Boundless Boudoir

by Kara Marie

Boundless Boudoir By Kara Marie: Discover New Possibilities and Expand Your Offerings

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Boudoir photography is a popular, lucrative genre with as many styles and possibilities as there are types of people. In Kara Marie’s sequel to her foundational 2019 “The Boudoir Series” course, you’ll experience twelve uniquely themed boudoir shoots exploring the best-selling and most-requested styles within the boudoir genre. You’ll learn insider posing and styling tricks to capture images your clients will love, and you’ll get great ideas to fuel your own playful experimentation.

Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

5 Hrs, 19 Mins

12 boudoir photo shoots to further your Boudoir photography education

Lifetime Streaming Access

Lifetime streaming access in your Portrait Masters Store account

Bonus Materials

Three bonus lessons and two bonus PDFs

What You’ll Learn


Classic Boudoir in Lingerie


Classic boudoir is the quintessential style of boudoir – in lingerie with a bedroom set. You can shoot this in all different types of styles. In these lessons, Kara Marie shows you how to achieve a classic, timeless look. She starts with confidence-building, comfortable poses before moving into more challenging, sensual posing.

Lessons in this module

04:33 Intro to Classic Boudoir
11:53 Beside the Bed
13:27 Bed Poses
14:38 Standing by the Window
13:24 Messy Bed Photos

Classic Boudoir in the Sheets


The white sheet is a boudoir style that is beautiful for all body types and ages – everyone looks good in a white sheet. In this session, Kara Marie gives you all the considerations on materials and tones. She shows you how to shape and style the sheet while bringing you through the flow of poses that is most efficient for this style. And she pays special attention to the shots most likely to be turned into wall art.

Lessons in this module

01:54 Intro to Classic Boudoir
10:17 Beside the Window
10:09 On the Bed
05:45 Under the Covers
10:09 Ladder Shoot

Contemporary Boudoir – Clothed


Contemporary boudoir style is an excellent way to test the waters of boudoir with a client who comes in for a traditional portrait shoot. The wardrobe can be normal street clothes, such as a simple sundress, but you can add a boudoir feel by exposing more skin, creating interest with shaping the body and doing detail shots, and by shifting to a Vogue-style lighting. Creating a contemporary boudoir feel is all about getting playful and adjusting the mood.

Lessons in this module

00:38 Intro to Contemporary Boudoir
08:13 Floor Poses - Seated, Bending Forward
12:09 Floor Poses - Seating, Bending Backward
10:58 Floor Poses - Reclining Flow
06:15 Standing Poses - Black Lace Robe

Contemporary Boudoir – Implied Nude


Implied nude boudoir is classic, elegant, and so popular with clients. Kara Marie shows you how to accomplish this look through minimal wardrobe and careful posing. If you incorporate these into your boudoir shoots, you will have many happy clients.

Lessons in this module

02:46 Intro to Implied Nude
14:10 Implied Nude - Floor Poses
08:57 Implied Nude - Hair Flow Poses

White Shirt Boudoir


The white shirt is a great place to start for someone who is nervous to get into boudoir. It is perfect for creating candid, natural-looking shots. It’s also the easiest piece of wardrobe to have in studio that can be used for anyone.

Lessons in this module

00:58 Intro to the Classic White Shirt
05:55 Standing & Sitting Poses
05:47 Floor Poses

Fine Art Boudoir


Shooting fine art boudoir is a creative and feeling process. When you take an experimental approach, you’re going to find shots that make your heart sing. In these sequences, we explore detail shots, motion shots with fabric, grain, lighting, and blur, and we learn to approach your client as the art that they are.

Lessons in this module

00:52 Intro to Fine Art Boudoir
15:23 Upper Body Details
12:51 Lower Body Details
14:12 Lying on the Back with Motion
13:17 Side and Stomach with Motion

Environmental Boudoir


You don’t need a studio to shoot boudoir – any outdoor location with great light will do! In this lesson, Kara Marie takes you on location in beautiful Lake Como and surrounds. Working with wardrobe that is acceptable in public – a bathing suit and kimono – she gives great tips for choosing location, lighting, and working outdoors.

Lessons in this module

01:23 Intro to Environmental Boudoir
07:20 On the Bridge
03:14 On the Steps
08:04 Backyard Boudoir

“Kara Marie” Style


Kara Marie has developed her style over the last several years. Right now, that style is characterized by a lot of motion, blur, imperfect camera technique, anonymous images, black and white, and lots of grain. Here she gives you an inside look into how she creates these playful, experimental images.

Lessons in this module

02:05 Intro to "Kara Marie" Style
11:23 Floor Poses Flow
08:35 Standing Poses
08:58 Standing Poses - Hair Flow

Bonus: Bridal Boudoir


Kara Marie started shooting boudoir with bridal boudoir. This is a lovely little demonstration of a 3-minute shoot you can do with a bride on her wedding day before she gets fully into hair and makeup and her dress. This can be done in a hotel room, bridal suite, or wherever she is getting ready, and can be done with the veil or a lace robe.

Lessons in this module

07:48 Bridal Boudoir

Bonus: Dark & Moody Sensual Boudoir


When we think of boudoir, we often think dark and moody. In this lesson, Kara Marie teaches you how, in even a bright room, you can achieve that just-a-kiss-of-light look that makes everything more sensual and intimate. This shoot has a casual atmosphere and is easy for your client while still producing steamy images with lots of variety to choose from.

Lessons in this module

15:25 Dark & Moody

Bonus: Male Boudoir


It’s great to incorporate male boudoir into your portfolio. A lot of people will request it for their husbands, boyfriends, and partners. Here you’ll learn poses and lighting that elicit open body language and confidence in men, enabling you to create pictures that celebrate the male form.

Lessons in this module

16:09 Male Boudoir

Boudoir photography is a popular, lucrative genre with as many styles and possibilities as there are types of people.

In this sequel to Kara Marie’s foundational 2019 boudoir course, she takes you through twelve uniquely themed boudoir sessions. These sessions introduce quintessential boudoir photography styles that are tried-and-tested client favorites. These shoots will also give you a taste of the playful experimentation that made Kara Marie an innovator in this field.

You’ll learn to style client favorites such as classic bedroom boudoir, fine art, white shirt, and white sheet, and you’ll also learn about the often-requested styles of bridal and male boudoir.

You learned the fundamentals of boudoir, including posing, business, and selling in The Boudoir Series. Now, it’s time to go deeper. Explore more possibilities and spark inspiration so you can expand your style offerings and innovate. Join Kara Marie for this easy-to-digest, shoot-along sequel, Boundless Boudoir.

Praise for Kara Marie and her previous course, The Boudoir Series

“Kara has the kind of approach to boudoir that just makes sense to me. She has found a way to make women feel confident and empowered but still feminine and beautiful. And she articulates each lesson in a way that is clear and easy to implement. I LOVE this course!!!”

“Every time I have had the opportunity to further my photography education with Kara Marie it has had a tremendous impact on my work and my business.”

“This course is INCREDIBLE! Totally took my boudoir game to the next level! I love how she explains all the aspects and makes it easy to consume and follow – highly recommend!”

“Kara single-handedly changed my life. I started this course in the beginning of 2020 and it revolutionized my life and has allowed me to start my journey on living off my boudoir dreams.”

5 Reviews

“All the content that Kara Marie shares with the world is GOLD. Her teaching style is casual/laidback and not super technical (so it’s easy to understand and be inspired by).”

Teira F.

“I have been learning from Kara since my mentorship in 2017 and every time she comes out with new education I am aways blown away and inspired. Once again here I am with this new course and it is nothing less than spectacular. Whether you’re a long term student or just starting out in boudoir you will get something out of this course. I absolutely love that it’s very inclusive with body types from fully clothed to nude as well which isn’t something you get to see with a lot of educational courses, so this was very much appreciated. What I think I love most however, was the reminder to get out of your head, think out side the box and not be afraid to “break the rules”. I’ve had a session since starting this course and noticed how I felt more in the zone rather than worrying about technicalities which is something I’ve been missing since becoming more of a seasoned photographer. In turn this thought process yielded more creative shots and image turn out. I can’t thank Kara enough for putting in all the work to create the education courses and mentorship’s she’s done over the years.”

Tiffany M.

“I am already a massive fan of Kara's work and approach to boudoir, in fact it was her talk at Portrait Masters back in 2019 that changed it all for me! I appreciated seeing this new course by her for various reasons, but the top reason for there being more representation of various bodies (I'd love to see all educators do this please!) Her approach makes it easy to understand and you are able to apply her lessons to any woman and any location you are in. Thank you Kara for being so rad!”

michele m.

“This course is so good and so comprehensive - a great addition to the Boudoir Series (which I already own)! I've already been putting the things I've learned from just watching a couple of the modules into action in my photoshoots. Thank you for including multiple body types! You're the best Kara Marie!”

Laurie B.

“I already love the class, I have watched it for about half an hour now and there is so many valuable advice there, I just cant wait for my next boudoir session to try everything new I will learn! I have purchased the boudoir series about a year ago and it helped me a lot to improve my work.”

nina v.