The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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Shooting into the backlight is a favorite of many natural light photographers. Felix and Sue demonstrate how to replicate this popular backlight look with studio lighting. Learn how to master this set up to open up your options when it comes to shooting into the backlight in any space or scenario.

8 Reviews

“hi. is there a link for the lights used?”

Basak T.

“Is there a link for the scrim?”

Nicole S.

“So amazing! Please please please someone tell me what kind of clip is holding the scrim in strobe light video! Thanks”


“I have made scrims from tracing paper, you can buy these cheaply on a roll from amazon etc :-)”

Kevin G.

“I love backlit images, and this course was perfect in learning how to do them with both natural, artificial light and a mix of both.”

Adrienne C.

“Lovely to see the different ways on using the Vflats and lighting techniques for both natural and strobe or one or the other. A good mix and loved it.”

Robert C.

“The breakdown of this backing down the shutter speed was BRILLIANCE!”

Danielle M.

“Love it! I do not have a window for back light so I have been trying to emulate it wrongly. Now I know what to do! Wonderful! Thanks ????”

Raquel P.