The Personal Branding System

by Nikki Closser

Personal Branding Photography is a genre that is emerging from the traditional headshot genre. There are many, many photographers providing headshots, and there are many more clients who need them. This is a lucrative field to get into, and including Personal Branding Photography in your business is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Nikki has built a very successful business around this genre, and you can, too.

In this first module, Nikki teaches you about your potential clients, and she tells you why knowing how to skillfully talk to them about their needs and fears is so valuable. Being able to tell your clients how they can use extra photos and helping to alleviate their fears around being photographed can help you get more bookings and make bigger sales.

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11 Reviews

“love this last videos”

geraldine p.

“Great into explanation”

Stacy K.

“Thank you for this course Nikki! You demonstrated how to keep it simple and that you don't need a lot of equipment to have a successful business. All the details you walk us through such as camera settings, lenses, lighting, and posing are so helpful. This course is a great guide to Personal Branding Photography. Now I know how to sell it as well!”

Christine H.

“Thank you so much for doing this course Nikki ❤️”

Mary S.

“Wow , really am enthralled, cant wait to hear more.”

Sharyn J.

“I want to hear more! She is knowledgable and has a ton of energy that is transferring to me!”

Kim C.

“Nikki is so knowledgable and experienced! if you are looking for ways to start personal branding journey, look no further, this course will get you started and prepared for your first successful shoot and beyond!”

Oksana S.

“I came across Nikki in an email i received from Portrait Masters and that email i had never heard of her, but just with this first video I like the way she speaks and i love her personal story. She seems to have calm confidence that i we'll see how the rest of the videos go. But so far I'm glad i made the purchase. ;)”

Michelle M.

“Great guidance on how to start and then expand personal branding into a luxury experience.”

Misty J.

“Nikki gives an expanded version of introduction, not just the typical "this course contains," and I already took a page of notes from watching it.”

Gina D.

“I love the way Nikki explains things - I feel like I'm learning from a friend :) This is her niche and superpower and I'm excited to learn from her!”

Angie W.