Step by step extractions and selections methods making it easy to cut out backdrops and swap in colors, add textures, or sample hair.

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Extractions and selections are something that can be overly complicated and frustrating. I want to spend time breaking them down in a way that makes sense so it’s easy for people to do. Whether it’s trying cut out backdrops and swap in colors, add textures, or sampling hair, this module will provide you with a game plan on how to go about it. This step by step method should do the trick.

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“I discovered that for much of the area you want to exclude from masking can be accomplished with the selection too inside of the area and then you can easily fill it in with white quickly without worrying about going over the edge too far.”

Andrea F.

“I have been wanting a precise means of extracting for so long. Thank you for this technique. It's seems so simple now. I'm off to give it a go!!”

Andrea F.

“I have learned so much with this series, thanks a bunch Pratik”

Alan C.

“It's like you were reading my mind...just what I was looking for...”

Cheryl L.

“Exactly what I was looking for!!! Thanks a lot. Always 5 stars”

Bianca B.

“This is really helpful - thank you!”

Tanya D.

“Loved this little tip! Thanks again for another video. Keep them coming!”

Jacques H.