The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

Flow Presentation

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Watch Felix at The Portrait Masters Conference as he shares his lighting secrets!

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Flow Presentation

Join Felix during this live-shoot demonstration, on stage, at The Portrait Masters Conference as he shares his lighting secrets.

8 Reviews for Flow Presentation

“Thank you Felix! I got better form all your lighting advice bits and pieces. I am more confident now. I owe you!”

— Mofeed Q.

“Love this video! Thank you for brining it all together into one flow. Can’t wait to try this flow during my next shoot.”

— Crystal K.

“Love watching to hammer the concepts home.”

— Kevin F.

“This is a MUST see, consolidates previous learning with practical examples and techniques I used the day after watching! The Lighting series continues to grow in value! Bravo!! and Thank You!”

— Kevin .

“Absolutely great new content. Love it very much. Thanks for adding it to the already amazing content we have.”

— Hans E.

“Fantastic video, such a logical technique for creating so many different looks. Will definitely be putting this to practice on my next shoot.”

— Clare H.

“This is an amazing video! A must see!”

— Kevin .

“I absolutely love it!”

— Barry T.