The Lighting Series

With Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce

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Lighting groups is often thought of as a daunting task, but in this series of videos Felix walks you through three different approaches to executing group lighting. Using what we’ve learned throughout the Lighting Series, Felix and Sue photograph two glamour setups and you’ll see how to easily and beautifully light each subject. Then Felix brings it all together by photographing a family of all ages as a group and as individuals.

16 Reviews

“This was illuminating, especially the part about staggering the flashes and the technique of individually flashing the subjects to composite. I almost never shoot groups, but I just got booked to shoot a group of 10 women!?! Knowing I had this video at my fingertips gave me confidence to really get excited about this challenge!”

David K.

“How do you trigger profoto light and elinchrom light with the same controller?”

Adekunle O.

“I have my first 8 persons group photo session with a baby this saterday Glad I saw this and I am going to practice it with objects and a mannequin doll. To be well prepared. txs Felix”

Petra T.

“Great info and technique. Only criticism I have of this session would be to focus more on the lighting and less on the posing interjections.”

kevin a.

“I have struggled with group lighting for a long time. However, after watching how you feathered several lights all I could say was DAH!!! I would have never thought of staggering them that way. The softness of light from one extreme to the other is exactly what I want to master. Definitely a five star class Felix!!!!!”

Samuel M.

“Can't wait to try out all of these new techniques! Felix and Sue you ROCK!”

Paige B.

“Thanks a lot ,Felix! Definitely it will make difference in my work .I 'm going to try this on my first family shooting .Thank you once more for sharing your knowledge with us :)”

Natalia C.

“The video instruction is amazing and Cookie in Caitlyn's skirt was just too cute!”

Alicia H.

“I ADORED this course!”

Efren M.

“Great class. Super informative. Thank you, Felix. I do have to say that I am pretty darn sick of Sue constantly calling female models "good girl" -- these are grown women, not family pets performing tricks.”

Chris W.

“This is an incredible class. Thank you so much for making this so easy to learn!”

Paige B.

“Great section, a lot of examples. I can wait to try it! Thanks Felix”

Pedro S.

“So so helpful for lighting a good variety of groups. Thank you!”

rashmi g.

“Great simple lighting setup. Thanks!”

Shannon W.

“Wow that Group lighting breakdown just makes me want to FIND a group to work on!! thanks Felix. So so much”

philomena h.

“It’s fabulous???? I hope I will never have problems lighting groups again! Time to practice :)”

Raquel P.