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Hot spots is the bane of every portrait photographer. When clients have oil or sweat on their skin, hot spots are almost inevitable. Learn how to naturally retouch hot spots quickly and efficiently – no one will ever know they were there to begin with!

9 Reviews

“Where frequency separation really shines: removing shine. haha!”

Charlie E.

“Simple action for troublesome hotspots!”

Gina D.

“So helpful!!!”

meg r.

“Very natural look, thank you.”

Elizabeth F.

“The frequency separation definitely is a good approach here. As a quick fix I use a separate layer set to "darken" and simply paint it in with a brush.”

Wolf-Dieter G.

“I think this is a rare instance where FS works, isn't it?”

Erwin B.

“Awesome thank you Pratik”

Austin R.

“Amazing, thank you!”

Iralyn V.

“Best hotspot remedy yet! Thanks”

Victoria V.