In this module, we’ll focus specifically on best practices for prepping your images for social sharing.

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Have you ever uploaded an image on social media only to realize that it’s not looking so good? In this module, we’ll focus specifically on resizing your images in a certain way so we end up getting a good end result that is ready for the web.

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“Great tutorial! it is saving me so much time.”

Claudia M.

“Thank you Naik to give me the best tips and wonderful editing education”

Yosef Mehari B.

“THANK YOU!!!!!! I have been struggling with this for YEARS!”


“I will definitely try this the next time I load images to FB and IG.”

Gina D.

“Can this be saved as a png instead of jpeg?”

Brandy M.

“Hi Pratik!In the video you saved the image as 16bit file?”

Eduard B.

“Hi Pratik! Is there a way to make portrait oriented photos into landscape?”

Janina A.

“Nice tips :)”

Andrea G.

“It is great to finally see someone give more details about this topic! Thank you Pratik!”

Jacques H.