Black & White Lightroom Presets by Nikki Closser


Introducing Nikki Closser’s Black & White Lightroom Preset Collection, a meticulously crafted suite of presets designed to transform your photography into stunning monochrome masterpieces.


Included in this Bundle:

This collection includes eight total presets, specifically tailored for various shooting conditions and backdrops to ensure your photos stand out. Whether you’re working with backlit subjects in a studio, capturing the essence of the outdoors, setting against a dark backdrop, or utilizing a light-colored backdrop, this collection has you covered.

Unique to this collection is the inclusion of different versions for RAW and JPG/TIFF files, eliminating the hassle of reconfiguring presets when saving in different formats. Exclusively for Lightroom users, this collection promises to elevate your black and white photography with ease and sophistication.