2023 Holiday Gift Bag


Happy Holidays from The Portrait Masters! We hope you love this assortment of goodies to help you learn and grow your portrait photography skills.


Included in this Bundle:

The holidays are all about giving and sharing with those we love, and this year, we are happy to offer you, our beloved community, a special Holiday Gift Bag.

This goody bag is stuffed from top to bottom with wonderful, useful product samples. 

Inside you’ll find everything from posing cards to a lighting tutorial to editing resources, overlays, and backdrops to give zing to your imagery and videos. We also have tips to enrich your social media presence and templates to enhance your marketing. Explore below to find out what we have in store:


Working with Constant Light: Set Up & Demo by Matthew Jordan Smith from The Ultimate Lighting Course  

When it comes to constant light, what you see is what you get. This quality makes constant light easy to work with, and it is also helpful for clients who are prone to blinking when their picture is taken. In these two videos from his Ultimate Lighting Course, Matthew Jordan Smith shows you how to set up a CLX10 constant light by Light and Motion on a portable light stand, also using a Fresno head and barn doors. Next, he shows you how to set your light on a client while keeping in mind their experience under this powerful, bright and warm light. 

Flow Lighting with Felix Kunze from The Lighting Series 

In this talk, lighting guru Felix Kunze demonstrates how with a minimal amount of equipment, in just 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how many wardrobe changes you make, you can do five distinct looks with only slight changes. The more variety you can show your clients, the more you are likely to sell. 

Also from Felix Kunze – Sync and Shutter Speed lessons from The Lighting Series


 Top 10 Tips for Shooting Boudoir by Kara Marie from Boundless Boudoir 

Boudoir photography is a popular, lucrative genre with as many styles and possibilities as there are types of people. In this Top 10 Tips Guide, Kara Marie gives you pithy pointers for making a success in the boudoir photography business. 

Also Two Boudoir digital posing cards from Kara Marie’s Boudoir Digital Posing Cards


Color and Black and White Presets from Jasmin Jade’s Create Presets Collection 

Create scroll-stopping images with these distinctive editing presets inspired by the cinema. These presets work for both indoor and outdoor works and are suitable for all lighting scenarios, including indoor natural light, constant light, and golden hour. 

Guide for Facebook Ads by Ashleigh Taylor

Ashleigh Taylor, the photographer educator who brought you The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads has created this new Guide to Facebook Ads to help you get the most bang for your buck with Facebook Ads

The Halo Crown Blueprint by Richard Wood from The Imagination Series 

People are attracted to the new and things that are done in entirely new ways. This Halo Crown Blueprint from Richard Wood’s Imagination Series provides DIY instructions to create a beautiful creative headpiece to add beauty and interest to your photoshoot wardrobe. 

Holiday Gift Sampler by Alana Lee from the Alana Lee Digital Collection 

The secret to making a photograph stand out from the rest is often in the editing. In this Holiday Sampler, Alana provides you with a selection of digital overlays, textures, and backgrounds, including fabric overlay, magical glitter, star overlays, wing overlay, cloud digital background, golden texture, a golden headshot background, and a PDF guide explaining how to use them. 

Photoshop Actions from The Editorial Collection by Pratik Naik and The Artist Collection by Bella Kotak

With a few simple clicks of the mouse, these Photoshop actions create color transformations in your images that portray a variety of moods and emotions. You’ll create a unique look from image to image, discovering a new palette each time you apply these actions. 

Also from Pratik Naik – Skin Retouching in Photoshop lesson from Photoshop Masters: Portrait Photographers Collection

“Call Me Yours” by Gérson Lopes from The Cinematic Collection 

This uplifting, sentimental tune was written with photographers in mind. The original orchestral compositions from this collection are designed to transport people, absorbing them in viewing the images you have produced for them. Simply download it to your computer, add the song to your music project, and voila! It is compatible with any movie editing software and can be used in videos, slide shows, and marketing. Music license is included so you are protected if you upload it to social media. 

 6 Steps To A Successful Personal Branding Business PDF  by Nikki Closser from The Personal Branding System

Original song “Flower” and license by Caitlin Timmins –for marketing use from her album Portrait Masters Music

Also by Caitlin Timmins – “Studio Setups” Social Motion Videos – check out her  Vertical Videos for Photographers made exclusively for The Portrait Masters Store and more from her website, Packsia.

Two digital posing cards from Sue Bryce’s Couples Posing CardsPOSE: Couples Posing Cards),

Importing Files lesson from Kristina Sherk’s course Finally Get Organized

Chris Orwig – “Authentic Portraits” book sample – check out his courses Lightroom 101 and Photoshop 101 or get the Bundle

Top 10 Social Media Tips by Lara Jade from The Business of Fashion Photography

Couple Posing Cards by Kristina Wikle from Photographing Love 

Creating a fun, stress-free, date-like experience for your clients brings out the love stories you wish to photograph for them. Kristina Wikle is an expert in guiding clients into simple, intimate poses that feel and look natural. In these hand-drawn posing cards from her Photographing Love course, Kristina shows you base poses with written posing instructions and add-on prompts that help you get the most variety out of each set up.  

6 Modern Glamour IG Post Templates from Shauna Crane, creator of the Shauna Crane Collection 

Why start from scratch when you can use beautifully crafted professional templates from Shauna Crane, the designer who offers photographers gorgeous templates for marketing to use in everything from gift vouchers to magazine ads to Instagram Stories?

Use these Modern Glamour IG Post templates to display your client images beautifully on Instagram. These templates were created for use with Adobe Photoshop and can be edited by adding your images, changing fonts, colors, and customizing the text content to match your brand.

Personal Branding Gift Voucher Template and Networking Gift Voucher Template from Shauna Crane, creator of the Shauna Crane Collection 

Why start from scratch when you can use beautifully crafted professional templates from Shauna Crane, the designer who offers photographers gorgeous templates for marketing to use in everything from gift vouchers to magazine ads to Instagram Stories?

This Gift Voucher Template features fully-written text that can be customized for any networking event you are attending. Add 4 images from your favorite portrait session with a before photo of your client, and you can change the monetary value and currency to fit your needs and offerings. For Photoshop or InDesign.