and watch everything calmly. Fast forward almost 18 months later and I have finally watched Pratik's Fundamentals calmy, being focused, and guess what! It was amazing! I've learned so many things! There were so many things that terrify me like liquifying but by following his course, I finally managed to do it and the best thing, it looks natural! Very grateful for this course”

Karine K.

“I use this, and Pratiks actions on EVERY photo, so much content was added after release! This is well worth the money spent.”

Oren S.

“Pratik, you are amazing! I follow all of your basics to the letter and every time I stumble on a challenge, I used to scour the internet for a solution. Then.... I'd think to myself, "I bet there is a fix for this in Pratik's class", and low and behold, the most perfect solutions live right here inside these videos. Now, this is my first stop. Thank you!”

Jo Ellen V.

“The Techniques are well explained but I wished they came with final edited images so we can see what we are aiming to achieve.”

Adil A.

“Pratik's tutorials helped me to learn Photoshop, but more importantly by using his actions and watching him do complete retouches, I have been able to establish my own workflow for retouching. His easy, friendly style of teaching makes it easy to do a lot in one sitting. If you're sitting on the fence, I'd say this is more important than gear or any other thing you could do to up your game. He's the best!!”

James F.

“Easily the best and most in-depth retouching tutorial available. It has both foundational things and specific things for advanced users that I keep going back to time and again.”

Jeff B.

“I find your tutorials very easy to understand and workflow easy to follow. It adds another level to my retouching as a photographer. Is there one for the lips? I can't find it.”

Alan T.

“There is nothing better than knowing that you've invested your money, time, and efforts into the right type of course. Pratik definitely marks as one of the calmest tutors I have learned from, ever. The detailed description of each tool and basically everything that you need to know about retouching has been perfectly crafted by this gem of a person. You are definitely going to take home a lot of lessons from this series and a bucket load of information. I have worked on amazing projects only because Pratik's guide to retouching made me confident and to which I could deliver amazing retouched photo creation. Just go for it if you are keen on learning about retouching.”


“I'm in love with this series. I've learned both new techniques but mostly, how to make better use and flow the tools and techniques I already knew. The first retouching I did after the initial few has been amazing. I'm looking forward to the specialized courses to continue helping my friends and clients see what I see when shooting, past all flaws and imperfections to who they are.”

Charlie E.

“Perfectly explained and never complicated. Bridged all the gaps in my workflow making it a faster and much more enjoyable process. I no longer dread retouching...”

Max B.

“i use what i learned in this class on every image that i edit”

jennifer g.

“I am totally new to Photoshop! And this was by far the best! Pratik has a very calm and pleasant voice easy to listen to for hours. The course does not move so fast that it is hard to keep up with. I am still on the introduction module practicing what I have learned before moving to the next. My photo editing is so much more enjoyable especially with the Wacom tablet. Edits look so natural. I highly recommend this course! Worth every penny.”

Sheila P.

“I have just started watching the course and it looks amazing. I agree with others who have said - Pratik has a lovely calm manner. I have just started re-arranging my brush tools. I am left handed so have gone for the opposite end of the keyboard. For some reason my brush isn't picking up any colour i.e. I can choose a colour but it defaults to white - any ideas what I need to do to fix this. Thanks!!”

Anne M.

“The silver lining to this pandemic is that I now have the time to sit down and go through the lessons in this retouching series. Pratik, you feel like an old friend as you have been on my screen daily for three weeks and counting. You have a wonderfully calm and clear way of teaching, and your humor is refreshing. Thank you!”

Maryanne H.

“Amazing teacher! Very well explained and Patrik gives great examples. The Retouching Series is complete and provides in depth information without overcomplicating it! Definitely recommend it!”

Stefano B.

“After two years I can say that "The Retouching series" is the best series ever. I love how Pratik explain and how understable he is even for me that my english isn't so good and not mother tongue. Hope one day to meet him in person. If you are looking for a good retouching videos you're in the right place!”

Andrea G.

“Honestly - some of the best money well spent to speed up the learning curve in figuring all this out. Great tutorials and very practical - I was able to apply immediately to my images!”

Chris H.

“One of the best tutorial by the best retoucher. Pratik have some good teaching skills.”

Herimanana Glenn Dylane S.

“I tried getting into retouching but was always overwhelmed by PS. Pratik with his calm voice and really simple yet effective solutions made it easy and enjoyable to learn it all. Can't thank him enough for this series.”

Ramanpreet Singh S.

“The best put together COURSE!”

Edmarc Brian E.

“thank you for this amazing series”

omar m.

“Thank you, Pratik, for this amazing series. It was excellent to begin with, but the fact that you keep adding new content is just ... wow!!! Very well presented. A great offering for anyone wanting to level up their retouching skills. Highly recommend!”

Gillian H.

“I have bought lots of tutorial videos from some of the most highly regarded photographic educators on the internet. Nothing comes close to The Portrait Masters tutorials. Very comprehensive and well presented.”

Jim M.

“Pratik, thank you so much for continuing to add content to this wonderful series of tutorials. Your style of teaching is just perfect for those of me. You slowly but carefully and precisely explain everything you’re doing. Your attention to detail is mind blowing. Thank you so much for offering your knowledge and wisdom!”

Marianne C.

“I am so glad I got this. Really a big help in my photography. Im am self taught and this just ups my set of things I can now look up when I need to some thing. I do wish he would not use just key commands. I can never get them to stik in my mind. But he dose show in most class how to find the tools with out just key commands.”

Mike P.

“Thank you!!!”

Anna T.

“I have been a Photoshop user for over 20 + years. Self taught and learned through being hands on and with books which I purchased and studied. However, Pratik's course is simply mind blowing amazing. He is so clear, concise and precise in sharing his mad learned mastery of the art of retouching. I constantly keep going back and learning more and more making my own work shine. Thank you for the best ever course on Photoshop and the Art of Portraiture Photography.”

Sion M.

“I absolutely love this series. Everything is so clear. I also have to say that one of the things I appreciate the most is that it is all broken down into manageable size chunks. Not only does that ensure that you can schedule 10 minutes for some education, but that you can find the information again if you want to review a technique. Bravo Pratik!”

Karen W.

“I'm so happy that I've purchased this! Definitely a must have!”

Brandon W.

“Worth every penny! Pratik is a master at his craft and an excellent educator! If you are wanting to learn from the best you must purchase this series!!”

Jillian F.

“Pratik is the best teacher ever. His calm voice and subtleness stresses you out and the way he passes his knowledge makes you feel more motivated. I hope he adds tips about retouching/color fixing/adding blurry effect on the background to make the image kind of fairy-tale look :) Thank you very much, Pratik!”

Paulina S.

“The best class ever!”

Luis C.

“Must see!”

Erwin B.

“One of my best buys, Would you please add a video of Exporting and sharpening for particular use, for example Facebook,Insta,Website and Print. Thanks”

Mahir A.

“Absolutely essential for any retoucher regardless of the stage you're at in your career/hobby.”

Mickel A.

“Definitely worth the money! This course is taking my editing to the next level and putting a professional polish on my images. ???????? Yay!”

Jessica C.

“Pratik you not only know photoshop in and out. You have made it very easy to follow. Salute to you :).”

Kristin G.

“Pratik is a master. His teaching style is perfect and very easy to understand.”

Patrick S.

“Pratik, the content of these series are really easy to understand and can be used effectively by anyone without any support. I feel fully satisfied by enrolling for these sessions and helped me a lot in my day to day retouching process.”


“This is such a great series! I am enjoying it very much! Thank you!!!”

Constance B.

“If you haven't purchased the retouching series, then you haven't learned retouching. This is the bomb. There is nothing to think about, just do it. Best investment ever!”

Arnel G.

“You make the impossible possible. THANK YOU”

Christian A.

“This series is amazing!!! I love the way Pratik teaches. I have learned so much and super excited to see new content all the time!!! Thank you Pratik!”

Lynnette W.

“Pratik's soothing voice makes him one of my favorite retouchers to learn from. His skills are so amazing and I love how light his touch is. I learned so much from him and am forever grateful. Him and Julia Kuzmenko gave me the confidence to really get into retouching and turn it into a job. In no way am I as good as they are but I can truly say that because of them I feel like I learned so much so quickly (in less than a year) and am striving for their excellence!”

Wanda A.

“I am beyond happy with this course, I have learned so much and my retouching had gone to the next level alredy. I am looking forward to learning more about beauty retouch which is something I have fallen in love with lately!”

Roman L.

“Thank you for keeping the files always updated and uploading new stuff for references it really helps a lot. THANK YOU!”

Ej C.

“I love your style of teaching. This is by far my favorite photoshop course. I learned so much. Thank you so much!”

Lisa L.

“Great course massive knowledge in all classes Pratik is a good teacher well recommended Thank You”

Kamil K.

“Hands down, the best online photography course I have purchased! I have learned so much - Pratik is an excellent teacher, and shares SO much truly helpful information. I am so glad IG sent the ad my way. Thank you!!”

kim c.

“Thank You”

Anna T.

“I had been following Pratik’s work for a while before I got down to doing one of his tutorials and I am happy that I did. Pratik’s workflow and approach to the subject has helped me streamline my retouching and I have been able to expedite my work. His hands-on approach along with grounded insights and personal experiences make for some very serious and genuine inputs. Among the many high-end retouchers that I follow, I find Pratik to be the most approachable. He has always helped find solutions rather than giving vague suggestions. I fell Pratik genuinely cares enough to help others grow. He has helped me grow and get better at my skills with retouching. If you are serious about getting better at your retouching you need to consider Pratik as the “Retouching 101”.”

Rahul M.

“Great tutorials from a great teacher. However Pratik an you share your view microscopic pixel by pixel D&B on beauty headshot and the colour/satuartion shift of those smaller pixels after D&B?”

Manfred C.

“This is by far the most enjoyable class I've ever had. Pratik is calm and organized and so very knowledgeable. Systematic is the name of the game. Absolutely sensational content.”

Andrea F.

“Amazing!!! just buy it”

liliana k.

“I pretty much knew everything in the bundle already. I only bought it just because of Pratik. Plain and simple. Retouchings #1 Teacher.”

Liam M.

“I wasted so much money buying presets, retouching panels and cheaper courses but presets were pretty useless, retouching panel had very poor instructions on how to use them and other cheaper courses were not engaging and one of them was just doing retouching without explaining much. So after buying Pratik’s retouching series I feel I just wasted my money on other products. All I needed was Pratik’s course for retouching. I have yet to try out what I learn from his video on my pictures. But with his action and watching videos simultaneously I am sure my work will improve. Just amazed that almost all retouching can be done using a few tools. However I wish that he would add a video on lips retouching which is very important for me because I am trying to do Macro beauty retouch.i need to add that glossy shine on lips that you see on cover girl magazine. Hopefully he will add new video and actions for lips retouching.”

Zia S.

“Pratik learning from retouching series is an amazing experience.But have one request until now all the piks used are from studio lights in the series can you have session on portraits shot in open under sunlight may be hard or shadow shoot that will help us a lot.Thank You.”

Anand C.

“Hi Pratik no download option available for new chapters added like Removing Red lines and others pls look for it. Thanks”

Anand C.

“Wow! This whole course is just fabulous. The video on fixing "HOT SPOTS" was worth the price of the series! No one better than this!!”

Kevin J.

“This series by Pratik is such an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal of creative workflow. I have followed his work from way back in the day and always wanted to learn from him. Now that is possible with this retouching series. Pratik has a truly easy and gentle way of teaching that makes retouching so much more fun and enjoyable. Pratik is by far the best! Thank you”

Skip G.

“Thank you so much... and thank this course”

tuan l.

“Great stuff. Buy it.”

Michael V.


Kristina R.

“My only issue with the entire series is...... Why Pratik took so long to create it!!!? For anyone who wants to take your retouching to a new level, this is a must!! You feel confident with your skills, they can improve even further!! Just the fundamentals is packed with so many golden nuggets!! This is a must for everyone who photographs people! One of the best investments in my portraits business this year!!”

Rodney P.

“Pratik has a great way to teach you how to do something, after watching a few of the videos I can already see the benefit of his teaching. Simple and and easy to follow - does not go of on some tangent stays on topic and explains why and how to do it. 'i had put watching this off as I felt overwhelmed but in hindsight it is unfounded. Thank you Pratik.”

Cathy P.

“I am loving this course and my skills have really improved, even though I am only half way through the videos! The only things I seem to be having trouble with are the cloning tool and the healing brush tool. Whenever I try to use these two tools I always seem to get a double image with the top image moving all over the place. This happens as soon as I choose my clone source. Then I cannot paint where I want to paint because the image will not keep still. It is very frustrating. When checking the internet for this problem there are thousands of people who also experience similar problems. And yet, when I watch you or Sue clone, this does not happen and you both make it look so easy. Can you please help me with this, or perhaps do a separate tutorial on this? It may already be there in one of the lessons I have not done yet. And thank you so much Pratik, for sharing your knowledge. Your course is certainly worth every cent as I have done classes full time and some online, but your teaching methods are so clear and easy to follow that it is very easy to pick up and understand your teaching. Thank you!!!!”

Cheryl T.

“A++ Course on bringing your skills to a higher level, easy to follow also, Pratik doe's a great job explaining each retouch, and it's helped me take my photos to a new level, Bravo Pratik! -Super great job with these fantastic RETOUCHING TUTORIALS....”

Robert B.

“This is an awesome retouching series. Pratik has managed to make Photoshop less intimidating and made it easy for me to grasp. This was well worth the money. Thank you, thank you thank you!”

John T.

“Though I already saw many online tutorials from Pratik, this was the most structured and clear for me. It gave me a clear understanding how should I build up my process flow, and not copying anyone else. Also gave a deep understanding what can and how I can achieve the perfect result we want! It the best every watched retouching corse ever! Thanks you Pratik and also thanks for Sue to make it happened!”

Elod E.

“This is the one and only Retouching Series you will ever need. Pratik is truly the best teacher out there. I have been struggling with retouching since I startet SBE last year, and now after watching and learning from these series...I must say that retouching now is so much fun and I am so proud of my images :-) Thank you Pratik!”

Vanida Vik N.

“i'm just getting started with these videos, but i didn't expect the fundamentals section or the actions and i am so excited that they are there. i've watched and listened to just a little of the content so far, but i am already most definitely hooked on Pratik! Thank you so so much for the opportunity to purchase this really valuable education.”

Janice S.

“I just LOVE Patrik's teaching! I've been following him since Creative Live and he is very calm and explains every little thing which makes the entire learning process so easy and fun. More over, I just love his work and he makes it all so accessable to learn and develop the editing skills so efficiently and easily.”

Eleanor D.

“This course is so great! Pratik explains everything simply enough that even beginners can clearly understand his instructions and tips. Can't wait for more videos to come to further increase my skill set.”


“Despite being a little worried before purchasing this course, as to whether there would be anything new to learn (there are SO many other courses, teachers and guides available online, both paid for and free), I can honestly say that this is absolutely brilliant and totally worth your attention. I have spent hours with other teachers, yet Pratik teaches you actual real-world techniques, solutions and (best of all) WORKFLOWS! There is even an action designed to help you retouch a complete image. His methods are solid, often ingenious and brilliant, and he is a master at explaining and guiding. This is a course that will really help you, not dazzle you with techniques. And on top of it all, he is a lovely teacher and a fine person to spend your time with. It's just a brilliant course! Thanks Pratik, thanks so much!”

Michael D.

“Pratik's style of working and teaching is so effective. He's a combination of Yoda and Mr. Roger's when it comes to retouching—super calm, knowledgeable, and very wise he is. He doesn't just explain how to do something, there are many who do that, but he shows you why a technique is used and why it's his preferred way of working. This course has brought back excitement to the whole post-production process for me as a photographer.”

Bret R.

“Thank you Pratik, you teaching style is fantastic. I will rewatch the videos till i will be as good as you. ;)”

Brigitta B.

“I have been looking for someone to teach retouching that's quick, easy and at a professional level that I have been striving to reach for awhile. Pratik's series has done that EASILY! He addresses thing you may not have even known what to look for and how to fix it still keeping the details of your images in tact. Most importantly I LOVE that he made actions for you as well as step by step videos breaking down each process. My images improved immediately! Purchasing this class was the best gift to myself and for my business.”

Jacqueline P.

“I love that he has broken down the different classes into separate videos! So convenient to go straight to the source while in the middle of a project. An unexpected bonus was the he continues to add to the course list new videos, this is a must have course, great for beginners and old dogs too!”

Trina J.

“Pratik's teaching method is so simple, break it down and help you create impactful images. This series is for someone like me who has been using PS for several years or someone who is very new to PS. Everyone can learn and grow. I really love this series and high recommend it. Pratik shows its not about knowing complex methods or tools in PS but to learn how to use simple tools and use them effectively. This is one of the best investments you can make... take the action and take your work to next level!”

Neha M.

“Pratik is easy to follow and understand, he takes you through step by step. I love how it has transformed my images already, and I have still so much to learn. I can't wait to re-edit some more photos are learning his techniques.”

Nicole D.

“If you've ever wanted to MASTER retouching, EASLIY work with adjustment layers while QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY editing beautiful portraits, Pratik's course is THE answer. His retouching tutorials are absolutely amazing and without a doubt a total game changer, both for speeding up my workflow and for the quality of my work output. These tutorials are the missing puzzle piece I have been looking for. His teaching style is simple, easy to understand and can be immediately implemented. It is worth its weight in gold. I’ve been telling every photographer I know about this!”

Angi L.

“Pratik's retouching series actually brought " joy" back into my editing workflow. Through a very logical and extremely well explained system it is possible to move securely ahead in the editing process and be able to rely on achieving goals. Although I am just learning his methods, they are yielding far better results than I ever had before and I am sure it only get's better. Everything is outlined so exactly that if you follow the path you can't go wrong( well sometimes yes, it has happened ) It does take time , practice and patience but this series will get you there safe and sound. Thank you Pratik for your way of showing us in such a calm , cool and reassuring tone. That goes a long way!”

Dayle Ann C.

“If you are a beginner or advanced in the area of retouching, this series is the best investment. I’ve retouched my own images since 2009 and I’m extremely picky about courses and workshops. But Pratik is calm and to the point, it’s easy to follow along, and the videos are short and filled with “aha’s“!! This is a no-brainer, buy The Retouching Series, you won’t regret it!! Thank you Pratik, you are an amazing educator!!”

Pia R.

“This course is excellent. Just watching a few videos made a tremendous difference in the end result of my editing! The actions do help you speed up your processing time, but Pratik also explains you what the actions do. I very much appreciate it , because I really would like to understand the process instead of just clicking the button. Also, I had some old images sitting for a year that I couldn't deliver to a friend because I made some bad lighting mistakes and didn't know how to fix it. After this I finally had enough skills to save the images and make my friend very happy.”

Yuliya B.

“Pratik has provided time tested, expert quality instruction and insight into the art AND science of portrait retouching. His measured and methodical approach to the subtle details behind extracting every minute detail in an image is the best I have ever seen. He is a constant reference and resource to my workflow and has been the prime motivation behind my love for retouching my images. In these lessons you will be equipped with the requisite tools and subsequent confidence to tackle any and all clientele and their portraits. Moreover, from this confidence that you will gain and earn comes a joy in completing the process. Pratik’s series removes any ideations of drudgery as you learn to build upon each step of the post process from start to finish. Do not miss out on this incredible series as your return on investment far outweighs any cost!”

Joshua S.

“Pratik’s retouching series has made me so much more comfortable in Photoshop and retouching! I struggled greatly with making my retouching look natural and while going through his series, I’ve been able to greatly improve my retouching abilities! He teaches in such a way that you don’t get frustrated and he’s very calm in his tone which is great. He explains the whys instead of just teaching you “do this” which is also incredibly helpful. THANK YOU Pratik!”

Annmarie S.

“Wonderful teaching skill... pragmatic yet creative ! 100% recommend-- whether it is to polish skill or to stimulate further study! /c”

Christy B.

“Totally impressed with this retouching series. Pratik delivers great instruction which is easy to understand in his calming voice. This was the best investment and worth every cent. Thank you Pratik !!”

Steavie L.

“Totally impressed with this retouching series. Pratik delivers great instruction which is easy to understand in his calming voice. This was the best investment and worth every cent. Thank you Patrik!!”

Steavie L.

“Very good tutorial. I love the way Pratik teaches. The main question that's not addressed is workflow. The retouching setup solved a lot of issues I was have, but when you visible stamp, everything is trapped underneath and you can't go back to correct anything. When you are addressing hair, underarms are any other subject, you start with a background layer. Can you address retouching workflow. Where does skin, hair etc fit in in regards to workflow... I can't give 5 stars because to me, this is a very important topic that was left out. THANK YOU”


“Pratik is a great artist and instructor. Worth every penny. Great tutors. Everything you need to know about retouching is in this series.”

Orcun A.

“Extremely worth buying. His teaching style is incredible! This tutorial helped me a lot to improve my retouching skills. Im so glad to be a student of the world-renowned retoucher. Thank you so much Pratik!”

Hemali K.

“World class tutorials made for everyone to understand! This is definitely going to take my editing to the next level... Many Thanx”

Willie B.

“EXTREMELY impressed with this retouching series by Pratik Naik. I've purchased several other retouching tutorials by other togs and while they each taught me something valuable, I haven't seen a series like this that leads you by the virtual hand from the very beginning (the hardest part is knowing where to start), to tackling some of the most common issues in photos (hard lines, clothing wrinkles, fly-aways, and more). Pratik offers some incredible tips on how NOT to get in that retouch-jumble of working on everything at once and ways to help you stay on track. I love the actions provided, especially the "retouching setup" which sets up your initial "game plan" layers with adjustment layers, masks, curves, etc.... for you, with the click of a button. Pratik makes it so simple and uses some really innovative ways of getting things done (dodge and burn without the actual dodge and burn tools for example). Color correction and evening skin-tone was a big problem for me -- not after this series! My retouching looks 1000 times better after watching only a few tutorials from this series! Best money I ever spent on retouching education! Thank you Pratik!”

Arlene B.

“Not even halfway through - this is worth its weight in gold!”

Thomas C.

“Love this series. So easy to understand. Patrik is a great teacher and is one of the best retouchers out there . WORTH EVERY PENNY!”

Lavona G.

“This retouching series is a must buy!!! There is saying that goes something like, "You don't know what you don't know; until you know what you don't know." This series is full of "ah-ha" moments and "oh that's how you do that" or "oh so that's right way to do it" moments. Praitk breaks everything down, makes it easy to understand. And the actions provided save you a boat load of time. Worth the investment.”

Rosaria D.

“I purchased Pratik's Creative Live video and was loathe to purchase this one from Portrait Masters. However, I must say it was a wise is so much more comprehensive.”

Anne P.

“For the longest time, I have wondered why my retouch was always out of balance, why I had little control over the elements and looked plastic when I was completed. Learning to control the brushes, getting my flow set to 5% (it has NEVER been that low) and layering in changes has been a huge game changer. Pratik explains every change, starts at the beginning every time and I feel confident that I have more controlled editing that maintains texture and beauty. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.”

Larissa K.

“I bought many expensive retouching tutorials, but nothing matches the combination of Sue Bryce Education and Pratik's Retouching Series and the best of all... the promise of more to come just like Sue's educational series! I am on cloud #9! Cloud 10 is just around the next corner. The best ever, 'from ME, to ME'”

Iréne K.

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Diana K.

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Melanie M.

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“Top notch as always! But I'm missing one thing in particular, goose bumps! Tried harsh skin texture technique but didn't work, maybe Ill submit the image so Pratik can work it out and show us all. But overall amazing and incisive videos!”

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Kelly D.

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Anzelika M.

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Clare A.

“I am only just scratching the surface with this collection of videos but I can already see that it is worth every penny! Pratik has provided such a great body of work that everyone can find beneficial. Can't wait to finish watching them all! Highly recommend :)”

Katy B.

“I have another question. I am on the tutorial for healing, spot healing and patch tools, along the top menu bar there is no aligned sample drop down menu and I was wondering how to have it visible. Thank-you”

Dane W.

“Pratnik you have made a great tutorial on the Wacom tablet. I am currently setting up my Intuos Pro M which has 8 buttons on the left side and I was wondering what you would suggest I use the 2 extra buttons for.”

Dane W.

“I bought this and learnt so much already but would like to know where can I find the grading tool explanation in this series and how it works.”


“This course is worth every penny! Pratik's teaching style is engaging, and at the same time simple and easy to follow. He provides step-by-step instruction on how to deal with each and every issue I come up against when retouching portraits. His approach is easy to follow and, more importantly, to understand. At last I know what to do when I'm retouching and why. My retouching has improved exponentially since watching Pratik's videos. I highly recommend this course.”

Jennifer T.

“Great retouching videos! Pratik is such a fabulous teacher. Thank you. I wonder if anyone could help me. I downloaded the actions and the worked perfectly. I must have done something and all the actions become ungrouped and lost their color coding. Any advice? Thanks”

wanda H.

“Thank you for explaning it calm. I am learning a lot from the videos. And thank you for the workshop at Sue's!”

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“Brilliant video series! Pratik is an "empowering" teacher. He doesn't hold anything back, he gives you all the tools and the methodology to use them. The difference between good and great images? The edit.”

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“Thank you so much for this series. I will never have to take another retouching course. Pratik covers elements that are problematic but that many others who attempt to teach retouching often leave out. This series is just the right pace allowing you to work on the download while Pratik teaches. I absolutely love that "The Fundamentals of Retouching" was included before diving in. I recommend that everyone who purchases the series watch the fundamentals video no matter where you are as a retoucher. Thank you again to all involved in making this series. $99 is a steal. Take it from someone who paid more than $3000 for a photography and retouching course from a major university. Thank you again. I love this series.”

Maria B.

“Three videos in and I can already tell that my game has gone up tremendously. Thank you SO MUCH for this invaluable resource!”

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Anzelika M.

“I would love a session on cracked lips”

Andrea F.

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Leah H.

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Pamela D.

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“Pratik has a really calm and professional teaching style. Learning is easy and fun. He shares a lot of knowledge and I’m happy that I purchased this course (and I’m really picky ????)”

Bianca B.