The Editorial Collection Photoshop Actions by Pratik Naik

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As a retoucher, having a palette of colors to pick from that go with any image was my goal for this set of Photoshop actions. The collection is versatile in that they span a range of moods and emotions. The inspiration when crafting these came from the editorial world.

The beauty of the collection is that each set of colors transform into a different look based on the image they used. So even though there are 6 actions, the look changes from image to image. You’ll be able to rediscover a new palette with the same action each time you use them.

Each action is completely customizable as every layer is there for you to modify as desired to create your own look. Add your own layers on top to create a signature look.

These actions were also be designed to be stacked to create your own recipe! I recommend combining two of the actions together form an intricate look. For instance, combining Ethereal and Divine brings both the magenta shadows and warmer mood together for something really special.

Photos courtesy of Steve Weldon

Included in this Bundle:

The Editorial Collection is a set of 6 versatile photoshop actions that can portray a variety of moods and emotions with a few simple clicks of the mouse. The beauty of this collection comes from the color transformation that takes place based on the image being edited. With these 6 actions, you’ll be able to create a unique look from image to image and rediscover a new palette each time you apply them. The Editorial Collection is completely customizable with the ability to modify each layer or add layers to elevate your portraits.

Pratik’s Recipe: Combine Ethereal and Divine to bring both the magenta shadows and warmer moods together for an intricate look.

Photos courtesy of Steve Weldon

Individual Actions

Celestial – Faded shadows and a film-like look, this action comes to life on images with an abundance of shadows & mid-tones and a hint of highlights.

Divine – Royal rich magenta and purple shadows with an added contrast and warmer highlights.

Ethereal – A burst of energy infuses each frame as this action adding a rich, warm tone.

Opulence – A dance of emerald highlights and cooler shadows with a mix of added contrast.

Sublime – Similar to Divine, this action has a deeper contrast depth for images that demand to be pushed further.

Transcendence – Pratik’s Personal Favorite – This action combines a cross-processed look to form a cohesive image no matter the scene. It provides warm highlights and cool shadows with a controlled contrast for a beautiful look.

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“Beautiful collection with multi-functional purposes. It works beautifully on both location and studio shot images.”