The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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Felix shows us his simple go-to lighting setup when photographing anyone’s corporate or formal portrait. This is perfect for headshots and is used for his well-known Explorers Club Portrait Series. Learn to create this classic portrait look when photographing your next corporate headshot or formal portrait client.

18 Reviews

“Brilliant Course! Well worth it. Is the light reverse mounted (indirect) in the small elinchrom octa?”

Thomas M.

“What I love about this purchase is I can come back to it anytime I need to. I have a session set up this afternoon. My first using a back drop and the client (a male high school senior) will be dressed up in a suit. I wanted to take advantage of that and am aiming for a few fashion style shots. I'm able to log in and get a quick refresher so that I'm ready for my shoot. Thanks Felix. Gabe Santos”

Gabriel S.

“Thank you Felix for taking me for this Journey of Lighting. It's one of the best courses I ever experienced. Explained in details, giving the right examples which make you understand quickly. Your bouncing lights and feathered away was total surprise to me, but seeing the painterly effects I fell in love immediately. What I appreciate as well is the membership to FB group, which gives a lot of support and your opinion on the work we post. That is very valuable, as it shows that you do CARE about your students and you motivate us months after the purchase of your extraordinary course! Thank you for all your inspirations!”

Bozena C.

“Easy to follow and results are great.”

Kim y.

“I like this thought process! This is exactly what I was looking for in portraits and head shot work!”

Lawrence N.

“So easy to set up and the results are so amazingly soft!!”

Jeffrey R.

“Excellent setup and really nicely done series!”

Wolf-Dieter G.

“This will be a great help for me. Thanks!”

Brian C.

“Can't wait to try this! I'll be doing an on-location shoot next week. Thanks Felix!”

Laurie B.

“Very impressed and excited. Can't wait to use my new skills and I've been at it for years now.. so fresh and new. Glad I made the purchase. Are there any lighting diagrams.. don't want to forget anything when I'm in studio. Please make one to accompany this series.”

Candace G.

“Congrats, I bought a looooot of online tutorials... but yours is among the best : very detailled, easy to replicate but really smart technical tricks with crystal clear explanation. It's easy to understand the lights setup and to see the results... really helpful, thanks!”

Emmanuel V.

“I am AMAZED how, after watching so many tutorials on lighting over the years, THIS one is the one that has changed me life. And I've only watched 2 videos so far. The Headshot and the Small Spaces ones have allowed be to offer a unique, professional headshot service that has been incredibly well received with the folks I've photographed thus far. I am finally able to take the headshots I've always dreamed of.”

Paula M.

“I feel the urge to do a test shot and enhance my lighting setup. Very informative! Loved it.”

Efren M.

“I had a last minute headshot session. I watched Felix’s “Headshots and Formal portraits” lighting style. I set up my lights. My headshot portraits were taken to the next level. So lovely. So easy. Grab it and go. You’ll let ve it.”
“This is one of my go-to lighting setups! It creates the most beautiful unique headshots and my make clients love it! I was so worried about photographing a bald client for fear of creating a hot spot on top of his head. This class teaches you how to avoid that, and still create interesting light that can captivate you. Felix teaches you not to worry about technical details, but to actually LOOK at what you’re creating to see what you need to change, and then gives you the tools to know how to change it.”
“I absolutely love this lighting. It is all about the placement and Felix is so easy to listen to and learn from. He takes the anxiety out of using strobe lighting.”

Dana N.

“I like that you don't need to focus on technical settings. Instead, pay attention to light placement and explanation of why and how to modify. The easiest training of how to create beautiful and flattering portrait light.”

Gale W.

“It's wonderful, as every and each one on this awesome set of Lighting Series.”

Raquel P.