The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

Watch Felix at The Portrait Masters Conference as he shares his lighting secrets!

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Join Felix during this live-shoot demonstration, on stage, at The Portrait Masters Conference as he shares his lighting secrets.

13 Reviews

“WOW, AMAZING...Thank you Felix. Loved this video. You had me laughing along while learning at the same time.”

Olivia T.

“I really enjoy and I learn a lot. Congratulations Team for your awesome educational series.”

Matt P.

“You're Amazing Felix!”

Dillon D.

“When an educator is equally very informative and entertaining too, learning becomes fun. When its fun its totally more memorable and more humanized . This is Felix at his finest and complements what already is a very strong educational series by him. Thank You.”

Geoffrey S.

“Saved this video till last having watched the complete Portrait Masters series. Very informative and helpful. Would love to know the dimensions and color specs of the Oliphant background used. How can we get that info?”

Arno D.

“Thank you Felix! I got better form all your lighting advice bits and pieces. I am more confident now. I owe you!”

Mofeed Q.

“Love this video! Thank you for brining it all together into one flow. Can’t wait to try this flow during my next shoot.”

Crystal K.

“Love watching to hammer the concepts home.”

Kevin F.

“This is a MUST see, consolidates previous learning with practical examples and techniques I used the day after watching! The Lighting series continues to grow in value! Bravo!! and Thank You!”

Kevin C.

“Absolutely great new content. Love it very much. Thanks for adding it to the already amazing content we have.”

Hans E.

“Fantastic video, such a logical technique for creating so many different looks. Will definitely be putting this to practice on my next shoot.”

Clare H.

“This is an amazing video! A must see!”

Kevin C.

“I absolutely love it!”

Barry T.