The Personal Branding System

by Nikki Closser

The Personal Branding System

(16 customer reviews)

Are you ready to have the personal branding photography business of your dreams?

In this comprehensive course, I keep it simple and real. I show you step-by-step how to grow your business so that you can be financially stable doing what you love…& NOT work on weekends!

Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?


57 bite-sized lessons. Watch them in order or jump to what you need immediate help with and learn at your own pace on your own time.


You will receive unlimited lifetime access to this 100% exclusive content only available on The Portrait Masters.


Including the incredible 180-page Personal Branding Poses That Sell Lookbook, Nailing Networking in 5 Steps Guide, Objections & Rebuttals Guide, and Nikki's guide to Slideshows

What you'll learn:


...even if you charge more than the other photographers in your town



...and much, much more!



A 180+ page, printable guide with over 600 photos of my REAL clients in poses that have repeatedly sold well! This item sells in our store for $99 and is included for free with your purchase of this course.
And, you get to be a fly on the wall during two of my REAL client photoshoots.




Before building my business, I was a burned out social worker desperately needing a change.
Within two years, I retired myself from social work all while falling in love with the personal branding genre of photography.
And, I share exactly how I did it here in this business system.

"There is no sugar-coating here, just step-by-step instructions on how I built the business and life of my dreams."

-Nikki Closser


Introduction to Personal Branding


Real Client Shoot #1 – Shooting To Sell


Real Client Shoot #2 (With Products)


Real Client Shoot #3 (On Location)


My Marketing System


Pricing & Packages


Corporate Headshots


Work Flow & Post Production


Digital Photo Viewing

16 Reviews

“Nikki, Nice course. Thanks for the work on this!”

Ariel F.

“Wow! Thank you! This course felt like learning alongside a friend. I loved Nikki's relaxed approach to teaching and how she walks you through multiple client sessions. It feels like on-the-job training, lol. She shares all of the information that she has learned through her time as a Branding Photographer and I appreciate the tips for networking (an often overlooked component).”

Kimberly B.

“This course is great, I love how Nikki explains her workflow, and I love how she show the simplicity of how you can make it work.”

Oren S.

“I recently bought Nikki's course because I booked two separate clients who wanted only a few headshots, but I was determined to give them a "branding" experience. People don't know what they want until you show them what they could have. I listened to most of the course, especially the objections and how to answer them. I consulted with the clients, heard what it was that they wanted, and quoted my prices. I do a sitting fee and per photo price. I told them, "You only buy what you love." (A bit of Sue inspiration there. Best of both worlds I would say.) I did both shoots at my clients' residences (where they work). The shoot were great. The choosing sessions were done on TEAMS as I don't edit what is not bought, and my clients chose 31 and 22 photos respectively! They loved it, and I loved them! My initial investment of buying Nikki's course was paid off 10 times over with the two shoot. I do not provide hair and make up, so always send them a guide alternatively ask them so pamper themselves with hair and makeup on the day. Sometimes they do, other days they just use the guide. I love giving ladies an experience. I love them loving their unedited photos, because then they are going to be amazed by the edited photos. Most of all, I get a fire in my belly when women who do not like having their photos taken are excited to see themselves in ways they have never before. That sparkle that they suddenly catch and then start to embrace about themselves makes me happy. Thank you Nikki for creating the tools.”

Marlize V.

“Nikki, Thank you for creating this class and making it so easy to follow!! All the information you need all in one spot, how to pose the clients, packages, marketing and a full work flow!! Thank you for making it quick and to the point and sharing your progress with us. I really loved watching the client shoot and how you interact with everyone!”

Hadonica M.

“This course is so helpful, and it feels like you are just in the room with a close friend, learning along-side Nikki. She has such an approachable way of sharing her craft, and gives you so much information that you can start using in your business immediately. The concepts are broken down so simply and there are examples of ways to market and level up your business. The best part is being a fly on the wall for client shoots, watching how quickly and efficiently she works with each subject. Can't recommend this course enough! Especially with bonus content being added, it keeps getting better.”

Kristina W.

“I think this is great, and Nikki is very professional and her work is great. In my opinion this is more portrait than personal branding.”

Kimberly C.

“I haven't shot many headshots and I always get a little nervous when booking them. Watching Nikki's videos really helped me on a few levels: 1. They helped me stop overthinking things and to just keep it simple. I'm always worried about coming up with enough unique poses, but Nikki's posing is AMPLE and also very simple. 2. I needed to see examples of good photoshoot "flows", if that makes sense. A true capture of headshot session from start to finish. I don't know why it's been so hard for me to come up with my own flow (probably because I don't shoot enough to have created that habit) but seeing Nikki go from pose to pose and from outfit/set to outfit/set really helped me formulate how I can mimic that in my own space, with my own clients. This third point isn't about what I learned but rather a comment about Nikki's teaching style. It feels like I'm in the room with her - there is no ego involved, or fluff- only a friend walking another friend through how she shoots gorgeous headshots that sell. I really enjoy the narration when she's shooting - she keeps it real and is 100% genuine. I'm excited to see more Nikki! (hint hint!) Even if you're a SBE subscriber, which I am and have been from the start, you will still find tremendous value in this course. I highly recommend! - Jenn Bates, Fort Myers, FL Home-based Studio, 16 years in business”

Jennifer B.

“Thank you Nikki, I have so enjoyed your course and information you were prepared to share with us. I love shooting this genre and the information you have shared has given me the confidence to take it to the next stage so thank you for your honesty and generosity when you shared what has worked in your business and for your family.”

Caroline J.

“Thank you Nikki for your simple and conscise course. It's so full of practical tips and just takes you through the process as if you were a fly on the wall. There's nothing complicated and I will defiintily incorporate a lot of this system into my own workflow in the future. I'm feeling more confident to add this genre to my business. I hope we will be able to download the videos so that I can use them offline in the future. Thanks so much again!”

Lucy B.

“Nikki, I have just binged on your episodes over 2 days. Such great advice and I love your approach and structures. You produced beautiful images for both of the clients in this class. I am focussed on portraits and fashion but see your systems as widely applicable. Thanks”

Neville S.

“Nikki, has this way of making you feel like she's saying "Stand right here, I'll show you exactly what I do" every question that I thought of watching this training she answered and then elaborated as though I had follow up questions. I can't recomment this training enough. I had my biggest sale ever within in 2 weeks. Im sure I've watched this 4 times thus far. -Get it”

Shanell M.

“Well, I have just finished watching Nikki Closser’s ‘Personal Branding System’ and can confidently say that it is a game-changer for me. I started to think about changing to a dedicated Personal Branding (PB) photographer some weeks ago after receiving some mentor feedback, that I needed to be more ‘niche’ in my work as my current portfolio covered too many different aspects of portraiture. Moving forward, I was a little unsure of how to do it. When I saw Nikki’s System had been released, I had to have it. Speaking firstly in general terms, so many of my questions have been answered across all aspects of the business. For example; what is Personal Branding and how does it differ from Corporate Headshots? I have only had the product for two days and I have removed PB from my website as I now know it is completely wrong. I am now going to revamp my website and Linked In page concentrating on PB. I have already used a slightly edited version of Nikki’s business networking pitch in a networking meeting yesterday. I am a visual learner, yes, I do read the theory but sometimes I struggle to understand how a strategy should be applied in a real-life situation. Nikki deals with this beautifully by inviting her audience along on two real-life photo shoots and a reveal with one of the clients. In addition to this Nikki provides as part of her System a booklet with over 600 images of real-life PB poses. Clearly, Nikki knows what she is talking about. In the reveal with Kinsley, it was clear to see how Nikki was thinking about how Kinsley would be using her images. This resonated with me because the images do have a job to do and they need to be presented in a way where a client can see how they could be used in any upcoming social media platform or marketing strategy. The whole reveal episode was such good learning for me, it had a real-life integrity about it. Kinsley was frighteningly (in a nice way) decisive knowing exactly what she wanted for her business. My jaw dropped when Nikki showed us how she confidently engaged with her client with complete transparency, showing Kinsley her price list and outrightly asking what package she wanted to purchase. It was also really useful to see how Nikki whittled her collection of images down for her client using Lightroom and a simple coloured flag system. In summary, if you are considering providing a Personal Branding service in your repertoire and need guidance or support to ensure you are on the right track then you need to purchase this system from Nikki Closser. My business is new and I do not have a great deal of free cash, but to quote Sue Bryce’s golden rule, this is a spend that will definitely make my ship go faster!”

Paul W.

“Just a quick question about Animo templates are the ones u use in the professional section?”

Jo F.

“I have been doing some personal branding shoots for a couple of years, but knew I wasn't really doing as much as I could to build that to be a profitable genre in my business. Nikki breaks down everything from posing, to client prep, pricing, marketing, networking and gives away all of her secret sauce to really nailing personal branding. Sometimes we encounter an educator that speaks the way our mind understands and Nikki does that for me. She is so real and authentic, and completely transparent in her process. I'm SO grateful I chose to get this course and it's so good that I want to her her to do mine! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to add personal branding to their toolbox, or revamp how they currently do it so that they can be more profitable!”

Angie W.

“What a great course Nikki! WOW! This is exactly what anyone getting started with pursuing headshots and personal branding needs! You take the guessing out of it and give your viewers a formula that will work with the ability for them to modify and personalize things to suit them as they progress!!! For me personally, I have been doing headshots and personal branding for a few years and purchasing the course for me was hugely about making sure that I wasn't missing anything or what things I could use to add to my own processes. I LOVE watching how quickly you pose your clients, the wide variation of poses you get in such a short period of time and I will definitely be taking away lots of tips and a boost in my own confidence as a personal branding photographer. Thank you!!!”

Jenna K.