The Fashion Series

by Lara Jade

The Fashion Series

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Join New York-based Fashion Photographer Lara Jade as she walks you through everything you need to know about creating cover-worthy images your clients will love.

This class is perfect for wedding, portrait, family photographers and more. Regardless of your location, budget or resources, this series will teach you how to add a unique fashion flair to your images and take your work to the next level. Read more.

Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

16 Hrs, 35 Mins of Video

Broken up into 3 fundamental courses and 5 challenges.


Including an 11-page PDF of Lighting Diagrams to help you set up your own studio.

112 Videos

So you can easily navigate through each course. Watch them in order or skip around!

Fashion Fundamentals


Fashion Lighting Fundamentals


Styling Fundamentals


Fashion Posing Fundamentals


In these segments, Lara is challenged to create portfolio-worthy images while encountering the limitations that many photographers face. Limitations such as finding models, sourcing hair and make up artists, doing an entire shoot with only DIY lighting equipment, time restraints, photographing inexperienced models, shooting in a home studio, etc.


Beach Challenge


Bridal Challenge


Cover Shoot Challenge


Beauty Challenge


Editorial Challenge

The Fashion Series

Accomplished fashion photographer, Lara Jade has created a fashion education series to modernize and elevate your photography to the next level. Whether you shoot portraits, weddings, or are starting out as a fashion photographer, Lara’s key methods will give your work the fashion flair you’ve been searching for.

This intensive series first takes you through basic fashion fundamentals of styling, posing and lighting. Then, put what you’ve learned into practice by watching the challenges as Lara strives through certain restrictions such as limited budget, limited gear, limited space, and limited time. Through these challenges, Lara teaches us how to concept and storyboard our shoots, find models, work with hair & makeup artists, all the way through to nailing that final image.

Lara’s work has been published in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Taiwan, Hong Kong Tatler, L’officiel Ukraine, Interview Magazine and many more. She has photographed countless top models and actors for luxury companies like Air France, Sotheby’s, Monique Lhuillier and the May Fair Hotel. Through this series, you’ll learn to find your vision and your style as a photographer, strengthen your creative direction, and gain confidence on set. Learn to master Lara’s techniques to replicate the photos you see in fashion magazines and give your clients a cover-worthy image!


Are the courses downloadable?

Yes! The entire series is available for download. Just select the course you want to download and scroll down until you see the downloadable file on the right.

How do I access the PDF downloads?

The PDF downloads are currently located in the fundamentals section of the website – under each posing, styling and lighting sections.

How is this course different than your other resources and courses?
The last time I taught an educational course was 2013 – I’ve learned so much in the past 6 years so I feel like this captures a much greater depth of knowledge and commercial experience.
This is a backstage pass to joining me on several shoot scenarios and it’s the first time I’ve even shown my creative process from start to finish.
Which videos do I start with?
I always recommend starting with the fundamental videos as they give a lot of insight into the key elements of fashion photography. This directly translates in the challenge videos – where you get to see exactly how I work and how I work through various obstacles. 
Is this a studio or location based course?
Both. I’m going to show you ways to produce stunning imagery without complicated lighting setups or equipment. I cover both natural light and studio techniques.
What level of photographer is this course most suitable to?
The series is created to be both educations and inspirational. In this lighting fundamentals, I am sharing professional setups and techniques that I regularly utilize on set. In the challenge videos, I’m showing photographers how to create similar end results without having access to professional equipment. With that in mind, this course is both suitable for beginners and working professionals. 
Will this course be applicable to me as a wedding photographer?
As someone who shoots for both bridal designers and magazines, I give clear insight into how to expand your wedding portfolio. The posing, lighting, and styling fundamentals are great resources to learn from. This course can help you modernize your bridal portfolio and elevate your brand awareness.
Will this course be applicable to me as a portrait photographer?

This course shows portrait photographers how to add a competitive edge. Teaching them techniques so that they can offer their clients beautiful modern imagery with a fashion flair. Create a luxury experience for tour clients to feel as if they are a celebrity being photographed on the cover of a high-end fashion magazine.

Does the series include business or retouching techniques?

Thought I do touch on some retouching elements and business advice within The Fashion Series (in the challenge videos) it’s not one of the more prominent topics at this time.

38 Reviews for The Fashion Series

“I absolutely love this series. Initially I thought it was just for fashion photographers but boy was I wrong! I love all of the new lighting set ups that Lara teaches in the Fashion Lighting Fundamentals videos. I feel like this is such a great next step from the set ups and lighting fundamentals that Felix teaches. It expands perfectly on it. I just invested in my second Profoto B1X and two new modifiers and can't wait to try out some of the new setups. I think it can definitely apply to all types of portraiture, not just fashion. If you're ready to take your work to the next level and stand out in your market, definitely invest in this series!”

— Angi L.

“This is layers of learning. The explanations are thorough while watching how it is actually executed. What's even better is I could observe how everything is set up and how Lara operates the shoot. Something new to learn every time it's watched.”

— Jude S.

“Absolutely incredible series! Lara... Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us!”

— Shannon W.

“I've been waiting so long for a learning experience as this and I'm over the moon happy I made this purchase. I'm already reaping the benefits of the posing guide in my recent shoots and the video tutorials are moving new directions I've longed to go in but I didn't the guidance I needed until now. I've sound understandings of light, composition, posing but this series of experiences you've created Lara will take me to new heights of my photographic journey. Love the practical approach you share that lead to quantum leap improvements!!”

— Larry R.

“Thank you Lara!this course is Amazing, the knowledge and amount of information you share is really unbelivable!Even is I knew a lot already It is always very interesting to see how other photographers work and this course gave me the inspiration to experiment something new! Worth every single euro!!”

— Francesca L.

“I am SO glad I purchased this series. Not only has it given me confidence in my thought process, it has also allowed me to play around with interesting lighting set ups - as Lara Jade says ....the client will never doubt your process, as long as the final image is what they envisioned. THANK YOU Lara, for teaching us wonderful set ups and giving us confidence in our work! I've been having the best time playing around with lighting techniques without the worry of judgement! I highly recommend this course not only for regaining confidence in your work but adding new techniques and learning new skills too.”

— Tegan G.

“I am so glad I purchased this series! I have followed Lara Jade’s work for awhile and was so excited when I saw this was available. If you are even remotely interested in adding a fashion flair to your portraits or are interested in fashion photography I highly recommend this. How she shows her process is beneficial so there really is something for everyone in this series. I binge watched this after purchasing and was sooo inspired that I booked one of my friends as a model to start incorporating this style, like NOW! This was exactly what I needed to kick my portraits up a notch and add an edge to my style.”

— Tracy G.

“Honestly, one of the best purchases i've ever made. I've always preferred studio over natural light, this series has boosted my confidence in both location and studio. I have new lighting ideas to try, and more needes in-depth knowledge on how to make the use of natural lighting. There is something for everyone in this series.”

— Alex B.

“I was waiting for Lara to make course like that! I absolutely love it! there is no hiding knowledge - she is teaching absolutely everything what she know! And this is beautiful!”

— Anna K.

“Fantastic course. It is incredibly comprehensive and detailed. Lara is an amazing teacher - she explains absolutely everything and so clearly. I highly recommend it.”

— Therese A.

“I’ve been loving using studio lights for a few years now but I’ve been shying away from techniques I wasn’t familiar enough with – Lara’s explanations and demo shoot videos just opened up a whole other World for me and I can not wait to put them all into practice! My favourite set up was always clamshell with 2 lights but Lara’s version was slightly different to mine – tried her version on today’s client and the result was fab! This course is definitely living up to my expectations!”

— Agi M.

“I’ve been loving using studio lights for a few years now but I shoes away from techniques I wasn’t familiar enough with - Lara’s explanations and demo shoot videos just opened up a whole other World for me and I can not wait to put them all into practice! My favourite set up was always clamshell with 2 lights but Lara’s version was slightly different to mine - tried her version on today’s client and the result was fab! This course is definitely living up to my expectations!”

— Agi M.

“GREAT ! Thank you !”

— Goran A.

“If you are just starting out like me, or you are already an experienced photographer. I promise that you WILL get something out of this series, even if you think you know it enough.. you might be surprised with all the tips and tricks that she taught!! Everything is explained so in-depth and so thought out that there is not even one confusing explanation in this. I'm already half way through and i learned SO MUCH in just a small time frame, and i can't wait to test out all these new knowledge that i get from this! Yeah... that's how good this is!! Lara explains all the lessons very clearly and straight forward, she shows you how she do it on the spot and how she exactly tackles problems if it occurs. If you are having second thoughts on getting this... DON'T, you are missing out on such a great material. Thank you Lara, Keep Inspiring!”

— Christopher S.

“I’m so happy I finally bought this! Lara is easy to understand and she gives so much helpful info. I also love the downloadable content! I can’t wait to start putting into practice what she teaches.”

— Paloma B.

“Guys, this is amazing! Even if you don't aspire to be a fashion photographer it will help you with styling any genre! Lara's posing offers that little added flare to make your everyday clients stand out and the lighting tutorial with pdf setups is a must as it's so EASY to follow! Lara even shows how to crop appropriately for the look and message you're trying to convey. As someone who aspires to break into this genre I am thrilled for this series but for anyone who wants to make their clients look and feel their best I highly recommend it! If you don't get it for yourself at least ask for it for Christmas. It'll be the gift you won't forget! The one that truly keeps on giving! Thank you Lara, I LOVE this series!!”

— Denise M.

“I can’t stress enough how incredible this series is for folks new to the world of lighting and to those photographers like myself who have been shooting for a long while with strobes. I had a pretty decent understanding of basic lighting principles but boy, Lara truly breaks everything down in ways I never even thought and EDUCATES. If you have been afraid of shooting with strobes or have been worried that the light won’t look natural or lend to your style, then do yourself a favor and purchase the Fashion Series and DIVE IN and learn from the BEST fashion photographer in the world. Lara, thank you for putting together so much valuable content and information in one place. I am walking away with the wisdom and capacity to light properly for portraits and I am so inspired to implement everything I have learned!!”

— Matthew A.

“I am addicted! I love how Lara explains every step, and keeps us updated of every thought process. Practical adjustments and agin proving that we do not need to overthink our shots. Love it!!! Fathima from South Africa (_@ttlphotography_)”

— Fathima N.

“I was a little skeptical on purchasing this series, I wasn't sure what I could learn from Lara that I haven't already learned from Sue. But I am SO glad that I gave in and bought it! Both Sue & Lara have two totally different ways of shooting and both are equally useful. Being a self taught photographer it has been a challenge for me to come across online courses that I really feel are worth it, that was until I found SBE, and now Lara Jade! I highly recommend this series to any one who is looking to expand their knowledge and technicality.”

— Esia D.

“Hello! Great course! I'm excited about the posing guide. Has this come out yet? If so, where can I locate this?”

— Shannon W.

“I am so excited about this course!!! Lara’s teaching style is very matter of fact and makes it so simple to understand. Im already booking concept sessions to practice the materials.”

— Cat F.

“Superb. Love every bit of it. Just ran quickly thru the material. Already binged on Lighting essentials and Styling. Excellent material. Very well laid out and explained and she comes cross very genuine and light. I cannot wait to see the rest of the course. One of the best I have purchased, hands down. Makes me want to attend one of her classes in person.”

— Ricardo G.

“Love the Series! Very detailed, can't wait to use each lesson in my portfolio.”

— Luis M.

“The Fashion Series with Lara has completely changed my mindset! For the longest time, I told myself I couldn't really create fashion-forward work, due to where I live. Living in a state with no professional modeling agencies, stylists, and limited hair and makeup artists, I felt stuck and not confident in my ability to pull shoots together with what is available. However, Lara completely debunks every hesitant thought within this series! She walks you through every aspect of the challenges offered and breaks down all the parts with how she would approach them. Her lighting setups are incredibly easy, and ones she even uses for her current clients. Having already used her 'Bridal Challenge,' for a local dress designer, I shot in my living room, just as Lara often does, and used one of her lighting setups that she shows within the challenge. And you know what, it was perfect! It worked out great! For the longest time, I had overcomplicated lighting and fashion shoots, and that was completely unnecessary! I am excited to continue using this series to grow! Seeing her other challenges, I've already planned more shoots on the horizon, and used the resources she provides! I would highly recommend The Fashion Series to any photographer. It's clear Lara poured her heart and soul into this. If you are looking to add any educational pieces to your growth as a photographer, this gem is the one!”

— Kacie Q.

“‘The Fashion Series’ by Lara Jade has been a real eye-opener for me. After some great but also some quite mediocre shoots over the past few weeks I’ve felt there was something missing in my work as well as my shooting routine. Luckily, Lara’s online education series had just been launched – perhaps it was fate! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, every photographer will find valuable advice in this course because it is tailored for vast range of photographic fields, not only fashion or beauty, but portrait and wedding photography as well. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of aha moments seeing Lara guide you through her shooting preparation; from building a mood board, finding a team and, lastly, final shoot, Lara breaks down every step involved in different production and shooting scenarios. Her relaxed yet competent teaching style makes every lesson easily understandable, it actually never feels like you’re watching an educational program – but of course you will end every session with many new insights into the world of fashion and portrait photography! One of the big advantages of ‘The Fashion Series’ are the challenges Lara has to master. Ranging from an outdoor shoot on the beach to an editorial shoot in a rented space, Lara will prove that you can achieve compelling images even with limited gear and a small budget. Besides, her tip on setting intention before every shoot has changed my mindset forever; it helped me realize that too often I’ve allowed myself to be overwhelmed by my limitations rather than to focus on my possibilities. Work with or around your limitations, don’t make excuses but try to make it work – this, in my opinion, is the essence of ‘The Fashion Series’ and Lara’s most important advice. I would therefore highly recommend ‘The Fashion Series’ to every photographer seeking to (re-)build their portfolio or add a bit of a fashion flair to their (client) work. For me, this course has absolutely changed the way I will approach photography in the future, and I’ll surely integrate some of Lara’s tips into my own workflow. Thank you to Lara and her team for their time and effort they’ve put into ‘The Fashion Series’ – this course will definitely become one of my frequently consulted photography sources!”

— Beatrice A.

“This is a great tutorial. Learnt a lot and at this price, it's a bargain.”

— Riswandi K.

“I am so happy that I purchased Lara Jade's " The Fashion Series" It is filled with an abundance of info including lighting, posing and styling. The Challenges were comprehensive and so well done. I hope to add "fashion flair" as well as applying the knowledge I've gained from "The Fashion Series" to my portrait business!”

— Evie R.

“I was elated when I learned about The Fashion Series! I’ve had Lara Jade on my radar since I first discovered her work on Flickr about 10 years ago and have been in admiration ever since. This educational series is everything I could have hoped for, except for a seat at one of Lara’s workshops! Really though- this series is absolutely amazing, full of detail, helpful information, and heaps of inspiration. There is such an incredible amount of helpful information in this series and I’m so glad that I’m able to go back and watch as often as I’d like. I love the way Lara explains lighting and posing in an easy to understand way that is still thorough and helpful and the downloads are wonderful! I cannot wait to try out some of the lighting setups that she demonstrates that I had not yet tried! I also really love the details Lara shares in the planning and creative process- the things that come before any actual photoshoot takes place. It’s so insightful to get a glimpse inside that world of a successful fashion photographer and I am already planning some new creative shoots of my own to practice what I’ve learned so far! Thank you Lara, for creating this series and sharing this amazing view into the world of creating fashion inspired images!!”

— Jessica N.

“I LOVE this series created by Lara! The sections are organized simply, easy to follow and full of ideas and knowledge I can actually use! I have attended her workshop years ago and I still use the skills I learned from then. I am so happy to now have a resource I can reference anytime I need! The PDFs are priceless! Lara has such a great skill in communication when teaching and sharing ideas. She has such humility when sharing her experiences. I look forward to more from Lara, I've really enjoyed witnessing her growth and talent all these years. She is such an inspiration. Thank you Lara!”

— Laura V.

“I’ve been following Lara since her DigitalRev debut and her collaborations with Creative Live. She’s always been one of my favorite people to watch because she goes into great detail about how to construct a good photo from the set, lighting and posing. I like how this series distinguishes between the genres and shows you the best route to achieve the results you want. I personally bought this series to help with posing, especially with not so experienced models from agencies, so I will be trying to impliment the flow posing and movement sections of this class into my future work. I also like how there is post processing techniques at the end of each section. I’m confident that this class will be part of the next rung upwards in my photography. Thank you Lara for making this class, I’ll be looking forward to your future content :)”

— zachary S.

“it is wonderful. Thank you very much for sharing”

— Diego R.

“This series is hands down one of the most comprehensive breakdowns of the fundamentals of fashion photography. Not only has Lara created such an amazing educational resource for aspiring fashion photographers, The Fashion Series is a great tool for portrait and wedding photographers alike wanting to embrace a more editorial style and gain a competitive edge. Her lighting and posing guides are indispensable resources. My fingers are crossed that she will continue to add to these as the diagram, pullback and final result examples really help guide you when deciding what lighting set up you need for your own photoshoots. This course breaks down a lot of the knowledge Lara shares on her workshops but allows you a much more in-depth, 360 degree view of how she works. The thing that most appealed to me was the behind the scenes look in to the process of how she conceptualizes and executes a shoot from start to finish. This is one of the best insights into how beautiful editorial work is created. I love how she even gives examples of various obstacles you might encounter starting out. If you are looking to gain a more in-depth knowledge of fashion lighting, posing, production, or retouching this course gives you the tools to do that and so much more. It brilliantly equips you with the knowledge to incorporate elements of her signature style and to and elevate your body of work to the next level. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to do just that.”

— Megan T.

“I cannot wait to dig into this series! I've been hoping for this for a long time! Thank you Lara!”

— Susan W.

“Honestly, it’s Lara. If you have seen any of her previous tutorials you know how great she is at sharing her knowledge. The difference between this one and her others though is this one feels more in-depth and complete. By in-depth I mean the challenge videos for me are probably the best, it goes through all of the pre-shoot stuff that a lot of tutorials skip over. The fundamentals section are something that I wish I had when first starting. The styling one for me personally was of most use since that is where I lack the most, but I think is one of the more important pieces of the puzzle when making a fashion image. There are some parts where you can tell Lara is demonstrating a certain pose or something along those lines, but the screen stays on the slideshow. For those moments you just have to pay attention to what she is saying, and usually she shows in the demo with model afterwords anyway. Overall though, amazing job by both Lara and the production team. So happy with the content the portrait masters is coming out with.”

— Chris M.

“I've been following Lara's work since DigitalRev introduced her in the Cheap Camera Pro Photographer series and that was a long time ago. After that video I looked her up and I was blown away by her portfolio. The thing I like the most about her photographs is how she instructs models to pose because that is the thing that I'm lack of. In this series of course you will learn about different lighting styles, how to pose models, etc but more than that, you will also learn about Lara's way of thinking when she takes photos. And it's a perfect course for not just amateurs but also pros. The course makes me want to take my camera out, try new things, new lighting combinations, and it's a good thing as a photographer. I highly recommend this course.”

— trang m.

“i have only just completed the fashion lighting fundamentals, but i can tell you now this online series is AMAZING. Lara explains every little detail exceptionally well from her thought process and too how each lighting component effects the model. As someone who has only shot in a studio once this is something i have been looking for. Can not wait to continue with the rest of the series! if your having doubts on purchasing this series don't will be one the best investments you have made!”

— Michael L.

“I was elated when I found out that Lara Jade had brought out The Fashion Series. I feel privileged to have done one of her brilliant workshops, so I knew I was in for a treat. The whole series is designed and put together beautifully and Lara delivers it in her delightful and easy to understand way. Everything you need to know from styling, lighting gear and camera settings is covered. I particularly love her lighting guide which you can actually download - brilliant! This alone is worth it's weight in gold. What's more you can watch the series over and over again, in your own time, and at your own pace. Whether it be lifestyle, wedding or studio portraits you are into, there is a lot to gain for very little investment and if you are unable to attend Lara's London or NY workshops in person, this is an absolute MUST HAVE. I highly recommend The Fashion Series to any genre of photographer who would like to add a fashion-edge to their work.”

— Alison M.

“This is great! love it!”

— Brigitta B.