Whitening Teeth.

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Whitening teeth is something that is overdone all the time. Pratik shows us the proper way to do it easily and quickly. There is no doubt that this tool will become part of your normal retouching routine when it comes to smiling portraits.

7 Reviews

“"And we're done!" This explains the white boxes some of my friends have been using in their feed!”

Charlie E.

“A great technique that I will be using. Thanks!”

Saundra H.

“More natural looking than using the just the Dodge tool.”

Gina D.

“Thanks! This is just what i needed! It's so easy to do and the results are great!”

Ana R.

“Great teaching. Thanks”

Grace C.

“Man, I am learning SO much stuff, it's amazing! You are an awesome teacher. :-) Thank you!”

Kristine D.

“This was so helpful for a quick and SIMPLE way to whiten and brighten teeth naturally!”

Stephanie W.