Naturally reduce undereyes.

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Fixing undereyes can be really difficult! Learn to address multiple issues like lines, texture, darkness, or different skin tones. In this lesson, Pratik shows us quick and easy ways to lessen the effects of under eyes to leave your clients looking fresh and bright.

5 Reviews

“Amazing technique! Love it... simple yet efficient!”

Tai H.


Sara B.

“Excellent. As a newbie trying to learn PS, this video makes the lesson very easy to understand!”

Gina D.

“I use a similar method but with the repair brush instead of the stamp tool. As there's no opacity for the repair brush, I fade it after the stroke or mask the layer. By the way, why no frequency separation?”

Wolf-Dieter G.

“Really liked the clone brush technique. As photographers/retouchers, we tend to go with the hardest, more precise methods, but this usually sets us back in terms of how long it takes us to deliver a perfect image. I'll definitely start using this technique more often.”

Oliver D.