The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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Studio lighting can open up so many new options for photographing backlit and sidelit shots that will take your photography to a new level. Felix and Sue walk you through how these lighting scenarios will open up a whole new range of posing options. Learn to replicate these classic natural light scenarios with strobes, and even how to modify this set up so you can achieve this look in a smaller studio.

21 Reviews

“Fantastic walk through with natural and strobes. The best tutorial video I've seen in ages. A+++++”

Robert C.

“Wow, this lighting is so gorgeous!!!! I love this lesson. Thank you!”

Jessica C.

“Fantastic advanced lighting course! Love that Felix and Sue don't waste our time talking about gear, etc. This is simply an advanced lighting course and you are expected to have a basic foundation of prerequisite knowledge. This video set in particular makes you feel like an intern on a live set- which is so valuable. Sue is a true pro- you can tell she is obsessed with making the perfect image. And Felix is a light master with such an approachable personality, he really let's Sue do her thing and provides his masterful insight in between.”

Skyler W.

“Love this look. Great simple explanations.”

Starla S.

“My goal for 2019 is to think outside the box. This was my holiday gift to me and the best investment! I appreciate the way this is taught, the series broken up so you can retain it, and how you keep it simple. Thankyou!”

Suzanne L.

“Felix, thank you for sharing your lighting knowledge. Would love more behind the scenes and lighting lesssons”

kiet t.

“This is one of my faves. I love the modifier behind the backdrop! - so clever”

Jennifer C.

“I love how Sue's philosophies about natural light merge with Felix's knowledge about strobes. It's truly interesting to see Sue's method, and then Felix show how that look can be re-created with artificial light. Fantastic tutorial.”

Alex B.

“What I found to be the best part of this video is the fact that we get direction in both natural light and strobes. Both do a great job of demonstrating this. The reason for only 4 stars is because this is a video about keeping things simple with lighting. I can't understand why you would bring a noisy hair dryer into the shoot. I love the effect, but could of turned it off after a quick demonstration, or left it out completely. Keep on track with the topic and less on effects and posing. Still a good video overall. It's obvious that Felix and Sue are very talented and knowledgeable.”

John F.

“Thank you for this video. They’re all wonderful but I especially appreciate your consideration of those of us who shoot within small spaces. I have a little more room than in your strobe setup so I know I can do this. You spoke about constant light but will I get the same results with speedlights?”

Maria B.

“I just tried this setting of lights, it's amazing. You can't tell the difference from natural window light. Thank you Felix”

Pedro S.

“I'm soooo glad I got this series!! I have a small room to shoot in and I can't wait to try this :)”

Casandra B.

“@Natalie Mbogo - I shoot mostly with a Nikon 24-70mm zoom lens, and a 50mm prime”


“I am so happy I purchased this series. I was hesitant being new to Sue Bryce education and am overjoyed to have been targeted with this on Facebook ads, ha! Can anyone give insight into what lenses Felix and Sue are using?”

Natalie M.

“Thank you so much!!!!!! Can’t wait to try!”

beatriz i.

“Steve Can't get much simpler than this~ Felix and Sue....Excellence!!!”


“class! Is there any link to this backdrop?”

Steve W.

“OMG the best explanations about lighting I've come across thus far - can't wait to try them all out, such a game changer for me!”

Elise N.

“Fabulous! I can't wait to try it with strobes!”

Carrie K.

“Such great explanations and demonstrations. I feel like I finally understand studio lighting. Thank you Felix and Sue.”

ashley c.

“I cannot wait to try this.”

Maria S.