Watch Pratik complete a full retouch of an image with advanced skin issues.

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Dealing with advanced skin issues is always difficult. I want to show you what I would do if I had to fix an image like this so you can see how I would work on them for any client.

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“Thanks for this addition. It really made my retouching a breeze.”

Mofeed Q.

“Thanks so much for your power and your wonderful techniques”

heidi b.

“The best retouching teacher out there! So glad I made this investment!”

Nahid U.

“Thank you! Beautifully done”

Cheryl L.

“Just another great tutorial and I learned plenty. Just posted my retouched version of this photo on the facebook page.”

Pim N.

“Thank you mate nice one”

Kamil K.

“This is amazing. I love how you keep adding on to your series. The value of the series is unreal! Thanks for being you- amazing!”

Mike r.

“loved it completely ... thank you”

Ranadeep R.

“Thank You for being so dope.”

Don M.

“There's always something new to learn. Thanks, Pratik, this collection of videos is priceless. And thanks for adding new content!”

Gary N.