The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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Layering light is an effective way to add a new dimension to your work. In this lesson, Felix shows you how to do this with ease, using no modifiers, just two lights. Learn this creative setup that will elevate the emotion of your photography. The images from this setup often look like they were created in a complex studio with lots of post production, but here you will learn to do it all in-camera!

19 Reviews

“Felix love watching you, simple set up, easy to follow, magazine look”

Pim Y.

“Loved this lesson! Lesson really breaks layer lighting down so easily and I love how creative the final image looks.”

Tegan M.

“I love it !!!! I will try it for sure !”

Isabelle P.

“So inspiring! Pictures are stunning and I cant wait to try this. What is the reference of the gel you're using in front of your lens please? thx”

Karine K.

“WAOW, am-ma-zing!!! Cannot wait to try this!!!”

Patricia Micaela G.

“SO inspirational. Can´t wait to try!!”

Nina R.

“He's so personable. It makes learning fun and simple to follow.”

Andrea F.

“So much amazing, insightful knowledge packed into this video set. Be sure to watch multiple times.”

Skyler W.

“Pretty cool and yet so simple!”

Brian C.

“perfect. Perfect. Perfect.”

Ian M.

“This course was amazing!”

Efren M.


Skip G.

“J’adore. Simple yet effective”

kiet t.

“J’adore Felix”

kiet t.

“@Robert van Hall - I use 2 Elinchrom ELB 400's with action heads.”


“Ab fab this episode. Does anyone know which lights are used here?”

Robert v.

“That’s some bangin bod on Ian and Felix shows it off expertly with his layered lighting skills.”

Maria S.

“I cannot wait to try this!! So incredible!”

Andrew K.

“Felix is talented and such a nice guy oh yes and I learned a lot haha! THAT MODEL wow what a gorgeous man”

Stephanie L.