The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

Get Felix’s super-simple video series on basic lighting with a single light and modifier. Don’t buy any new equipment until you have watched this video.

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So you purchased a basic modifier, shot a few photos with it, didn’t like the result, and didn’t know how to fix it? We’ve all been there, but don’t give up yet. In this series of videos, Felix will show you how to take your “ugliest” modifier and transform it into something you’ll love to use in every shoot. He’ll also walk you through how to choose a modifier if you haven’t tried one yet. Join Felix to learn to create beautiful studio lighting without buying a whole bunch of new equipment.

67 Reviews

“Seeing Siri's view made this so much easier to understand! Thanks Felix!”

Nina H.

“I love this because Felix gives visuals along with the talk and does not get too technical. Also, many light courses are using high end equipment and the talk is geared towards the specific features. I feel very comfortable that I can achieve his direction since he brings it to a level for folks like me who use Alienbees, lol. I felt so empowered when he referred to the "sliders. I plan on upgrading, but when I do I will have the gist of this. Thank you kindly, Felix.”

DeeLee M.

“This really helped I love how you keep it basic yet it is full of information. Step by step....I love that.”

Christine M.

“Well that was an hour well spent! Learned so much in that really short period of time. Thank you!”

Earl G.

“Great teaching - simple, easy to follow and makes so much sense. Thanks so much”

Lawrence B.

“Truly amazed with the lighting series and was starting to get some doubts in my lighting ability's with not shooting much. The tutorials are awesome in lighting and the different ways to light. its showing my confidence is coming back slowly and have my first shoot on the 24th April. Can't wait to try out the lighting methods. All the best to the group and loving your work.????”

Robert C.


Olga B.

“I'm a huge fan of dramatic lighting: reflectors, grids, bare heads, beauty dishes, barn doors... Many of these simply have to be pointed directly at a subject, and that's great. An entire portfolio could be built on setups having the light pointed directly at the subject. But that's not the entire story to lighting, is it... It's not the extent to which light can be shaped or a modifier can be utilized. I've become a huge fan of the results of Felix's approach and am finally learning it from this course, and I'm so excited to have it really broaden and expand my approach to lighting and the techniques at my disposal. One dramatic setup may involve a magnum reflector with specularity and deep shadows, but perhaps for the next shot you want to create something super feathered, soft, and painterly. It's all about the right tools and techniques for the right job, right? I think balance is important in everything worth doing, and the results with these techniques and modifiers really are quite remarkable and unique. And the images they create straight out of camera really are simply stunning!”

Ryan L.

“You are such an incredible teacher! Absolutely love the way to explain everything. Thank you :)”

Anna M.

“A PDF file with all the equipment necessary would be very helpful. Please????????”

Arti D.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, it is very much appreciated. The side by side comparisons, especially those zoomed in on the models face, were very helpful. I wouldn't have said no to more of these, just to be able to better appreciate what the subtle changes in position could do.”

Rob O.

“Felix's lighting courses are worth every penny. Great investment no matter what your skill level is. It took what I learned in school many years ago to the next level, and helped me break out of a creative rut I was stuck in. Thank you Felix!!!”

miles s.

“Felix, I love your teaching style, it's precise und easy to follow.”

Othmar M.

“just started the series and it's been very informative and helpful for this beginner. Just a quick question: Where does the beauty dish fit into this?”

Barbara B.

“Couldn't ask for more, concise and to the point! thanks”

Michael P.

“Incredibly helpful! I have a learning disability and learn information very slow and need things to be stated clearly, repeated (to an extent of course/reinforced) and this video was the perfect way for me to learn. Thanks Felix!”

Rachel R.


Paola M.

“Wha tis the link to the lighting challenge group? Anybody??? Thanks!”

Kevin T.

“Felix presentation and explanation skills are phenomenally simple and straight forward. The way it is filmed is incredibly well done. His humble and friendly tone is extremely engaging. I feel like I’ve learned a great deal and found myself wanting to hear more. I will most definitely look for more of his classes.”

Helene M.

“I just want to cry...this was so helpful and easy to understand. I have been struggling with lighting in my studio space. Its a dedicated room in my house, but its small. There is not a lot of room to maneuver. I am looking forward to trying these techniques and having some success! I wish I could have afforded the whole thing because I also really want to see how to shoot in small spaces! Thank so much!”

Dawniele C.

“It was suppose to be about small, medium and large modifiers but as far as I noticed Felix discussed just small and medium? Otherwise very well presented and practical informations to take forward”

Magdalena M.

“An excellent video. Clear, practical and well-paced. A great video to build upon to develop your lighting skills. Now I must get an indirect speeding for my Elinchrom octa!”

James O.

“I’ve just learned so much more by watching this video. This could possibly take my work to a another level. I’m anxious to try these techniques!”

Devalson W.

“This is absolutely brilliant, love the way you teach! Even though I 've been shooting with strobes for years I felt I learned so much.”

Isabelle H.

“Starting to sink in! Even one very raw newbie like me can understand Felix's explanation. He makes it so easy to understand. I am off to start applying what I have just learned.”

Nelly V.

“If you are fairly new to studio lighting this series is a must. The techniques and tips you will learn many of us have aquired after a fair few years of light testing and shooting different subjects. Personally I didn't gain much from this series as anyone who has used softboxes and modifiers for sometime will already know about feathering and reflecting light. The way in which these principles are taught by Felix is simple and totally accessible. No jargon or over complication here. However if like me you know lighting well you will most likely not find anything more here to add to your understanding. What you will however get is a reinforcement of the techniques you know in a way that may make it easier for you to explain to others or refer back to in the future.”

Ferhan K.

“What a great series. Felix has a lovely demeanour and explains things in such a way that you will have several lightbulb moments. I have taken many lighting courses in the past but this one is by far, one of the best. Felix is a natural instructor. Thank you Felix. Keep up the good work!”

Liliana R.

“Hello Felix! Loved how you broke down what seemed to be a daunting task into a simpler way to look at light. I have two cheap strobes with square softboxes that someone gave me. I never used them because I didnt understand them. Now I do and not afraid to use them. So now whether using my LED constant, Speedlights w Rapid Box, or cheap strobes, I can get that perfect light I was looking for in my work. Thank you Felix! Donna Borgia”

Donna B.

“Felix's lighting series is unmatched! I love the clarity and calm of his teaching style, and his positive encouragement. It's transformed the way that I think about lighting and taken away a lot of the fear. It makes you want to get our there and start photographing.”

Monica K.

“Well, I've been lusting after this course for quite sometime now (you guys have FB ad placement down! :) And I was pulled in by all the reviews. It's simple, it's so easy to understand, etc. I love utilizing external light sources as well as natural light. I love them both because I have a need for both. In one of the ads, Sue says she's never understood studio lighting because it just seemed so complicated, until she heard Felix explain it. And man, let me tell you, she is right! I don't mind really buckling down and studying a subject I find interesting, so I expected to do the same in this course. But here's how I know Felix is not only a true master of light, but also a true master teacher: I always take notes. It's how I help the information form in my head. But I'm sitting here, about two lessons in and my note pad is blank. Why? Because I already get it. I don't have to listen to what Felix is saying, put it in my own words, and refer back to it later to really digest and assimilate the information. It's already cemented in my mind (immediately) because I truly understand it. Felix, you are my new photo-guru-crush. (But don't worry, Sue, you're still my woman-crush for all things posing and glamour!) If you're thinking about buying this course, do it. The rumors are all true. It's fantastic.”

Rachel L.

“It's almost "counter-intuitive" the idea of feathering light away from a subject”

Jeremy D.

“Excellent! Asante sana!!”

wairimu g.

“This is fantastic. I am so excited to try the one light set up. ☺️”

Christine C.

“Thank you so much, Felix, for sharing your golden experience in such a clearly, simple, generous and interesting way. This really rocks ! I've been working as a theatre and opera photographer, spent some time with one of the greatest, Avedon, did some studio work with an Harcourt photographer in Paris, BUT I really appreciate the way YOU share ALL of your experience. This is really worth it ! I will just take some rest now after watching a couple of videos and dream about all I will be able to create in my upcoming garage studio, feeling totally self-confident about studio light and a richer photographer with all your advises. Very excited !! Thank you so much :-)”

Laurence L.

“I've seen the light! Yaaaaaaaaay! So excited for my next shoot!”

Carrie K.

“Finally, the answer to hot spots!! Can't wait to try this tomorrow in studio!! Thank you Felix, you teach in a way that is easy to understand. I am so thrilled I signed up to take this lighting series!!”

Jillian F.

“Loving this so far! Can someone add a link to the strobe that faces toward the back of the soft box in this video? Or what to google? I can find the soft box but can't seem to find the strobe.”

Amanda S.

“Hello! "LIGHT BULB" moment here! Thank you, Felix!!! I am in the One Light video, and I am learning SO much!!!”

Nilofar B.

“Felix räumt hier in eurem Kopf so richtig auf. Ich habe schon einiges an Tutorials gesehen aber das, was hier geboten wird ist wirklich sagenhaft. Messerscharf auf den Punkt gebracht - Ihr bekommt ein tiefes Verständnis für das Licht Setup und erhaltet auch Einblicke in die Bearbeitung - genauso so simpel aber effektiv erklärt. Für Käufer vielleicht interessant: 6 Lektionen mit einer insgesamt Dauer von ca. 1 Stunde.”

Rouven K.

“This had by far the best description of feathering the light I have seen. I love some of the descriptions about how to position the light. Though I am a fan of shadows in shots as I like the shape it gives. My goal is shadows with soft transitions. I hope the technics will transition to shots with more shadows as well. This was an exceptional course very well presented and the information was very helpful.”

Scott B.

“Excellent teaching here! I feel like, with this one video series I can take my career much further with the equipment I already have than I could have on my own trial and error. In fact I was stuck until recently doing the same placement of my light over and over and not even understanding feathering.”

Gerald F.

“I've been practicing with one-light-modifier setups for years but I always wondered why I had such a strong "hot spot" look... Felix fixed that problem of mine and explained it beautifully. I'm so glad I purchased this course!”

Alex B.

“In 5 minutes Felix answered about 90% of the questions I had about studio lights. I have always been afraid of studio lights because I didn't want my images to look like they came from Olan Mills or Sears but Felix has put my mind at ease. Thanks!”

Toni W.

“Just WOW! So easy. "One Light" gets you up and running with studio lighting after watching just this video!!”
“This is my favourite lesson from the series. Just one light is all you need to create amazing images and I don't think I've ever seen someone make it so easy to understand studio lighting before now.”

Kathryn H.

“Stellar! Minimalist but masterful. Sometimes it helps to be reminded that simplicity is synonymous with elegance. My entire perspective shifted, because of this specific class. I love the notion of testing light visually and allowing "feel" to dictate direction. Great stuff. :)”
“Awesome, no words to describe how much I learn here with this serie of videos!!! thanks Felix”

Ludwig A.

“I have the Stella 2000K which is my first studio light. I had no idea how to use it. I was amazed at how your video showed me how to use it to it's full potential. Thank you for the knowledge and confidence to light my subjects.”
“EXCELLENT! You make this all so easy to understand. I will love a gear list also.”

Julie K.

“Thank you, this series is exactly what I needed. Great, simple and clear explanations from Felix that do away with any of the confusing technical jargon. I wish I had learnt lighting this way right from the word go instead of getting hung up on all the ratios, numbers etc as a student. I have been on one of Felixs workshops and this series is great for helping to fully absorb all his tips and tricks.”

Janice D.

“Excellent . .Felix is very generous with his knowledge from years of playing with light and photographing at the top level. I would advise that investing in these videos as a treat to yourself would be very wise - its almost as if he is just in front of you and the perspective from the model is seful for helping to estimate the angles to point the modifier - and that's just from watching 2/3rds of the one light video .”

Louisa P.

“The lighting world has opened up and let me in! Thank you Felix!”


“Best lighting series available. Period!”

Rex J.

“Well that was fabulous. "It's not more complicated than that." Very eye opening. Did not understand the terminology before. Much better idea now! Can't wait to practice!!!”

Laura J.

“Holy cow, this is impressive, in all its simplicity. Couldn't be taught any better. Thank you so much, Felix! Can't wait to try this with my Profoto Deep Umbrella XL. Love the Rotolux light very much too, btw.”

Robert v.

“Such a big eye opener! Can't wait to dive in my studio. Yet it would be extra helpful if you could include the studio lighting diagrams too, nevertheless awesome class!!!”

Lieve B.

“Wow, Felix delivered the goods very well. I'm only in One Light video and i'm learning a lot already. Thank you:) It's not so intimidating anymore to learn studio lighting.”

Anna P.

“Thank you Felix! So simple yet so beautiful :)”

Krisztina B.

“I am so excited about this series. My brain doesn't thank in ratios etc.. This teaching is teaching but more visual and it has already taught me so much. Thank you Felix and Sue. Finally a lesson that helps me understand in the way I learn. (I love Sues site because she teaches the same way. Love it 100%”

Mary L.

“Lisa - you can also use an Elinchrom Deflector - but be sure to get the solid silver one sold separately. It works in a very similar fashion. I tried it recently and enjoyed the effect.”


“Replying to Robert's comment on smaller Rotolux shooting straight out, Felix mentions an adaptor that has to be purchased separately to get the reverse mounting for the 39" In Video 5.”

Lisa S.

“Very very helpful! Please post the list of equipment including modifiers and accessories, thanks! :)”

Maria A.

“Request, can you please create a list of equipment being used, much thanks. For example the only Elinchrome with "indirect" light seems to be the 59" one, but the one Felix uses seems to be smaller, but the 39" inch is a straight shoot thru on the Elichrome website.”

Robert M.

“One like magic, crisp and clear.”

Robert M.

“Felix it would have been even more helpful to have put the care at the angle of the modifier so we could see exactly how it is "looking" t the model.”

Stephanie L.

“So thrilled, that Felix is using CaptureOne! This lesson is also very clear and easy to understand. Fantastic how it is important to move the lights, not in direction of the face, but forward and backwards. The test with the closed eye is amazing!”

Yolanda f.

“I have been a photographer for almost 20 years, and studied with many instructors regarding lighting. I feel like I just got a couple of YEARS better, and I have only watched a few of the lessons... I never want to stop learning about light and how to control it more to get the consistent results without overthinking!! Felix teaches the way I learn, basic information supported by tips and tricks to look for, and his enthusiasm for both lighting AND teaching is absolutely fantastic.”

Kimberly S.