The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

One Strobe on Location

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One Strobe on Location

An introduction to shooting with strobes on-location, Sue and Felix show you how to augment your images to give them an edge that will make them stand out from the crowd. Join them as they walk you through how they approach artificial lighting on location with subtle methods to accentuate the face, the client’s outfit, and have control over the entire look and feel of the image.

23 Reviews

“Sue’s presence was really distracting and irritating, It was really tough to learn about lighting this situation since she was constantly dismissing or ignoring Felix.”

Stephanie N.

“Wish there was more lighting information. There was nothing new. This was more about Sue than Felix. Even though its a course with Felix. :(”

Aditya P.

“The Post-production segment was the most helpful segment from this series for me. Seeing the progression of subtle adjustments over the course of the shoot, including with/without the strobe from time to time. Bottom line is this simply reinforces everything Felix has been imprinting on us from the very beginning of the overall series and shows the principal is the same no matter the location. Any of this series that also includes Sue Bryce I am sure is an extra value/benefit to many as it shows photographer interaction with the model and crew. Personally I invested in the series specifically for lighting content and while I respect Sues experience, I find myself fast-forwarding to specifically find the lighting content.”

kevin a.

“Update: after getting half way through the series, and getting to see more of the interactions between Felix and Sue, I have come to appreciate Sue's tenacity and persistence when it comes to creating the best image. She is on a mission and I think Felix knows and appreciates this too. Felix is a light master and he let's Sue drive the photoshoot in this video, while still providing masterful insight. Don't make the same mistake I did by making premature judgments regarding their dynamic.”

Skyler W.

“Felix gets a 5 star review, but I felt Sue ignored Felix and concentrated way too much on topics or things not pertaining to lighting.”

Skyler W.

“I have loved all these videos, but this one definitely has me cringing at the interactions of Sue and Felix. She flat out ignored him on multiple occasions. It felt like she was more invested in getting the perfectly posed photo vs. helping us understand the ins/outs of on-location shoots. Would definitely prefer Felix only courses.”

Pam W.

“I think Sue is not required in this video or other videos. I got this series only to learn lighting from Felix. Have seen many videos of Sue talking the same stuff about posing and also on creative live.. This is a lighting series and not about posing or dress flying in the air.. I hope they can re-shoot the entire series only with felix.. I really hope a new bonus video is made for outdoor lighting just with felix.. focus should be on lighting and no posing and dresses..”

latesh l.

“Sue does seem uninterested in what Felix is saying and or suggesting and at points actually ignores him. It was also very surprising that she didn't seem to know that slowing the shutter would increase the ambient light. And as a few people said, more clear comparisons of before / after lighting changes would be very useful. I think Felix comes across very patient and open, Sue comes across as quite arrogant and closed.”

Neil G.

“I dont know who had the idea to invite Sue for this whole course. Felix is so nice and really wanna teach. Sue is so selfish and pretentious ... dont even pay attention to what Felix is saying. Didn't know her and was not missing anything... her jobs as photographer are bad, masked in a way that people think shes good. Shame! Felix: 10/10 Sue 00/10.”

Mau S.

“I agree with kitconnects. I didn't buy to watch Sue Bryce, especially since she was more worried about the dress flow and not much teaching about lighting. Disappointed with this video. Sorry!”

Kevin T.

“Was this segment about lighting on location, or directing poses?”

Jenny W.

“love idea of posing, but posing ideas without a special dress would have been more beneficial for me”

Jerry S.

“I enjoyed all of the series but this one seemed less of an exploration of lighting and more of a posing video, but for a bonus video, I do appreciate it.”

Efren M.

“Interesting segment - I agree it would be a bit better with more lighting talk and exploration of options. Also talk about issues, like not lighting the foreground. Also the whole balancing of ambient and flash could use more discussion I think.”

Michael M.

“I came to see Felix, not Sue, please trying to overshadow his teaching. Sorry but I didn’t buy this course to watch Sue Bryce direct, I bought it to learning lighting from Felix.”

kiet t.

“Really enjoyed this video, now I want to go play!”

Samantha S.

“where is dress from?”

Georgina C.

“So interesting. At what shutter speed might the dress start to blur? It was great to see all the texture in it with the subtle strobe.”

Andrea F.

“Awesome! It'd be lovely to be able to see the image enlarged after each shot ( I found myself bringing my laptop to my face so I could determine changes in the models face). Second, it did turn into a posing tutorial (don't blame her, gotta get that shot!) but I feel like Felix could have had a bit more room to experiment, show us differences. Still feel like I gained a great chunk of knowledge here and it's always wonderful to see techniques taught in real life.”

Nola L.

“I love how Sue always directs even when testing the light. Excellent instructional video. Well done Felix & Sue!!”

Jane P.

“I probably made every mistake mentioned in the video and never liked using flash outside - now I wanna go play!”

Ursula S.

“PERFECT! And I should have waited to comment the first time to hear that you DID tell us about the dress ;-) I liked watching your cull and edit process, thank you for including that. I like the directional light feathering-- brilliant for creating a natural yet dramatic look!”

Ivy T.

“Totally enjoying the video so far. I shoot all on location and take a strobe with me for a unique look for my high school seniors. A non-lighting question which I'm sure others will ask: Can you tell us where the dress is from? :-) And maybe you say later in the video but I'm in the middle of watching rn!”

Ivy T.