This tutorial will show you how to touch up acne and make it look realistic and not overdone.

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Acne is something we all have challenges with in portraits, no matter how severe or minimal, this tutorial will show you how to make it look realistic and not overdone. In the process, I believe you won’t have to resort to blurry skin. In the end, you’ll get a result that you’re completely happy with.

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“What a difference! A lot to do, but this is an extreme case and we still have the recording to view again.”

Gina D.

“The best. He's so thorough.”

Andrea F.

“I thank God that I have taken this retouching course... thank you very much Sir !”


“Very helpful demonstration of the workflow on how to tackle this problem.”

Jacques H.

“Pratik does a great job of walking the viewer through the steps of a complicated edit. The pace is slow enough to follow but not too slow. He goes through the tools he uses, the thought process behind the decisions he makes and the total workflow from start to finish. Brilliant tutorial by a world class retoucher.”

Hal H.