The Personal Branding System

by Nikki Closser

Pricing & Packages

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Getting comfortable with pricing yourself at a level sustainable for your business is crucial to your long-term success. This is challenging for a lot of people, but it is so important so that you don’t become resentful about giving away your work for less than it is worth.

In this module, Nikki shares how to communicate your prices so that you don’t scare people away. She goes through her whole price list with you and explains why she has set it this way and why it works for her. Nikki also tells you about how you can use gift vouchers to ask for less money while still keeping your prices where you eventually want them to be.

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Pricing & Packages

3 Reviews

“I’ve been a photographer for 10 plus years. This is good stuff!”

Marnie N.

“I love your pricing structure but what if you don’t have a stationary studio, how do you account for studio rental, do you build it into your pricing for when they select their images?”

Michelle M.

“Thanks Nikki, going to give the gift certificate idea a try.”

Misty J.