In this module, Pratik will show you how to fix a host of issues caused by glare and color reflections in glasses.

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Glasses present their own set of challenges. Glare and color reflections always happen
and sometimes you have no choice to retouch it in post. In this module, I’ll show you how to fix a host of issues. Also, we’ll take a look at what can’t be done so you’ll also know what to look out for on set so you can be prepared when it’s time to get to retouching.

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“Why have I been faffing around with the channel mixer all this time? These videos are insane - thank you so much.”

Jo C.

“Every single video I have seen has been so easy to follow, brief, and straight to the point. You are a gifted teacher, and I appreciate you!”

Michelle G.

“Oh! My Gosh you are just truly amazing What a talent. Plus a wonderful teacher”

Jeanette F.



“This was exceptional!”

Gina D.

“Pratik, I adore listening to your soothing voice, you inspire confidence and mastery! Wonderful job - so well done~!”

Marianne C.

“Amazing how one can do so much, with so few tools. It takes time, and especially talent !”

Erwin B.



“To think of the time I have previously spent and not been successful! If I had only known how to do this. Thank you!!”

Jean Michal L.

“Something every one needs to know. It will happen sooner or later to all of us. Thanks for the class.”

Jacki M.

“Nice! these are exactly the type of things I like to learn about. Knowing what can be done before I end up with a mess.”

Jacques H.