All about Frequency Separation.

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Frequency Separation is a powerful tool that allows images to be split into “texture” and “color” on separate layers. Using this tool is incredibly powerful, and it doesn’t have to be scary. Pratik takes us through all the ways to use this tool to our advantage when retouching portraits.

9 Reviews

“Loved this. A very gentle way of doing frequency separation. I have never seen your technique of using an empty layer above the color layer to sparingly brush in color.”

Daniel H.

“Great tutorial, can the brush layer technique be used at the dodge and burn stage?”

Edward R.

“Nice and conservative! there are also a few other ways of FS like FS 2.0”

Raul A.

“For the FS action, please see the Fundamentals section. Thanks.”

Grace R.

“Very good explanation of frequency separation.”

Gina D.

“Can someone point me in the direction of the actions please?”

Marion A.

“never mind! found it!”

Janice S.

“I think I heard there was a FS action.... where is it?”

Carrie R.

“Great video..I love the way you explain everything in detail and break it down.”

Gloria G.