Flyaways (straight hair).

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Removing flyaways is key and almost universal when it comes to portraits. Knowing how many to remove and how to remove them is a technique you’ll use over and over again. Pratik shows us how to quickly and efficiently take care of flyaways with straight hair.

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“Fast and effective!!!!!!”


“Thank you!!! Simple, easy steps and so much faster.”

Tegan M.

“Hi Pratik, Thank you for demonstrating the importance, where the clone-stamp must select background to match the foreground.”


“This will help save a lot of time fixing flyaways.”

Gina D.

“Thank you so much. I often dread this process, and this is such a great idea to speed it up while getting great results!”

Janet M.

“It's very simple and nice. Enjoyed it a lot:)”

Edgaras B.