The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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“My space is too small to shoot with strobes” is no longer an excuse! Join Felix as he explains how you can open up your possibilities with studio lighting in even the smallest of studios. Learn his setup for shooting beautiful portraits in a small space and why a small space can actually work to your advantage.

26 Reviews

“The more I watch and rewatch these courses the more I see that everything you needed to know about lighting is here with Felix.”

Nina H.

“So simple yet so eye opening. Will definitely use my walls more now for bouncing the light and add black v-flat for moody looks. Great lesson.”

Lucia G.

“Love this video, it will really allow me to shoot more in the spaces that I have around my house.”

Troy V.

“Felix I love the simplisity you bring to this lesson, it takes away all the fear around using the modifier. I Love your charachter Felix. You make every situation possible even the small space. Thank you. I am so happy that I bought The Lighting Series.”

Simona S.

“Loving the videos and how you break it down so simply!”

Tegan M.

“It’s really nice to see all the variations we can get in a small space and with one single light. Really worth it”

Bruce B.

“Felix you show that whoever circumstances you can still achieve great portraits, I adore your way of explaining how the light works. The course is greatly shape in information, examples and timing. In addition to da, you learn posing as well which is huge advantage.”

Bozena C.

“What I honestly felt most helpful was seeing the posing options a seated pose on apple boxes with leaning and so on provided for the lighting... It really gave so much more leeway on lighting angles to get more sculptural lightings even with a ton of space restrictions.”

Ryan L.

“amazing teacher”

Wani O.

“Felix you're an amazing teacher, the fact that you can teach this in such a little time is just incredible. Thank you!”

Michael F.

“Thanks for this. I love how you are not super technical with your way of explaining everything. My ceiling are only 7 ft in my basement studio and this helps a ton! What is the size of a modifier you would recommend? Right now I have a Glow octagon that is 48 " and I mostly shoot children. It does work pretty well.”

Nellie P.

“Felix does such an excellent job of explaining everything in a way that makes you feel confident. Thank you!”

Janet M.

“Very inspiring and helpful”

Christiane E.

“This is such a big help as I use my garage as my studio space. Thanks! I'm following you on IG as @Shoot_Vivid”

Devalson W.

“A big help with small spaces. Thank you!”

Starla S.

“Before I was frustrated with my small studio. It was all about point and shoot and most of the time I was not happy with the light. Now I have used the advantage of the small space. I bounce the way I want and it is all because of this course!!! Felix, this is everything! Thank You!”

marina v.

“Super helpful”


“Seeing this video helped me to see my small space as an asset and not a liability or limitation. While ceiling height is an isssue in my space, Felix shows you that you can still get beautiful light in practically any shooting environment. Thanks Felix!”

Leon M.

“VERY helpful. Can't believe what an inspiring confidence builder Felix is. He's really expanded my lighting toolkit!”


“One of my favorite courses from the whole series.”

Efren M.

“walls in the den recently painted white. Thank you, Felix”

Melanie B.

“This video lesson could not have come at a better time. I did a on location shoot in a very tiny room. I was stressed by the lack of room and natural light. I used my newly found knowledge to bounce the light with easy. I was able to capture some beautiful moments for the family of their newborn. Felt amazing to control the light and create photos for them to treasure.”
“Beautiful, simple and easy to follow.”

Brenda .

“Felix addressed my concerns on Facebook. It is possible! Low ceilings are addressed even better in some of the other videos so definitely watch those!”

Anniek M.

“This was so useful, really feel I understand how to use a small space more effectively!”

Kevin C.

“very sweet. simple, elegant, clear.”

Robert M.