Easily minimizing the appearance of wrinkles

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Learn to realistically reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a natural way. This section covers multiple ways to keep your client looking natural while minimizing hard lines. This technique is perfect for retouching mature subjects who still want to look their age.

4 Reviews

“Really clear and simple explanation! Thanks a lot, Pratik!”

Cédric L.

“I'm a little confused with when you use the airbrush tool and when you don't - that is when you're using the clone stamp or brush tool. Is it just to control the flow from the keyboard or does it apply the brush or clone differently than if it were turned off? Also, I recently purchased your course and it's made a remarkable difference in my workflow and edit capabilities. It makes me want to go back and redo all of my older edits!”

Richard V.


Gina D.

“Loved this one! I've had trouble with the clone tool overdoing it. This method keeps the integrity and looks natural. Thank you, Pratik!”

rachel r.