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When moving from natural to studio lighting, it is essential to understand sync speed. In this lesson, Felix explains how your shutter speed affects your studio lighting so it doesn’t trip you up when playing with different lighting scenarios. Mastering studio lighting faster and with more efficiency starts with understanding how sync speed works. Join Felix as he breaks down the basics.

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“So glad I finally purchased this. A better analogy to the light and water demonstration would have been with an ice cube tray, that way the top half of the tray would not have received the water. Just like a sensor. Anyways, very good way of illustrating this concept.”

Alejandro A.

“Very good explanation! Thank you!”

Lavinia B.

“Great Explanation! Thanks”

James G.

“Thank you. So easily explained.”

Tegan M.

“Loved it! Easy to digest.”

Sylvestre S.

“Excellent...and so easy! Who knew?!”

Diane W.


David M.

“Easy to understand.”

Vivek J.

“This makes SUCH a difference to understand, especially about blocking out the ambient lighting and keeping things simple.”

Jacob W.

“Very easy to understand the over all principles.”

Stanley P.

“Finally I understand this! Felix really knows how to explain stuff!!!”

Patricia R.


Goh KY J.

“So simple now you've explained it. What a simple solution to check ambient light.”

Nicola E.

“Superb! Well explained. I have tried several online workshops and this is the only one that can tell me why and how in a very pleasant and simple way.”

N L.

“AMAZING thank you!”


“I FINALLY get it!”

Sara C.

“Super Simple! Thank you so much Felix...”

Michelle R.

“Thanks Felix for a good and understandable explanation! :-)”

Eric S.

“awesome explanation. I always had issues with the ambient light and could not figure it out . I understood everything”

Donna A.

“Very easy to understand concept now,”

Marissa K.

“Awesome :)”

oya a.

“Loved the: "Dont get lost just yet" expression.... and no... didnt get lost at all :)”


“Explained in a simple and precise way! Thank you!”

Jillian F.

“Never understood this before. Thank you.”

Cheryl H.

“I get this perfectly! Thank you so much for the clear explanation!”

Nilofar B.

“I would have never guessed about no ambient light. Makes sense when explained so simply. Thanks!”

Martha B.

“Great explanation! Thank you”

Allison M.

“Great explanation and easy to remember!”

Ashley S.

“This video was incredibly easy to understand. Thank you Felix!!”

Alex B.

“Incredibly easy to understand. Thank you Felix!!”

Alex B.

“Excellent Explanation!”

Ludwig A.

“Very good”

Brigitta B.

“So clearly explained! Thank you!”

Renata O.

“I was freaking out as I've never used artificial light before. After watching this video I have hope. Thanks Felix, you made it easy to understand.”

Tamara I.

“Good point re checking for ambient light (no ambient light in the studio if at all possible). I didn;t know this, thank you Felix.”

Laura F.

“Thank you! If they explained things this simple in photography school. Really excited to watch the other videos!!!”

Sarah A.

“Thank you! I'm super excited about this course... Very good job explaining :)”

Casandra B.

“Thank you!!! So excited about this course.”

Tatiane B.

“Thanks Felix - great explanation and I didn't realise how much impact the ambient light would have... can't wait to start experimenting now.”

Lynda F.

“I just want to know how and little bits of why. Thank you for not complicating this to the point that I just don't feel like it's doable!”


“You were born to be a teacher! Everything is at a level anyone can understand! Thank you Felix!”

Debbi S.

“good review and good optics to "see" the why and the how!”

philomena h.

“Excellent Breakdown :)”

Chasmin C.

“I figured out by trial and error that ambient light affected the result I was after - this is the affirmation and understanding that helps me feel confident. Perfectly explained - thank you Felix :)”

Nila W.

“Perfect! Thank you Felix!”

Jennifer F.

“Felix! Amazing! I've been practising while listening to you! Just a basic simple picture changed from yuch to wow in a few minutes!!!”

Toby S.

“Fantastic. I knew about sync speed working with studio lights but this was explained in a clear and simple way. I did not know about checking for ambient light. Love this. Thank you.”


“This is so easy to understand! Thank you Felix.”

Stephanie F.

“What a great starting point. Felix proves the explanation doesn't have to get really technical, and I love that he tells us "why." I'm a how and why person. With his practical and visual demonstrations, my how and why has been satisfied. Thank you!!”

Jeanne W.

“Yep , fabulous explanation and great visual illustration with the bowls of water, Felix. GREAT way to remember how shutters, flashes and syncing works!”

Sonja S.

“This section just paid for the class - this important detail is what has been holding me back - the relationship of shutter speed and iso has been far to technically explained to me before. Thank you!”

Holli M.

“Super simple thanks”

Marie P.

“Are these downloadable?”

Ellenor d.

“I see why it's important to check how much the ambient light affects your image. Super easy to understand.”

Vanessa W.

“Super easy to understand. Felix's calming manner is exactly what is needed for technical discussions.”

Christine B.

“A case of over-explanation for me but Felix is so good to look at and listen to that I still gave this a 5 :-)”

Stephanie L.

“for me it was a wee bit over-explaining but Felix is so good to look at and listen to I still rated a 5 :-)”

Stephanie L.

“Thanks Felix for making lighting easy to understand.”

ashley c.

“Love the simplicity of your explanations to make this easy to use for practical applications!”

Margo A.

“Alles Prima! Well explained without the technical side bogging down.”

Dayle Ann C.

“So clearly explained. Love it.”

Jackie P.

“Perfectly explained! Concise and simple.”

Lindsey H.

“Well explained , easy to understand!”

Yolanda f.