The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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Learn to achieve Felix’s soft painterly light in our first two-light setup of the series. Join Felix as he explains his signature lighting set-up and you’ll realize it’s much simpler than it looks. In this series of videos, you’ll learn how to modify this light to flatter women, men, and achieve more fashion-ready looks.

34 Reviews

“Everything changed when I implemented the different lighting techniques Felix teaches. EVERYTHING! He literally teaches you how to "see" the light, regardless of your light source. Simple, effective, and easy to execute, with whatever light you have. If you want to take your skills on location, I highly recommend the Location Lighting course. Having both courses will prepare you for whatever situation you may find yourself in. The key is understanding what light you have available, and what light you need to create. He'll guide you...I promise.”

Donnamaria J.

“This is just amazing! Can’t wait to go practice it!”

Terri T.

“So excited to try this setup out with my new light kit. Any chance I could get this kind of light by using Profoto b10 behind the scrim and Profoto a10 in the modifier? Thank you for your answer.”

Petra M.


Terrence A.

“I love love love Felix Signature Light! And also he explains super clearly and does so many tests and comparisons, it makes it super easy to understand.”

Paloma B.

“thank you Felix. so well taught! can anyone suggest easy other ways one might create the base layer if you don't want to do a scrim?”

Mary G L.

“I just finished the Signature Lighting series and learned so much. Each video was very clearly presented and every effort was made to minimise jargon. Thank you for making the topic so approachable by breaking the process down into manageable segments. This is one of the best courses I've seen in photography.”

Thomas K.

“I loved it! Is it possible to see the final retouched image please?”

Jessica C.

“Amazing! all of these videos are. Can we see final image? I would love to know how you got her dress (camera right) on the background - it is off and that is what I have trouble with.. when the dress goes off the backdrop.. Thanksi!!”

Kristen Z.

“I was grateful to go through this Signature series of lighting learning how to adjust the base-light and the feathered light. I recently purchased a Godox modifier and now see a scrim will add a softened layer of the background and the model. After always having used a simple speedlight I recognize the difference between soft and hard light. This series thus far has been incredible. Thank you for the education.”

John E.

“All these years I've been using direct flash. Looks like it going to be much softer from now on! Thanks for this!”

Brian C.

“Love the buttery look of this light set up!”

Starla S.

“I loved this segment, Felix makes it seem so easy. I just have one question. Why not having a larger back to give more space to the dress and model and so that everything shows, that way you don't have to edit the photo in Ps afterwards. The same with the dress, with the clamps on the back to make the dress fit her perfectly I feel it takes freedom from her natural movements and in some of the shots they did show. Why not having the model have a dress from the very beginning that fits her to avoid that?”

Elvira F.

“I am simply amazed about how easy it is to implement, what Felix teaches! I forever and always was shying away from Strobe lighting in my Studio, but I just recently purchased another strobe to add and try the Signature lighting as well because it is so much fun to work with strobes vs natural light- an entirely new world opened up! Thank you Felix!”

Ines S.

“Hard to pick one favorite class in the Lighting Series, but the Signature Lighting (along with Back/Side Lighting) is my favorite lighting playground. Working with subtle layering of light, in an intuitive manner allows for the perfect lighting of any subject.”

Katherine G.

“Worth every penny for this single segment of the lighting series!”

Yolanda M.

“Felix's approach to lighting in this series not only allows room for, but encourages play with lights. I am appreciating the shift in thinking about it from wanting to just get it right to start somewhere, build, play around and see what you like. It feels very achievable and I am excited to put this into practice.”

Andraya S.

“This is an incredible course. I love the simplicity of the explanation, and this lighting style has definitely elevated my photography!”

Alex B.

“I love the way Felix takes you through each scenario and explain. I have the "ugly" soft box and I now have a different way to use it. I cant wait to try this set-up. Thank you Felix”

Dana F.

“This is an amazing course! Felix explains everything so well that you can almost instantly put what you learned into practice on your next shoot.”

Andy R.

“This is a great breakdown of how to use lights. Absolutely useful and love this tutorial”

Morten O.

“This lesson has been the game changer for me. Never mind the fact that the ENTIRE series has elevated my confidence in lighting any subject into the stratosphere, but this singular lesson has been the bona fide essential piece of instruction for me in my education. The way in which Felix breaks down his Signature Light and how to bring a soft, painted but dramatic flare to your portraiture is artistry of the highest quality!”

Joshua S.

“My favorite of all the courses. The series is amazing, some videos were a bit too basic for me, but that's great, anyone can follow up with the directions.”

Efren M.

“Absolutely superb . I am so excited moving forward . Thank you Felix”

Gabriele W.

“Dec 31, 2017 I love the results of Felix's techniques. I'll be incoorporating them very soon. I wonder about any ideal focal length he uses to get full length images so close to a subject? 5 star!”

Ronald H.

“Amazing. I've taken so many lighting classes. Nothing else shows 'real life' lighting like Felix. We are fortunate to watch at a comfort of our home what I suspect he developed through countless try & error over many years. Now onto taking photos using these techniques!”

Miho O.

“This video is my favorite so far and it's exactly the style of lighting that I would love to use for my fine Art portraits. Felix is an amazing teacher and I appreciate how he breaks down all the steps and then repeats it all again to reinforce the subtle details. The difference between Felix and everyone else, is in the details!”

Leah H.

“The signature lighting will blow you away. I've always feathered my light but this taught me the amazing fill light strategy and it made so much difference!”

Robin B.

“One of the best lighting series I have seen. Felix breaks his signature lighting setup down into easy to follow and easy to understand non techical steps, and explains the why of each step this is a must have for anyone wanting to take their portrait lighting skills above the competition and get easy to reproduce incredible results.”
“The details here are spot on. This course has taken my work to another level.”
“This has become my go to lighting. I can’t tell you how much I love the look it gives. It has taken my work to the next level. Thanks so much Felix!”
“I have a studio of lighting equipment that I wasn't sure how to use. Felix came along, and provided me with exactly what I needed. Now, I can go into my new studio with my new lights and great lighting setups with confidence...It was so easy to watch and understand. Thank You Felix for helping my start 2018 on the right foot. Merry Christmas!”

Margaret A.

“I have had a love/hate relationship with studio lighting for years. My biggest issue is that it LOOKS LIKE studio lighting. This lighting set up is so familiar, but with subtle differences is perfect, and so easy to make subtle changes. This is game changing.”
“I love everything about how Felix demystifies and teaches lighting. I learned something so many things I had heard about over the years such as feathering the light but now I understand it clearly. I love how quickly he moves through everything! I was enthralled and focused the whole time!”

Madeleine M.