Blotchy Skin

(5 customer reviews)

Reflected across the series, patchy or blotchy skin is quite common. I wanted to highlight the exact workflow to take care of that. It fits within my standard retouching workflow but showing you how it can be done will allow you to use it no matter what workflow you follow. We’ll also talk about what to look for and how far to go. 


5 Reviews

“Oh dear, you can't see the brush as you're working. Makes this less useful than it could be. Otherwise, great tutorial as usual :-)”

Lori L.

“This was exactly what I needed this evening for a gallery I'm working on. The client has blotchy skin and uneven skin tones, so this was the perfect way to tackle those problem areas. Thank you so much Pratik!”

Mary F.

“Thank you! The only thing we can not see how brush (or cursor) is moving during dodge and burn process (”


“thanks but the dodge and burn process is not showing as you're talking about it”

David Q.

“Thanks for this real world example!”

Lori P.