The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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Learn the most fail-proof gorgeous kick-ass light setup, using just ONE light. In this series, Felix demonstrates how he gets super soft light without a modifier, using just one light to create absolutely gorgeous images. This setup will blow your mind because of it’s overwhelming simplicity, you’ll want to try it as soon as you finish watching!

15 Reviews

“Love the setup and the first images. Not sold on the "film-noir" style (not sure why it's called that, they used big focused lights in that period 😀). If I shot that underexposed I can just use like iso 1600, f2.8-4 (if it's one person or they can get on the same plane) and 1/50 on a tripod and raise the exposure like +0.5-1 and unless it's a basement without a window it'll have similar results. That black tunnel setup would look super dope with 2 lights (1 big modifier from the top and one smaller from kinda the side or on 45 degrees). But the first series was gold. Going to try out for sure”

Daniel E.

“Very helpful! You make it all look so simple! I learned so much (like moving where I am shooting from to change the light on the model).”

Barbara S.

“They look amazing Felix. One question. I know you were intentionally under exposing when you shot, but why did you apply more exposure to all of the shots in post? Why not shot one stop more light during the shoot?”

Michael C.

“Wow this was amazing, going to try this today! Loved the tips you gave the model and moving around.”

Santi H.

“This looks fantastic! Can't wait to try this setup and experiment with positioning the light.”

Robert v.

“Really nice workshop, thanks! Not sold to your idea of shooting underexposed as it basically introduces noise / equals higher ISO settings. Especially when shooting tethered with Capture One I don't see the point as you can simply bring it down to the desired output level and dynamic range of modern cameras should be plenty enough to handle the bright areas.”

Wolf-Dieter G.

“I am blow away by this! Thank you for making it simple to learn and use!!”

Natalie W.

“Wow! You make it so simple and it is. Just gotta try it out. Practice makes the master.”

Ruben R.

“Felix makes it so simple. It's been such a breakthrough for me.”

Melissa R.

“Great course! I'm falling in love with photography again. Can't wait to get into the studio and starting playing with light.”

Efren M.

“In diesem Teil der Serie greift Felix für uns tief in die Trickkiste. Es werden Ergebnisse gezeigt, welche mit einfachsten Mitteln erreicht werden können. Es wird die genaue Herangehensweise erklärt - Shooting und Bearbeitung funktionieren zusammen weil die gezeigten Techniken ein Gesamtkonzept beinhalten. Es wird euch in den Fingern jucken, die gezeigten Dinge selbst auszuprobieren. Interessant zu wissen: 2 Setups, 4 Lektionen mit insgesamt ca. 30 Minuten Laufzeit.”

Rouven K.

“This video has changed my view of lighting more than any other in this series. It is SO SIMPLE yet so incredibly beautiful!! Felix shows you how to use the shape of the building you are in to create unique, painterly light that can work anywhere. I have a tiny studio and short ceilings, and needed to mimic light coming from above for a yoga photoshoot to create a dancer look. I couldn’t actually put a modifier above my subject because my ceilings are too short, so I used this video to create that effect (with no modifier), and WOW! The results are beautiful. You would have no idea how tiny my studio is looking at these photos, and you’d have no idea it was just a simple setup with no fancy modifier. Absolutely amazing!”
“Just tried the KickAss One Light! I love it! Great as I do only own one EL400. (I'll buy another next year :D to be able to try the Felix Signature light as well.) Looking at the post-production part, helped me as well taking decisions on color on my own editing. Felix makes everything easier. Thanks!”

Raquel P.

“One of my favorite lessons of the workshop so far. I loved how Felix was experimenting and showing up many small adjustments and what those results look like. VERY excited to try this in my studio. Amazing how these bare strobes became so soft. I no longer need to mess with octoboxes and other modifiers to get the light I like.”

Alexia M.

“I love photographing black skin. The darker it is the more rich mahogany it does I loved this Thanks Felix. Loved this will trying it this weekend!!”

Stephanie L.