Family Posing Series

with Michele Celentano

The Family Posing Series

(15 customer reviews)


Join award-winning family portrait photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Michele Celentano for this video series to learn and launch your family portraiture to new heights. Learn More.

Included in this Bundle:

What’s Included?

22 Hrs, 54 Mins

This comprehensive series is segmented into 13 detailed courses + 1 bonus segment.


The entire series is downloadable so you can watch on the go, anytime, anywhere.

114 Videos

Each course contains multiple videos so you can watch straight through or jump around.

Welcome to our family… our family of portrait photographers!

Award-winning family portrait photographer and Canon Explorer of Light, Michele Celentano has created a video series to launch your family portraiture to new heights. This extensive 13-course series focuses on posing and photographing families – in small groups of 2 all the way to large groups of 12 or more! Learn to take control of your sessions as you master Michele’s methods of shaping groups, working with people of all ages and sizes, using props, perfecting sitting poses, standing poses, shooting on-location, in the studio and everything in between.

Family is forever – and once you apply Michele’s principles to your family portraiture, your business will never be the same. Start your journey towards implementing the most lucrative genre of photography into your folio, and start creating priceless portraits for your clients that will outlive them for generations to come.

15 Reviews

“These are amazing! Thank you so much for your time and energy into giving us these powerful videos to learn from!! xo”

Kristen Z.

“Michele is nothing less than amazing in the art of posing! Groups have always been kind of nerve wracking even though I have done them for 20 years plus. Watching Michele fine tune groups from small to large and really make each and everyone of them look so great made me pretty envious. I watched Michele when she did the segment on SB live and I was impressed. It was enough to help me decide to purchase The family Posing. So happy I did, one of the very best training I have seen for posing. Just a ton of content. If you’re on the fence, just get it!!! You will not be sorry. Thanks Michele ;).”

Geri B.

“Clear, concise instruction coupled with humor and enthusiasm makes Michele’s videos an ease to watch. This is the way to learn family posing and Michele nailed it.”

Janet H.


Nancy H.

“Every video I watch gives me one more tool in the tool box!”

Stephanie R.

“These tutorials were extremely helpful and just what I needed. Michele not only breaks down the posing process in simple steps, but also gives you wonderful tips! I can't wait to put everything I learned in practice! Thank you so much Michelle and Sue!!”

Ines P.

“Hi, I got a e-mail saying I can down load the family posing I bought where do I go to down load the videos. Thank you, Cory.”

Cory H.

“Fantastic tutorials. They are helping me so much. Thank you.”

Nancy H.

“First thing first, it's a terrific course. It has changed the way I think and act, posing a family or a group of people, and it made a lot of difference to the final output I get from the shoots. I have not even completed the second course from the list of courses, still I had learnt so much. The instructor, Michele, is very enthusiastic, easy to watch and with a tinge of humour. She definitely have a knack to teach people. I would definitely recommend this, and as usual, thanks always goes to Sue and the Portrait Masters team.”

Vipin K.

“Michele is amazing! This is such an incredible series that covers everything you need to know about posing families. The triangle is forever etched in my mind! Michele's energy and enthusiasm are contagious. If you are on the fence about this class you will not be disappointed!”

Elizabeth B.

“Michele's course for Portrait Masters Family Posing is quite possibly the most comprehensive posing course I have ever taken. She breaks down every aspect of family portraiture and puts a classic and contemporary spin on the indoor, outdoor studios and location shooting. It is a Master's work for the emerging masters in her genre.”

Kristie M.

“This series is a practical and well laid-out approach to mastering the challenges of creating dynamic group portraits, presented with Michele's trademark upbeat and enthusiastic style. She gives clear explanations of the practices, followed by live sessions with real's a great investment in a solid education for anyone who works with groups. And I do - thank you!”

Cheryl W.

“I'm only a fraction of the way through the videos and can't believe how much information and detail is included. Watching these videos is giving me a great boost of confidence that I can master my family sessions. Thank you Michelle and all those involved in this creation. It's incredible!”

Julie H.

“Purchasing Michelle's Family Posing Series is one of the BEST decisions I've made! Excuses VANISH when you watch Michele turn alley ways, block walls, and metal buildings in to AMAZING backdrops for individual and family portraits. (Even during times when the sun is harsh and high in the sky!). Use of the scrim to allow a client to sit without damaging clothing, and stacked to allow greater diffusion will be a game changer for me, moving forward. I appreciate the way Michele interacts with her subject(s) using humor and a playful personality. Her 'technical' comments are AMAZING, providing insight for settings and technical choices. I also appreciate the right/wrong images to show how tweaking a pose slightly can make a HUGE difference in capturing our subjects in the most flattering way! I am feeling like a grateful sponge soaking up every bit of this course. Don't miss the chance to learn from one of the BEST! THANK YOU, MICHELE!”

Kelly H W.

“Michelle is the master of showing us how to pose and work with families. I love how she brings everyone in close and uses humor to get cooperation. An excellent teacher and resource for anyone wanting to work in family photography.”

Julie K.