Camera 101

with John Greengo & Sue Bryce

Camera 101

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Master Your Camera

Whether you just purchased your first camera or you’re looking to brush up on your technical skills, this comprehensive class will cover all your bases on your journey to create beautiful portraits.

Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

3 Hrs, 24 Mins

Learn how to leverage all the features of your camera.

26 Videos

From settings to shooting, every aspect of your camera is covered.


This course is fully downloadable so you can watch on the go!

What You’ll Learn


The Camera

The first step in creating incredible portraits is knowing your camera inside and out. In this first section, John introduces you to all the different types of cameras, brands and systems and how to choose the right one for you. Dive inside the camera to learn how the system works, then master your shutter speed to capture motion. Additionally, follow along with Sue as she shows you how she uses shutter speed in a portrait session.

Lessons in this module

00:32 Introduction
13:29 The Camera
23:26 Camera Systems
03:00 Sue Demo: Shutter Speed and Movement

Includes 2 Downloads

pdf Camera 101 Keynote
mp4 The Camera

The Sensor

Understanding your camera’s sensor and how it works will dramatically change the way you photograph. Follow along with John as he explains ISO range and how it can cause grain and noise in your images. Then, watch as Sue shows you how your camera can perform in low light when using ISO effectively.

Lessons in this module

00:30 Introduction
16:22 The Sensor
03:25 Sue Demo: Overriding the Sensor (Dark Background)
03:24 Sue Demo: Overriding the Sensor (White Background)

Includes 1 Download

mp4 The Sensor

The Lens

Which lenses do I need? And how are they different? Discover the assortment of lenses available to you as John shows you how to recognize lens distortion at a variety of focal lengths. Master the best methods on how to shut down or open your aperture to create the look you want. Then, Sue shows you her go-to lenses for portraiture and explains why they are her favorites.

Lessons in this module

00:50 Introduction
18:39 The Lens
14:49 Aperture
03:59 Sue's Go-To Lenses

Includes 1 Download

mp4 The Lens


Any portrait photographer will tell you that nailing down your focus is the most important aspect of creating beautiful photographs. In this section, John shows you how to use focus manually, automatically, and continuously. Master the technique of moving your focal point when shooting more than one person, and dive into advanced options like back-button focusing, eye-tracking, and face-tracking.

Lessons in this module

00:37 Introduction
16:30 Perfect Focus
03:00 Sue Demo: Toggle and Recompose

Includes 1 Download

mp4 Focusing


Exposure is one of the most crucial elements of a photograph and can greatly diminish its quality if done incorrectly. Learn metering basics, how and when to use different modes, and the importance of controlling your exposure. Then, watch as Sue demonstrates how to use these tools to find your correct exposure in high-key and low-key situations.

Lessons in this module

00:54 Introduction
10:44 Exposure
22:13 Exposure Modes
07:17 Sue Demo: Pushing the ISO

Includes 1 Download

mp4 Exposure


John gives you an introduction to using your camera’s built-in flash, an off-camera flash, and how to properly expose when using a flash. Then, learn how Sue uses John’s tips to create the same portrait twice: once with a strobe and again using natural light. If you’re interested in learning more about flash and strobe, we highly recommend The Lighting Series on the Portrait Masters Store.

Lessons in this module

00:36 Introduction
07:42 Flash
02:44 Sue Demo: Natural Light vs. Strobe (Natural Light)
04:18 Sue Demo: Natural Light vs Strobe (Strobe)

Includes 1 Download

mp4 Flash

Camera Settings

In this section, John takes you through all the customizable settings on your camera to help ensure that your shooting process is simple and seamless. Learn the difference between RAW and JPG, how to format your memory cards, the ins, and outs of setting your white balance, and so many other custom functions. Once you know how to personalize your camera’s settings, you can free yourself from technical headaches and start creating your best portraits.

Lessons in this module

00:34 Introduction
18:24 Camera Settings
06:59 Sue Demo: Picture Style in Camera Settings

Includes 1 Download

mp4 Camera Settings

Internationally acclaimed photography guru, John Greengo has teamed up with world-renowned portrait photographer, Sue Bryce to bring you the ultimate camera fundamentals course. Whether you just purchased your first camera or you’re looking to brush up on your technical skills, this comprehensive class will cover all your bases on your journey to create beautiful portraits.

John Greengo is especially known for his visual teaching style and incredible simplicity in explaining your camera’s complicated functions. Learn all about the different types of cameras, and how to find your correct settings when it comes to shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and more. Explore the different types of flash and lenses, master your focus, and learn how to set your camera’s functions to best serve you. Then watch as Sue demonstrates John’s teachings in action at the end of each lesson!

When you fully understand your camera and how to use it, your confidence behind the lens grows immensely and your work inevitably improves. Invest in your photography, master the fundamentals of your camera and watch your photography flourish.

5 Reviews

“Thanks so much for this class! I have been shooting for approx 2 years, and finally everything makes sense after I watched the videos. Great job!!”

Lori B.

“This has been most helpful in better understanding of my camera technicals. I love the simple straight-forward way in which all aspects have been beautifully covered. Thank you.”

Tarini S.

“Great class, I am self taught and it helped me see some things I didn't know about and also an easier way to do some other things on my camera.”

rebecca p.

“Awesome class! Keep the good work!”

Ivan P.

“I have been waiting and wanting to know more about my camera. I just finished my 3rd module on the Lens. I knew some information but I have learned so much. I have had about 5 light bulb moments here, mainly in 3rd module but this fantastic! I can wait to see the remaining modules!”

Angela K.