Add to your social media marketing toolbox with these 6 Modern-Glamour Story Templates. Comes with 6 individual post templates styled like medium-format film frames and a mini-ads collage.

For use with Adobe Photoshop. Customizable to match your brand.

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Included in this Bundle:

These 6 Modern-Glamour Story Templates for social media marketing feature 6 individual story templates with medium-format film frames in a mini-ads collage. 4 of the templates come with description, logo template, and contact info. This template was created for use with Adobe Photoshop and can be edited by adding your images, changing fonts, colors, and customizing the text content. 

The text can be translated into any language, and you can change the color and fonts to match your brand.


  • Photoshop Template with 6 files (.psd)


  • Amoret Sans & Script:
  • Open Sans Light: (free from Google) 

*The fonts used in the design of this and all templates are just design suggestions. They are by no means a rule, nor do they have to be used. However, if you do want to use the fonts used in the templates, you have to buy them separately from a font website because they are copyrighted. You can always use any fonts you have on your computer. In fact, you are encouraged to use the fonts you currently use in your logo to maintain the continuity of your brand.


Simply drag and drop your images below the film frame layers. Use the free transform tool to scale your images down and rotate them to fit your images behind the film frames. If you need to trim any part of your image, use the lasso tool to select the area you wish to hide. Then add a layer mask, clipping mask, or simply delete the excess edges of your images.

Once you’ve saved a working .psd file of your customized template, flatten all layers, and upload your individual files to your social media story!